Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Julia's Pregnancy - Chapter Forty Six

Julia, still feeling sick, knew what her mother had said to be true. It was only a matter of time before she started to show and James refused to be with her.

She kept throwing up, but it seemed to be getting better and no one seemed to notice except her mother.

"You can't hide your condition anymore, you're going to have to lie about it. You look pregnant and the queen and James will confront you." she told Julia. 
"I will tell her as soon as I see her that James and I are expecting a child. If I get to her first she may believe me over him." she told her mom.

Julia ran into James in the banquet hall. He had been avoiding her and noticed that she looked pregnant. 

"What's going on Julia?" James asked. 
"What do you mean?" Julia responded nonchalantly. 
"You look like your with child and we have not been together.... this can't be. That's not my child!" James exclaimed furious.

"I didn't care who you were with, but did you have to get pregnant?! I'm not raising another man's child! And I will not claim this baby as my own!" James told her. 

"Please don't tell! I will play it off as ours, but you will not need to have anything to do with it!" Julia pleaded. 
"No! I will not!" James shouted at her.
"I'm going to tell everyone that we're expecting." Julia said a few moments later after gathering herself and her thoughts.

"I will deny it and you will be charged with treason." James told her, showing no signs of emotion other than the hostility towards her. 
"Well we will see what your mother says about this. I bet she believes me." Julia replied confidently and stormed out of the room.

James found his mom in her room. 

"I have something to tell you. Julia is pregnant." James told her as she cut him off. "Oh I'm so proud of you. I get to be a grandma." she replied excitedly.

"No! No! It's not mine." he told her. 
"Oh, I know you're not ready to be a father but you will do fine." she told him with confidence. 

"You don't understand, I have not been with her at all. I can't be the father." he told her as he tried to make her understand. 
"That's nonsense! I will see for myself, and you need not lie." she exclaimed. 
"But!" James managed to get out. 
"Stop it! I will hear no more!" she yelled, cutting him off again.

Kristen found Julia in her old room. 

"So it is true, you are with child. You are starting to show." she said to her. 
"Yes indeed your majesty, James and I are truly blessed. I bet your so happy to be a grandma!" Julia replied with enthusiasm.

"So you and my son have been together?" she asked sternly. 
"Why yes we have. We are married and were together on our wedding night and still are actually. Why do you ask?" Julia asked, making sure she kept a straight face. 

"He claims it's not his and that he has not been with you." she told Julia, while watching her face for any trace of a lie. 

"That's just crazy, he's just afraid your majesty. We have been married now for several months... how could this be? Why would he tell such a lie and hurt me so?" Julia  replied, acting hurt and in despair at the thought. 
Kristen sighed. 
"I have no idea but I will have a talk with him." she replied.

When she knew she could get away from everyone, she met up with Derick. 
"I'm definitely pregnant with your child." she told him. 
"Oh my, we are done for." he replied, afraid they would be caught. 

"No, we are safe. The queen believes James is lying and that this is his child. And as long as she believes it, you will be able to watch him or her grow up." she told Derick happily.

"I hope it's a boy. I will love this child and cherish it even though I know I can't be a father to it. I know James will have nothing to do with this child, he knows it's not his. Hopefully, when the child gets older, I might be able to reveal my true identity and be a good father." he told her as he rubbed her belly.

"I have to go now. We can't risk getting caught. He stays at the castle now and no longer takes his rides like he use to." she told him, looking around again to be sure no one was around to see them. She quickly kissed him goodbye, and then snuck back into the castle. 

"Oh, how big your getting! We need to start preparing a nursery." her mom told her. 
"Yes, I'm excited to have this child. This will ensure my place as queen." she replied with complete confidence.

Kristen found James waiting in her room. 

"I have seen Julia and she is with child. I don't know why you would be so mean to her and not even claim your own child and lie like that about her. You have been married for several months and you have said nothing about it. You share a bed with her. I can't believe this lie you tell." she confronted him.

"I don't care! This child is not mine! She has committed treason and I will have nothing to do with her or the child. I don't care if you believe me or not. I have not, or will I ever, be with her in that way. I do not love her!" James yelled at his mom. 

This made Kristen very angry and she began to yell at James. 
"You will be with her and stop these lies! You will love this child and treat your wife with the respect that she deserves. I will hear no more of this! Now go before you anger me further." Kristen told him.

Julia was getting bigger and it wouldn't be long before the baby would arrive. So Kristen started making preparations for the nurses to be at the castle for the birth of her new grandchild.

The Priest called for the nuns and nurses to tell them the news of the soon to be born, heir to the throne.

"I will need you to go to the castle straight away and await for her birth. She's due any day now." he told them.

Sister Mary and Sister Sarah arrived at the castle and met with Julia.

"You look wonderful and it looks like we have a few weeks or a month to go before your due. We will make all the preparations for the birth." Sister Mary told her.

"So you think I have another month to go before the baby comes? I feel like I'm going to pop." Julia said as she giggled. 

"Well according to your due date you have about a month or so, but things sometimes don't always go as planned." she told Julia.


  1. EVIL!! Omg .. can't believe that James' mom doesn't believe him... she raised him herself! Good grief.. bad Julia D: I hope the baby's looks give away the identity...

  2. I hope Julia gets discovered. She's so evil.

  3. JULIA... Oooo if I was in that game I would... really want to teach her a lesson. I'm not giving up on Amelia :)

  4. "Well according to your due date you have about a month or so, but things sometimes don't always go as planned."

    SPOILER!!! OOooooooh!! :DDD

  5. i want to kill kristin and julia!!!!!!! james and amelia are in love and that is not his baby!!!!

  6. Shame I feel sorry for James!I can't believe that a mom choose Julia's word above her own child!

  7. But of course the nurses and nuns don't know that she conceived BEFORE the wedding... MUAHHAHAHAH... Hopefully everyone will realize that the baby doesn't have the curse and looks nothing like James, and they will divorce, and James can get married to Amelia and everything will be happily ever after?

  8. Yeah like Leiah Mistoffelees said, the baby won't have the curse, so that will most likely help convince Kristen about Julia's betrayal? Hopefully! Great job!! (As usual)

  9. Umm, don't you guys realize that the nuns are Amelia's sisters?

  10. You need to look again, it's not amelia's sisters. I used some of my old characters from the tudors.