Thursday, July 14, 2011

Julia And Isabel Are Put To Death - Chapter Fifty Seven

The day the Isabel and Julia had dreaded had finally came. The guard came in and the executioner waited at the door.

Isabel grabbed Julia's hand when he came closer. "It's time." her told them. Julia's heart sank and she began to tremble with fear. She knew what was going to happen and knew she wasn't going to be able to keep her nerve.

They were escorted out of the dungeon by the guards. Isabel felt sorry that she wouldn't be able to see her daughter grow up and what the fate of her grandson would be. She would miss out on his first steps, his first words.

The guards escorted Julia and her mother to the scaffold. As soon as Julia seen it she began to come to tears. It only brought back memories of when she was made to watch Derick die.

They had some nuns there to help them prepare there souls before they were to die. They peered down at Julia and Isabel and could only feel pity for them.

"You are to go first! Julia will go last, she has to watch you die." the guard told Isabel. This was a big shock to Isabel for her daughter to experience another loved one to die before her eyes. Julia began to cry uncontrollable.

Isabel tried to keep her composure for her daughters sake as she walked up the steps to the scaffold.

"My child, repent your sins and give your soul to god. Be brave it will pass fast. " the nun told her. Isabel was at a loss for words and couldn't even think. She nodded and then put her head down.

Isabel started to loose her nerve and shrunk down in fear of the reality of her life coming to a end and the blade taken off her head.

She walked over to the stone that was still stained with blood from others before her. She leaned over and tried to get prepared for her death. She looked up once at her daughter and whispered, "I love you." Julia was in horror as she watched for her mothers life to end.

Hes sword came down quickly taking her head off easy. It was fast and did look painless. But she watched her mothers head drop into the basket like Derick's did. Her body was still jerking as it hit the ground. This horrified Julia.

Julia couldn't take no more. She collapsed to the ground and began to mumble to herself. It almost sounded like Julia had gone mad. "You have to get up!" the guard told her. He bent down and helped her up. She was barely able to stand. The guard helped her up the steps and over to the stone.

Julia collapsed down next to her headless mother laying there. She felt her whole body go numb, the fear began to rip at her. She cold feel the blade against the back of her neck and it scared her.

The guards made her stand and prepare herself for her life to be taken. She stood up and looked down at the bloody stone that was now covered in her mothers blood.

"When your ready bend down and put your hands by your side. Hold very still and it will be over quick." he told her as he prepared his sword for a quick death.

Julia managed to put her trembling hands to her side and closed her eyes. The anticipation of the blade was almost ready to unravel her. She tried to focus and think of Derick and all there good times they spent together, and her son that would be spared, and given a second chance at life.

The executioner sword came down and took her head off. Her head fell into the basket and her body feel to the ground jerking for only a few moments.

The guards put Julia's and Isabel's body into the wooden boxes that was waiting for the horses to carry them away to the graveyard. Kristen was then notified that Julia and Isabel were now dead and that she could decide what Daniel's fate would be.


  1. awesome post jamee!!! i loved it, but it was kinda sad, but that was one of the good parts!!!

  2. I love it they had it coming they did to many things to James and his family and to Amelia Cant wait for the next post

  3. Poor Julia, but don't do the crime if you cant do the time.

  4. where did you get the castle and all the houses of history