Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daniel Gets A New Family - Chapter Fifty Eight

Now with Julia dead she had the task of setting up for him to receive a new home. She knew the perfect couple and sent word to them. Now all she had to do was wait for them to respond. In the mean time she enjoyed having Daniel around. She knew she was going to miss him when he left the castle.

Kristen's lady found her when she got the news back from the couple. "I have good news my queen. The couple that's perfect for Daniel is willing to accept and raise him as there own." she told Kristen. "That's good, send for them to come here, I want to meet them and make the final decision." she instructed her.

She was summoned to get Daniel ready in case Kristen was to decide to let them have Daniel. She waited with him in the kitchen for the news.

Kristen meet the Newman's in the throne room. "I see that your interested in taking Daniel in as your own?" she asked the lady. "Yes we have tried for many years to have a child of our own and have had no success. I want a child to raise, I would love to raise him as my own. He would have a happy home and parents that would love him." she told Kristen.

Kristen summoned to have Daniel brought in. "I have herd good things about you and your husband. I will grant you this, but keep this in mind! You will be kind to him and if I hear of anything bad becoming of this child you will be punished in the most horrible way. I do care for this child but hes not my grandchild so treat him well." she warned them both.

"We will take really good care of him. You can visit him anytime and we will bring him here when you request it, I know you would like to see him from time to time." she told Kristen. "I would really like that." she replied.

Kristen then handed Daniel to her. She cuddled him up in her arms. He didn't seem to mind at all.

Daniel looked up at her and the man standing smiling at him. He smiled at both of them. "Little Daniel, I'm your new mommy and this is your new daddy. Were going to take you to your new home.