Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fresh Start For The Young Family - Chapter One

Rhonda and Wes arrived with there daughter, Ashley at the town of Brookshire.  They had returned from her fathers funeral. Her mother had passed away a few years before from an illness. In his will he left his only daughter all there stuff. When they arrived it was as she left it when she meet Wes. It was the town that she grew up as a little girl.  

Her father loved to build things and had made there house a very pretty one. Even in his old age he managed to keep it looking good.

Rhonda and Wes had been living in the city while Wes finished his collage classes. She waited tables to help pay the bills while he worked as a janitor at night. 

The moving van arrived with there stuff, and they helped them move the boxes into the house.

"Wow, your dad did a lot of work to this house since last time we were here. It looks great. I see that there will be some things that will need to be done but for the most part things look pretty good." Wes told Rhonda.

Wes started to look for a new job on the wanted adds in town. He had finished college and wanted to get start in the medical field. But it seemed there were no openings today.

Rhonda picked out Ashley's room and decided this one would be perfect. She decided to do a room makeover before she moved her stuff into the room.

Wes came back from the hardware store with some fresh paint and some wall paper. He quickly got started and spent most of the day painting and putting up the boarder in Ashley's room. He stood back to admire his work.

But for the meantime until her room had time to air out from the fresh pain fumes they put her crib in their room. Ashley was tired from the move and was a bit cranky. Rhonda put her down for a nap.

After she woke from her nap, Rhonda dressed her and let her play in the floor with some of her toys that she unpacked. Ashley played in the floor and seemed to really like her new home. 

"I'm exhausted. I have unpacked most of our things." she told Wes as she sat down beside him and leaned back into his lap. "Yes its turning out pretty good. I'm liking this peace and quite. Its definitely different from city life." Wes told Rhonda as he stroked her hair from her face.

Rhonda headed into the kitchen to get some dinner made. Ashley was going to be hungry before too long and her stomach was beginning to growl.

Rhonda placed Ashley into her high chair and got her food ready. "You must have been really hungry, you need to slow down." Rhonda told Ashley as she smiled and giggled at her.

Ashley didn't care, she was mainly playing in it rather than eating it. She managed to get a lot of it on the floor and cover herself with it.

Wes got the paper that was delivered earlier that day to see if he could find any job openings. Even though the house was paid off he was still paying for college and for a new vehicle that they didn't have to have in the city.

"Have you found anything yet?" Rhonda asked Wes. "Not yet, I'm still looking, tomorrow I'm going to head down to the hospital and see if I can get my foot in the door there." he replied. "I think that's a great idea. As soon as we get situated I can maybe start a day care to help make ends meet until you can get your job situated." she replied.

Rhonda thought about how she was going to get started. They had little money but she was going to have to get things done for the arrival of some kids.


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