Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Proposal - Chapter Sixty

James was sitting in the banquet hall when Lady Carrie walked in. She arrived to start her duties as a Lady to Lady Amelia. "Your Lady Carrie?" he asked her. "Yes they told me to meet you in here." she replied. "I'm pleased to have you in my household and to be with my Lady Amelia. I think you will really like it here. Meet the other Lady's in the kitchen, they will fill you in on your duties." he told her.

She headed out of the banquet hall and was amazed to its beauty.

Amelia sat in her room waiting on James to come see her. He had been really busy with the fire that happened last week and was trying to get everything lined out.

Amelia jumped to her feet when she heard a knock at her door. James entered the room walking over to Amelia waiting on him. "Did you miss me?" James asked Amelia with a smile on his face. "You're terrible! James." she replied with a grin. "I have some new lady's for you in site of the tragedy. One will be arriving soon. Today my parents are coming for a visit, just in case until I can tell them about you, Lady Marie will be here to keep you company till I get back." he told Amelia. "Ok, I will stay put. I will miss you until you return to me." she told James.

Lady Marie arrived at the castle. She meet up with the other servants that told her where to go. She climbed the steps to the second floor. And knocked on Amelia's door.

James opened the door and let Lady Marie into the room. "Lady Marie, this is Amelia. You are to serve in her household. I must tend to some business and will return shortly. Please stay here with Amelia and keep her company and tend to her needs." James instructed Lady Marie.

"Please sit with me by the fire. Tell me a little about yourself." Amelia asked her. "I come from a smaller part of the village. My parents died when I was young of the sweating sickness that killed a lot of people. I was raised by my aunt. She took good care of me. I was asked to be your new lady, and was excited to do so." she replied.

"That's so terrible, I hope you will find yourself welcomed here. You will be treated well. I know you don't know much about this condition that me and James have, and the terrible fears that most have, but I will not harm you." she told Lady Marie. "I fear you not, I know you are a sweet Lady, I look forward to getting to know you better." she told Amelia.

Kristen and William arrived at the castle gate. Kristen was taken by the castles beauty. "I can't believe my eyes, its stunning. I'm so proud of him." she boasted to William.

They entered the entrance of the castle and was greeted by the servants. They directed them to the sitting room where James was waiting on them.

"I hope your trip here was a pleasant one. I'm so glad to see you here." James told his mom and dad. "I can't believe what you have done to this castle. I see you have your household in order." Kristen told James. 

"I wanted you to come and see the castle but to also let you know that I have found someone that I want to marry. I will introduce you to her if she accepts my proposal." James told Kristen. "I'm shocked you have found someone that fast. Are you sure that you love this girl?" Kristen asked James. "Yes I really do love her. I have known her a long time and shes the sweetest girl. I want her to be my wife. I'm going to throw a ball so you can meet her." James told her.

"Is she of noble blood or a princess?" she asked James. "Shes a princess to me, but no! Shes not, I want nothing to do with any princess again." James replied to his mom. "I can understand that, but I wish you would have kept the bloodline of full royalty, I hope shes at least of noble blood." she told him.

James came back to Amelia's room. "I have arranged a ball for you to be introduced to my parents." James told Amelia. "I'm so worried that they're not going to let me and you be together." she replied. "No worries, I will make it possible even if we have to run away together." James told Amelia.

Lady Molly and Lady Karen were in the garden. "I have heard that James has a big surprise for Amelia. Hes going to surprise her tonight." Lady Molly told Lady Karen. "I hope he asks her to marry him. We all know he absolutely adores her." Lady Karen replied.

"Take a walk with me, Amelia." James asked as he grabbed hold of her hands. Amelia smiled up at James and replied, "I would love to."

Just as they passed the fountain James dropped down on one knee and looked up at Amelia. "You know I love you with all my heart. I can't see a day go by without you by my side. Will you do me the honor and be my wife." James asked Amelia.

Amelia was speechless, she couldn't even respond immediately. James reached around into his back pocket and pulled something out hiding it in his hand.

Finally she managed to say yes. She was over joyed with such emotions she hardly could believe this moment.

He held his hand out, and she placed her hand into his. He took a ring and slid it onto her finger.

"You have made me the happiest man alive." James told Amelia now with tears in her eyes with happiness.

James stood up and pulled Amelia into his arms. He leaned over and kissed her on her forehead. "You are always my Amelia". James told Amelia.