Monday, July 11, 2011

James Asks Amelia To Move To His Castle - Chapter Fifty Six

James arrived at the cottage that Amelia was staying with her sister and husband. Amelia meet James outside when she heard him ride up. "Oh your looking beautiful tonight." James told Amelia. "I'm so glad to see you. I have heard of the news of that stable boy and Julia being caught. Did she admit that Daniel was his?" she asked James. "Yes she did, they hung and beheaded him today." he replied to her. "That's a terrible way to die, I feel sorry for him. I hate that anyone would have to die like that. Are they going to put Julia to death?" she asked. "Yes she will be put to death very soon by beheading along with her mother." he told her.  

"Enough with them, I have remodeled Hampton castle for my new home, and wanted to ask you if you would move in with me? I have made you a new room of your own with your own lady's. James asked as he bent down on one knee and kissed her hand. "Oh! Your mother will never approve of me. She will never allow us to be together." she replied with a sad look on her face. "Oh yes she will! She told me that I can marry anyone that makes me happy. And that would be you." he told her. "Yes I will move into the castle with you." she replied with happiness and a tears in her eyes. "Good, I will come and get you when everything is arranged." he told her and then headed back to the castle.

James assembled the staff to give them there orders. "I have a special lady joining my household, shes to be treated like a queen. No one is to know shes staying here. Until I decide to let others know. If any of you break this rule I will throw you in the dungeon myself. Now prepare for her arrival tonight." he commanded everyone. The staff then headed in different directions to do there jobs.

Sara and John arrived earlier that day while Amelia slept. "I can't believe this castle, its so amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I can't believe this is going to be our new home. Amelia is one lucky girl, finally. Shes been through so much, I think its time for her to be happy." Sara told John.

When it grew dark, James went to get Amelia. They finally arrived at the castle. As she walked up to the front gate she was taken by the castle beauty. "This is your castle?" Amelia asked. "Yes, and your new home." he replied. "It's amazing!" she told James.

"The first place I want to show you is your room. Its all been

"These are your new Lady's, they will be attending you with anything you need.

Starting from the left is Lady Annake, Lady Karen, Lady Kristi, and then Lady Molly.

Lady Kristi and Lady Molly helped Amelia out with her dress. "You look very pretty Amelia. James told me to tell you to meet him outside in the garden." Lady Kristi told her. 

Amelia walked outside looking around the magnificent garden. She ventured down the rows of flowers until she spotted James standing waiting on her. 

Amelia walked up to James. "Wow, you look amazing, like a true princess." he told her.

"Wake me up, this feels like I'm dreaming. I don't deserve you." she told him as she wrapped her arms around him. Let's watch the sunset together and then you can retire to your room to get some rest." he told her.

Steve and Flo were down in the corridor chatting away. "So what do you make of this mystery lady?" Steve asked Flo. "I think its that girl that they were looking for that one time that's like him." he replied.

Before Amelia went to her room she found her sister in the banquet hall. "I'm so happy, I can't believe this." she gushed at her sister. "I would have never imagined that you would be the love interest of James." she replied to Amelia.

"I hope he makes you happy and you guys have lots of cute babies so I can spoil them rotten." she gigged as she hugged her sister.

Amelia was now ready for bed, she looked around her room and wondered if this was really happening. "I wonder if his mom will allow us to be together or will she force us apart again?" she thought to herself as she went to bed.


  1. awesome post jamee!!!! i've been waiting so long for the next chapter since "derick's put to death"

  2. great:) now they can have that fairy tale life we've all been hoping for. (unless you put a twist somewhere...)

  3. i think Kelly said it all cant wait for the next one

  4. Finally!! Well almost finally, there needs to be a wedding! :D

    ~Dawn Turner