Friday, June 17, 2011

Daniel's First Birthday - Chapter Fifty Two

"His birthday is almost here and you still haven't found that girl. You better find her and soon, for your sake!" she yelled at the wizard.

"We are searching everywhere. It's like she disappeared into thin air! I don't see how she got far in her condition, someone is obviously helping her," he told Kristen. 
"You're running out of time, wizard. You better find her," she warned him.

Everyone gathered to celebrate Daniel's Birthday. He's been so sick since he was born, but managed to finally see this day.

When he aged up, his hair was a pretty golden blonde color and his eyes were light brown. His cheeks were a pretty pink color. Everyone gasped to see he indeed didn't have the curse. He was a perfectly healthy little boy. Many thought since his mom was without the curse, he took after her instead of James. This was a big relief to Kristen. However, William now suspected that his son had not been lying when he told him that he had never been with Julia.

Daniel loved to play with his blocks and toys.

Isabel found Julia alone with Daniel up in her room. 

"I'm so surprised the queen wasn't mad. I'm hoping she thinks that Daniel got lucky and took after you. I hate to say this, but he looks like you and the stable boy. Is Derick the father of this child?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes he is, but I will claim that he looks like me. We will have to keep them from being close together, so no one will see the resemblance," she told her mom, shocked that she had so easily figured out who was Daniel's real father. 
"I think we have gotten lucky so far with him, but I still fear that we are to be discovered for this," she told Julia.

Daniel seemed to be a happy little toddler. The ladies began to teach him to walk and talk. He didn't seem to mind. He loved to keep them on their toes.

William found James in the hall. 
"I was wondering how that poor girl was holding up?" he asked James, referring to Amelia. 

"She's doing much better. I think she might actually recover from this," James replied. 
"Your mother was really mad when she found out that she was missing, and was determined to find out who had betrayed her. I don't think she suspects us, but we must not let anyone know. I'm wondering now what she's thinking about Daniel not having the curse. I think you have been wronged, and I don't believe that this child is yours. He looks nothing like you. If this is true, and your mother finds out, Julia is going to be in so much trouble. I feel that the queen might not take mercy on her," he told James.

After the day grew to a close, William and Kristen enjoyed some time dancing in the banquet hall.

"I was wondering, who you think Daniel looks like?" he asked Kristen cautiously, as he guided her across the floor. 

"Well I think mainly like Julia. Why do you ask?" she replied. 
"I was just wondering. I don't see James in Daniel at all. And where did he get the brown eyes from?" he asked her. 

"I didn't notice until now. Julia's is a purplish blue color and James has the blue golden color. I must admit, I did find it strange that he did not have the curse," she replied.  

Kristen stopped dancing and stared at William with curious eyes.

"Are you thinking that Daniel isn't James' son?" she asked. 
"I was just wondering. I mean he doesn't like her, he's claimed that he's never been with her and now the child looks nothing like James. I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet, but I think we should keep our eyes open and see if anything suspicious pops up?" he told Kristen.


  1. BAAHAH! Cute kid... I like him, but I hate Julia... Took James' mother a long time to figure out this.. 0h boy

  2. FINALLY they consider that James isn't the dad. THANK YOU! Now I'm curious about that picture you put on facebook with Amelia and mystery-man...

  3. I love William! I'm curious about that picture too Kelly, I was hoping that it was just James grown up. I really want them together!

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