Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sara Takes Amelia To Safety - Chapter Fifty One

After riding through the night hours, Sara arrived at the secluded cottage where her husband, John, was waiting for them.
"Did you make sure no one followed you?" he asked. 
"Yes, I made sure," she told him, as she lowered Amelia down to him.

John followed Sara into the cottage. Amelia was still out of it, limp in John's arms.

John placed Amelia on a bed, in a room that was prepared for her, then followed Sara back outside so they didn't disturb her.

John was so happy to see Sara. 
"I have missed you. I was so worried when you went to the castle. I thought for sure your plan wouldn't work," he told her as he embraced her.

"These are for you," John said, handing her some red roses that he had picked earlier. 
"Oh, you're so sweet," Sara replied, smiling at him.

Sara went in and got Amelia settled into bed. She was still not responding to her. Sara worried that Amelia wasn't going to make it through the night. 
Sara sits with her for many days, but there is no change.

"I'm so worried about Amelia. I'm not sure what they did to her, but her condition is still the same. I just don't know why they would do such a horrible thing to her!" she told John in a frightened and angry tone. 

"You're a wonderful big sister to her. I think there is still hope, just give her some more time," he replied calmly, trying to soothe her worries.

In the middle of the night, Amelia finally woke up. She tried to sit up but was too weak, and fell back down on the bed. She looked around and noticed she wasn't in the dungeon anymore. 

"Hello!" Amelia cried out, alarmed that she had no idea where she was, or how she got there.

Sara heard Amelia cry out and jumped out of bed. She ran into the room and saw that Amelia was finally awake.

"Sara.... is that really you?" Amelia called to her sister, afraid that she might be dreaming.
"Yes it's me," she replied as relief filled her. 
"Where am I?" Amelia asked. 
"You are safe now. We have hid you from everyone," she replied and took Amelia's hand in hers.

Sara helped Amelia out of bed. Amelia gave her sister a big hug. 

"I have missed you and the rest of our family so much," she told Sara.

"What happened to you in that dungeon?" she asked Amelia. 
 "The only thing I recall is that the wizard gave me something to drink and that's the last thing I remember," she replied. 
Amelia looked around the room.
"How did I get here?" she asked her sister. 
"James and his father unlocked the dungoen and arranged this place to hide you. I brought you here by horse," she replied. 

"James!? Did this for me?" she asked, shocked to hear James' name. "Yes he did. He really must care about you to commit treason," she replied and smiled.

"Here, lay down and get some rest. We will catch up tomorrow on everything," she assured Amelia. 
Amelia laid down and thought about James. 

"I can't believe James found me down in that awful place. He risked everything for me," she thought to herself.

The next morning Amelia went to the kitchen to get something to eat. She was really hungry and Sara had what Amelia needed to regain her strength.

After a week, Amelia was now doing better and began to settle in the cottage. She began to enjoy reading again, as well as spending time with her sister and John.

After Amelia disappeared, the speculations of treason was talked about among everyone in the kingdom. However, after several days passed, many didn't talk much about it anymore, and James found his opportunity to go and check on Amelia without raising any suspicions of his involvement.

James arrived at the cottage where Amelia, Sara and John were staying.

Sara heard someone ride up and met him outside, making sure it wasn't someone else. 
"I see that you made it ok. How is Amelia?" James asked Sara. "She's still recovering, but she's awake and doing a bit better," she replied happily.

Amelia came outside to see James standing there. 
"I'll leave you two alone," Sara told them and went back into the cottage. 

"You're alive! I was so worried that the wizard had killed you," James told Amelia.

"I want to thank you for your kindness. You didn't have to do this. I'm a nobody and no one else would have risked so much to save my life," she told him. 
"I would risk my life and everything I have to save you. I still love you even though you don't want to be with me anymore. I just ask one thing. Please don't hate me anymore," James pleaded.

Amelia gave James a big hug. 
"I never hated you," she whispered, "I just couldn't bare to be around you and not have you as mine."
"I am now, and will always be, yours." James replied and held her tighter. He sighed and finally let her go.
"I have to get back before someone misses me. I'll be back as soon as possible though. I promise," James told her as he rode off in the darkness.


  1. YAY! I love this post! I am glad she's awake!! and forgave James!

  2. Now Julia just needs to be exposed and everything will be alright with the world! Lol, I'm very anxious to see what happens, I'm always checking for a new post.

  3. I couldn't have said it better than Leiah did :D

  4. And we have a slight happy ending :D
    Now I have a plan in my head, I should really not be let loose on blogspot late at night with fizzy drinks lol :P
    I have an idea to kill Kristen :O or at least get Sara or the other sister to kill her... Revenge for Amelia, and Julia exposed by the baby (I forgot the name :3)not having the curse, and being sent to the dungeon along with her mother who knew all along! And James and Amelia live happily ever after as King and Queen of Winchester :)
    (Sorry for the long comment :3 )

  5. Couldn't said it better than @ Tc Tara and @ Leiah Mistoffelees

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  7. Thank you guys for all the comments, I would be honored for you to use the hospital in your post, tc.

  8. Aww. This is a GREAT chapter. But now I want more. I check this place everyday to see if there's a new chapter. Except you always seem to post them minutes after I check the site.