Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tragedy Strikes At James's Castle - Chapter Fifty Nine

The fireplace shot flames out causing the room to catch on fire. It didn't take long for the flames to spread through the room.

The servants were doing there choirs when this happened. The flames blocked the path to the door leaving them trapped. With no way out, everyone began to scream out for help in hopes someone would hear them.

The others only a few rooms down heard the explosion and there cries for help. They ran down the hallway to see flames and smoke coming from the door.

Mark went to open the door when flames shot from under the door burning his hands. While rest ran down the hall to get some water to put out the flames in hopes to save the ones that were trapped.

As the fire spread through the room a small explosion of flames shot out towards them. They put there hands up the shield there faces from the flames.

As they moved away from the flames another explosion came that sent Lady Kristi running with pain from the heat and flames.
"Your on fire!" Steve shouted to Lady Kristi.

She turned to try to put the flames out that was now engulfing her dress, the rest began to panic. Steve tried to help her, but the fire was to out of control. 

The tapestry and the rugs went up in flames fast separating them from Lady Kristi that was struggling with trying to put out her dress that was now engulfed with the flames.

Lady Kristi falls to the floor from the pain of her skin on fire. Her screams was so horrible, the others couldn't do anything to save her. They had to look away form the site of her dying. After a few minutes she stopped and laid lifeless on the floor still on fire.

Now the room was almost completely engulfed with the fire. Realizing that no one could help them in time they tried to keep away from the flames as long as they could. This left them trapped in the corner of the room.

Smoke and the intense heat became to much. Lady Ann, Flo and Steve all struggled to breath as the smoke filled there lungs.

One by one they all collapsed to the floor and laid lifeless on the floor.

The flames were finally put out and the rest was able to finally get to them. Sara bent down to check them to see if they were still alive. She checked each of them to only to confirm that they all died. She noticed a pile of ash near the main part of the fire. As she looked closer she realized it was what was left of Lady Kristi when she seen her ring.

They were buried beside each other in a small graveyard not far from the castle. They engraved there stones with there names. Lady Kristi, Flo, Steve and Lady Ann.

Everyone attended there burial. To pay there respects. 


  1. Nice way to write the fire into the story.

  2. Poor servants! I'm glad that had a burial for them.

  3. love cant wait for next chapter wonderful writing

  4. Thanks, I think it turned out great.