Thursday, June 9, 2011

Julia's Baby - Chapter Forty Nine

Julia woke to a horrible pain in her stomach. She called out in pain for the the ladies to get the nurses. 
"Something is wrong, I just know it!" Julia screamed.

The nurses arrived and had Julia lay on the bed to examine her. 

"Everything is fine. You're supposed to hurt like this when you have a baby. You are early but that sometimes happens. I'm sure the baby will be fine." she told Julia. 

Hours passed well into the next day as her labor continued with pain and agony. You could hear her screams throughout the castle. Everyone was getting exhausted and then there was a cry, a little tiny cry. The baby was born.

Julia was handed a little baby boy. 
"I think I will name you Daniel if James agrees." Julia told the tiny baby.

Isabel and Kristen came to see the little baby. 
"I'm going to go find James to tell him he has a new son." Kristen told both Julia and Isabel.

Isabel held the tiny baby and looked at him close. 

"You cant tell yet that he's not with the curse. According to the queen, they don't show the effects until they are at least a year old. He looks a bit pale." she told Julia. 

"Do you think it will work?" Julia asked her mom impatiently. 
"I think so, but only time will tell. We can always say that he got lucky and was born without it due to taking after you." she told her.

"James come see your new son. He's so tiny and cute! You now have an heir." Kristen told James. 
James said nothing, he just grumbled as he followed her.

Kristen and James arrived where Isabel and Julia was with the baby. James tried  not to make any eye contact with Julia or with the baby.

However, that didn't last long as Kristen placed the tiny baby in his arms. He just stood there and held the baby. 

"What do you want to name your son?" Kristen asked him, concerned by his lack of interest. 
"I don't care, let Julia name him." he replied. 

"We could name him after you." Kristen said with a smile. 
"No! I don't want him named after me, just have Julia name him." he then handed the baby back to his mom and headed out of the room.

James was just sick to his stomach and mad all at the same time. Amelia was in the dungeon, barely alive, and he had to find a way to get her out. He was also now considered a father and didn't want to be. He now had to claim a child that didn't belong to him and was now the heir to the throne if something happened to him after he took reign. 
He had no idea how to get out of this mess.

William held his new grandson for the first time. 

"He's so small and handsome. How is our son? Is he happy to be a father?" William asked Kristen. 
"I think so, but I think it still needs to sink in. He's a lot younger than we were when we had him. I just know he's going to be a good father." Kristen replied.

"I'll try to give him some pointers. He's just scared. I'll have a talk with him. So what did they name him?" William asked. 
William then snuggled the baby close to him. 

"They decided to name him Daniel. James didn't want him named after him. Will you please, I'm getting really worried about him. He's has not acted right since he married Julia. I know it's going to take some time for him to adjust." she said, trying to convince herself more than anyone that this was true.

"Keep in mind, not to be to hard on him. He needs us to support him through this tough time in his life." he reminded Kristen. 

"I know I'm a bit hard on him. I just want him to be a good man when he grows up." Kristen replied.

Later that day Daniel appeared very weak and cried a lot. It was apparent that the baby was very sick.

The nurse tried to help him. She rocked him and tried everything to quiet the baby, but nothing was working. He cried nonstop. Every time she fed him, he would throw it all up. He acted like he was hungry but couldn't keep any of it down. 

The nurse summoned Kristen to the nursery. 

"I'm not sure, but he was born about a month before he was supposed to be. If he makes it through the next month, his chances are really good. I think we need to make sure he gets all he needs to be healthy." the nurse explained. 

"Are they mixing his milk?" Kristen asked her concerned. 
"Yes they are, but he throws it all up. He cant keep any of it down. Do you think it's possible that he doesn't have the curse and took after Julia? That the mix might be making him sick?" the nurse asked. 
"He should have it. It always seems to be passed down. We will try both to see how he does." Kristen instructed the nurse.


  1. How did you get the baby's blanket like that?

  2. Julia is BUSTED... I could have cried with the picture of James on the couch crying. I want him and Amelia together so bad LOL.

  3. When the baby grows up he will probably look like the real father :P

  4. I had a dream that Amelia had a baby girl and that James was really happy... (How sad is it that I'm having dreams about YOUR sims?) But I agree with Sims Fan, I want James and Amelia together!

    On the same side, I don't want the baby to die, because then they'll never know about Julia's lie... Hopefully they realize that normal milk is what works.

  5. The curse seems to be the dominant gene for sims, so it can't be Jame's son. I do like the name Dan. Although I did see him being a "Draco" :) Good name for that time period :D

  6. I hope Kristen finds out soon. I'm really not liking her siding with Julia over most things. Julia is a brat.

  7. V.V Everyone hates my Contributed Sims daughter lol She is a bit bratty but she has a right to be in love with someone else just like James is in love with someone else it really is two sides of the same coin.

  8. Cant believe it cant wait for the next one

  9. kristen is like totally retarded. its not his and amelia is going to be with james!!!!

  10. I feel that Kristen is being a hypocrite. She had the man she LOVED. (Well kinda two) But then she wouldn't let her own son have his love? Then she takes Julia's word over his, just mindboggling...

  11. The link on the medieval page isn't working. I thought I should tell you.

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