Monday, June 20, 2011

James Becomes A Young Man - Chapter Fifty Three

James meets up with Amelia at her cottage. 

"May I stay here for the night? That is, if you and your sister approve," James asked Amelia. 
"I'm sure my sister will allow it as long as we sleep in separate rooms," she replied.

"I don't intend on sleeping tonight. I want to spend every moment with you," James said as he scooped Amelia up and carried her outside.

"I'm the happiest when I'm with you. I wish my parents would annul my marriage to Julia so I could be with you," he says and places his hand over hers. 
"I wish we could be together too." Amelia replies with a smile.

"Look! It's a shooting star! Make a wish James!" Amelia exclaimed as she pointed to the sky.

James leaned over to Amelia and whispered, "I know what my wish is, I just hope it comes true very soon."

"I really enjoyed spending the night with you. I have to head back before someone notices that I'm gone," he told her regretfully. 

James leaned over, in hopes that she would allow him to kiss her. Amelia fell right into his arms and kissed him back. She realized she didn't care anymore that he was married to Julia. She was in love with him. She knew she had his heart. She was going to wait as long as it took for James to get his marriage annulled.

Meanwhile, Julia was busy as well. She knew that James was out and nobody would notice that she, too, slipped out for a bit. She meet up with Derick at his cottage. She ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. 
"I have missed you so much. I hate that we have to meet like this," Julia told Derick. 
"Be careful that you don't get caught, it could be our heads for this." he replied nervously. 
"I will. Besides, no one will even notice I'm gone." she replied.

"Then we must make the best of the time we have." Derick said as he embraced her on the bed.

James had arrived in his room just in time. Kristen came to talk to him about his birthday celebration that was going to be held that very evening.

"Are you excited for today?" Kristen asked her son. 
"Yes, I have many plans that I would like to discuss with you later," James replied. 
"Yes, after the celebration then we will talk. Get ready and I will see you in a bit. I must go and finish the preparations," Kristen told James and then left the room.

Kristen headed by the nursery to see Daniel. She knew deep down that he was not James' son and was determined to find out who his father truly was. She felt pity on Daniel as she picked him up.

Daniel was a very cute toddler and Kristen had grown quite fond of him. She looked at all his features to see if she recognized who he resembled. She studied every curve of his face. However, no one popped into her head. She put him down and then headed to finish the last bit of preparations for James' birthday.

Everyone was gathered and James arrived to see that his mom went all out for him. The food was elegant, and many guests had come from far away to see him enter into the next phase of his life.

Everyone cheered as he blew out his candles and made a wish.

James was now a handsome young man. Julia was shocked at how gorgeous he looked. She found herself drawn to him like never before.

Julia walked over to congratulate James and to talk to him as much as she could. 
"Congratulations on your birthday today, James. Do you want to spend some time together later?" she asked. 

James was not interested in what Julia had to say. He just wanted her to go away as soon as possible. 
"I have plans later, maybe some other time," he replied coldly. 
He did wonder why Julia all of the sudden wanted his attention. As soon as he had a free moment, he approached his mom to talk to her, leaving Julia behind and standing alone.

"Oh there you are mother. I wanted to ask that I have celebrated my birthday, I wish to discuss moving out on my own. I know of this castle that I would love to start remodeling, to make it my new home for," he hesitated, "me and my family. Will you let me do this?" 

"Oh my son, I would love to do this for you. Which castle do you have in mind?" she asked him. 

"It's Hampton." he replied hopeful. 
"I know that castle very well. You have made a very wonderful choice." she said encouragingly.

James was so excited that he went to tell his dad about his plans for the castle. He had so many ideas and couldn't wait to get started. 

"And you talked to your mother about this?" he asked James. 
"Yes, just now. She's actually excited about it. I can't wait to get it set up so I can live there with my family," James told his dad. 

"Oh?!" William replied with a strange look on his face. 
"Not THAT family.... she's not mine nor that child. I have plans to make this an elegant home for my future bride," he told his dad in confidence. 
"That's a wonderful idea son. I can't wait to see what you have planned for it. I just want you to be happy and be with the one you truly love," he told him.

After the celebration ended, James headed off for one of his rides. He made sure no one was following him as he headed for Amelia's cottage. She was already waiting outside and stood looking at James' new appearance. He jumped off his horse and walked up to Amelia. 

"There you are my love." he said, then stroked her cheek gently. 
"I hardly recognized you. You're so handsome," she replied as she blushed.

He smiled down at her.
"I have been given permission to remodel a castle for my own home. I'm getting started on it tomorrow and as soon as it's done, I'm going to send for you and your family to come and live with me there," he told her.
"But your mom and Julia, they would never allow it. I would be thrown back into the dungeon for sure!" she told him with worry. 

"I would never allow it! It's just a matter of time before my marriage is annulled. You will be an adult in a few years and they can't do anything to you. I will protect you," he assured her.

"I have to get back for now, but I will see you very soon. I love you." 
He bent down and gave her a kiss, then got on his horse and rode off.
James arrived back at the castle and headed to his room, only to find Julia waiting for him. 
"What are you doing in here?!" James asked her shocked. 
"Well, I missed my husband," she replied.

Julia walked up to James and tried to kiss him. 

"What are you doing Julia?" he said as he pushed her back. 
"Why are you doing this?! We're married and have a son together. I'm your wife!" she exclaimed, hurt that she was being refused.

"Oh no, I'm not falling for your tricks! You're up to something and I'm not having anything to do with you. It's been years and I have never been with you, and that's certainly not going to change now." James replied sternly.

"Well, they can't prove anything and we ARE married. As far as anyone is concerned, Daniel is your son and the heir. He is the heir to the throne! Even if you do marry someone else, Daniel will be first in line. No one else can sit by your side on the throne but your wife, nor be in your bed," Julia reminded him.

"Why don't you hurry back to the guy that we both KNOW is the father of Daniel, and be with him as HIS wife! I would love to annul this marriage. I never wanted to be married to you! I don't even like you! The truth will come out one day and Daniel will no longer be recognized as the heir OR my son. Now, get out of my room this instant!" he shouted back at her.

Julia left the room, then ran into Kristen on her way back to her quarters.
"James is leaving tomorrow to this new castle. Should Daniel and I go with him?" she asked Kristen, thinking that she would insist she travels with him. 

"No, you should remain here while he fixes it up. They will need to clean it and put all the furniture and drapery in. It's going to take some time to finish. It's no place for a child or for you to be right now. He will be back and forth anyhow." Kristen replied. 

Kristen knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for her to find out who Daniel's father was, and she didn't want Julia around James until she could find out the truth. This at the very least she owed her son for how she treated him when he needed her the most.

James arrived the next day at the castle and met up with Florian. 
Florian was helping him get the castle redecorated and set up by all the builders and workers. 

"The dinning hall has been finished. What do you think?" Flo asked James. 
"I love it. You have done a great job here. Now, let's get the bedrooms started," he told Flo.

Flo headed out to get started with the builders and decorators to start the bedrooms. James looked around in the dinning hall. He was excited and loved what had already been accomplished. 

"This is going to be the most elegant castle anyone has ever laid their eyes on," James thought and smiled. 


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