Tuesday, August 16, 2011

James and Amelia Get Married - Chapter Sixty Three

The wedding was to take place later after the sun set. Amelia's lady's helped her into her dress and laced her laces. They pinned her hair back with a veil and a flower. "It will start soon, we need to head down stairs to meet up with your dad." Kara told Amelia.

The day grew to a close and the night had set in. There was a cool breeze and the sound of the crickets in the background chirping. Amelia was joined by her dad. "You look beautiful." he told her.   

Amelia looked at the pretty flowers that her mom and Kristen had decorated. There were flowers laid on the ground leading her to her true love.  It was a fairytale wedding that any girl would dream about. The stars lit the night and the candles set the mood. Everyone stood to there feet when the music began to play.

"Are you ready?" Mark asked Amelia. "Yes I have waited for this moment for as long as I can remember." she replied. Amelia took her fathers arm and prepared to walk down the aisle with him.

She began to slowly walk down the isle covered in flowers that her bridesmaids had laid down.

When they arrived to the front they stopped. "I present my daughter to you, I give you my blessing in this unity." Mark told James as he faced Amelia and kissed her on her forehead. "I love you." he told Amelia. He then took his place beside Kara in the front row.

James looked at Amelia in her wedding dress with her hair pinned back with a veil and a flower. James was taken by how Amelia looked. He looked at her and smiled.

James took Amelia's hand and the priest began the ceremony. "We are gathered here to unit these two in holy matrimony." the priest announced.

James took Amelia's hand and held it in his. Amelia was beaming with happiness. James melted as she smiled at him. He has waited so long for this moment, and now it was finally coming true.

"James do you take Amelia to be your lawful wife, to love and cherish her in sickness and health till death shall ye part?" he asked James. "I will honor you as my wife. I vow to protect and love you till the end of my days." James told Amelia as he slid a golden ring onto her finger.

"Amelia, do you take James as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part?" the priest asked Amelia. "I do take you my love, to Cherish every moment we share, love you till death do we part." Amelia told James as she placed a golden ring on his finger.

"If no one shall object to this union, I now announce you husband and wife." the priest announced.

"You may kiss the bride." he told James. James leaned over and kissed Amelia.

The reception was held in the banquet hall. Everyone gathered for them to cut there cake and have a feast to celebrate.

The cake was beautifully decorated. James did the honors of cutting the cake.

After everyone ate and drank wine, they gathered in the ball room for some entertainment. "May I have this dance?" Mark asked Amelia.

Mark took Amelia's hand and lead her out onto the dance floor. Everyone gathered around to watch the father of the bride dance.

The music began and Mark lead Amelia around the floor, swirling her as though she was light as a feather. "You look amazing, is this the wedding that you dreamed about?" Mark asked Amelia. "Yes it is, I couldn't have dreamed of a better one." Amelia replied with a smile on her face.

As Amelia and Mark danced, James talked to his parents on his plans for the honeymoon.

Now it was time for James to dance for the first time with his bride. He joined her out on the floor where Mark had stopped dancing with her.

He gently took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist. He then took her by surprise when he swirled her around and then leaned her back to give her a kiss on the cheek. They finished the dance and after it was finished the rest started to dance.

After dancing Amelia and James headed over to speak to Kristen. She was enjoying herself quite well. "You look stunning. Before you head, I want to remind you of what we talked about. My wizard is making the potion up. I need you to drink it before you go. It should be ready by tomorrow." Kristen told Amelia and James.

"Can't we wait till we get back, it wont hurt to wait just a little longer, we were going to head out tonight. James made all the plans. Please." Amelia begged. Kristen finally gave in. "I guess it wont hurt to wait till you get back. Be careful at least." Kristen replied.

James swept Amelia off her feet and carried her outside where a carriage was waiting.

James helped Amelia up in the carriage and then sat down beside her. "What about the sun?" Amelia asked, noticing that there was no shelter from the sun. "We will arrive before it becomes daylight. I have a special place for just the two of us." James replied.

The carriage pulled out of the castles gate leaving everyone behind for a little while. It was a secret where they were going. Only James and a select few knew. He was going to make it a night that she would never forget.


  1. Yay! They're finally married! :D Oooo, I wonder where James is taking Amelia for their honeymoon. This series just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait for more. :D

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. AWESOME... the wedding was beautiful, and I just loved your pictures.

  3. The wedding was amazing! :D I've been waiting so long for this!

  4. Gee, I sure hope Amelia doesn't get pregnant while they're still vampires... ;)

  5. Nice twist, loved the wedding, keep posting soon!