Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kristen And William Come To See Their Grandchildren - Chapter Seventy

Lady Molly placed the twins in the crib for a nap, while James and Amelia spent some time together.

Arthur and Annabell were good babies, they hardly ever cried. They would coo and smile.

James and Amelia arrived back and headed to see Arthur and Annabell. "I have missed you my sweet baby." Amelia told Arthur as he wrapped his tiny fingers around hers. James went over to see Annabell while Amelia was with Arthur.

"There just perfect. I think we are blessed to have these babies. I just hope your mom thinks so when she comes later to see them." she told James. "I'm sure she will fall in love with them the first time she sees them. How could you not love them!" he replied.

Kristen meet James in the nursery. "So I have two grandchildren, I just hope they're not cursed like I feared." she huffed at James. "Please stop! They're of your blood no matter if they are or not." he replied with sadness in his voice.

She reached down and picked up the tiny little girl. She held her up and gave her a long look. She wasn't quite sure if she could see the curse in her or not. She had her suspicions with the small golden color to her eyes. She laid her back in her crib and headed to see Arthur.

She picked up Arthur and looked into his little blue eyes. They were the same color as James. She smiled at him and could only hope that he was normal. But the chances of it seemed hopeless with James and Amelia being cursed when they conceived them.

He smiled at her and it melted her heart. It was like holding James as a baby again. She cuddled him to her and rocked him while humming a lullaby.

William made his way to the nursery. Kristen handed him Arthur. The moment he seen him he was in love. He cuddled him to his chest while smelling his sweet baby smell. He then placed him in his crib to see Annabell.

He walked over and cuddled up Annabell. "I think shes cursed like Amelia. I will have nothing to do with them if they are. I don't think Arthur is but that could all change as he gets older, but Annabell she has a hint of golden brown to her eyes." she told William. "That doesn't mean anything, Amelia's family has brown eyes and if she was normal she to would have brown eyes." he told Kristen in hopes to ease her fears.

He looked into the baby's tiny golden brown eyes. "That doesn't mean anything, Amelia's family has brown eyes and if she was normal she to would have brown eyes. I think its to early to tell, when they get closer to their first birthday we will be able to see for sure." he told her." he told Kristen in hopes to ease her fears." Kristen left the room and headed down stairs to wait on William to head back home.

William walked over to James. "I think your mother has a wall built up in her heart. With all that she has been through, I do understand why she hates the idea of the curse. Even though she has been cured it still haunts her by seeing it in her family. Maybe one day she will see that every things not as bad as she sees it to be. I have to go for now but hope to spend more time with them." he told James.

Monday, September 26, 2011

James And Amelia Welcome Baby Arthur and Annabell - Chapter Sixty Nine

It was now on the second day and Amelia was giving up. She just wanted to die. She couldn't bare the pain any more and was so exhausted she couldn't find the energy to push. Fears started to build that she wasn't going to be able to deliver that baby and that this would kill her like so many mothers before her. The midwife took a look in hopes that she made some progress in her labor. Amelia's lady's helped her to the edge of the bed and propped her up. The midwife took a look and with excitement yelled, push! Amelia! Push! I see the baby's head." With a few hard pushes, Amelia herd the baby cry.

"It's a girl!" the midwife yelled with excitement then held her up so Amelia could see her. She appears to be healthy to come early." she told her as she wrapped the baby in a blanket. Amelia looked at the tiny little girl as she was passed to her lady. 

The midwife handed the baby to Lady Molly so she could clean her up.

She washed the baby then wrapped her in a pretty pink silk blanket. The baby smiled at Lady Molly when she placed her into her cradle.

Until Amelia could hold her new little girl they placed the baby in the cradle.

Amelia sat up and screamed out with pain like before. "Why do I still hurt?" she cried. "It's ok, its just the after effects of having a baby, It will pass as we finish." she told her.

As the midwife got prepared to deliver the afterbirth she was shocked at what she seen. "Push! Its another baby!" she commanded Amelia. Amelia was stunned and almost forgot what she was doing. "What another baby, this cant be!" she hollered as she gave one last push. A tiny cry came from the baby. "Its a boy!" she cried out. She held him up so Amelia could see him.

She then handed the baby to Lady Carrie. She then checked one more time to make sure there were no more babies and then preceded to clean her up.

The tiny baby smiled up at Lady Carrie as she cleaned him up and wrapped him in a silk blue blanket.  

The Lady Carrie then placed him into a cradle that was brought up to the room for when Amelia and James could be with them.

"I would have never guessed that she was carying two babies." the midwife told one of the lady's. I'm surprised that they are healthy. They are tiny but a good size for two at one birth.

One of Amelia's ladys headed down to tell James that he was now the father of two healthy babies. He ran over to her as soon as he seen her almost in a panic. "Is everything ok, hows Amelia?" he asked now out of breath. Amelia is cleaned up but really tired, she lost a lot of blood and will need to rest, the babies are up in her room." she told him. "Did you just say babies?" he asked now with a puzzled look. "Yes, thats why it took her so long, its difficult to have one let alone two. He took off running down the hall and up the steps to her room.

As soon as he entered the room he seen Amelia resting on the bed and two cradles with two tiny babies in them. He walked over to Amelia now fast asleep. "I love you! You have made me the happiest man in this world." he wispered to her as he rubbed her leg. She barely opened her eyes to look up at him, she managed to smile then drifted back to sleep.

The ladies placed the babies on the bed with James so he could hold them where Amelia could see them. "There beautiful." she told him in a cracking voice. "Yes beautiful, just like their mother." he replied. She then drifted back off to sleep again.

She opened her eyes after a moment and looked at them both laying there with James holding them. "I like the name Annabell, can we name her that?" she asked. "Yes, I like that name, and Arthur for my son." he replied. "Yes I like that name too. Annabell and Arthur, we are so blessed." she said. 

James cuddled up Annabell. "Hi little one, I'm your daddy." he told her as he rocked her in his arms. "How can I love someone this much?" he thought.

After Amelia rested for a few hours she was helped by her ladys to dress and clean up. She couldn't wait to see her babies. She walked over and cuddled Arthur up in her arms. "You are so tiny, my sweet prince." she wispered to him. He smiled at her as he drifted off to sleep.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Amelia's Pregnancy - Chapter Sixty Eight

Things were quieting down at the castle now that Kristen had left. Amelia was getting use to the idea of having a baby and having James normal. She didn't like it but was going to make it work.  

Amelia was still plagued by sickness, she was throwing up all the time and it began to take a tole on her. She couldn't keep anything down and was exhausted from the lack of sleep during the day.

She took long naps during the night and slept during the daylight hours when she wasn't throwing up. She never seemed like she was getting much sleep, even though she was sleeping a lot.

James would let Amelia get as much rest as possible. He would quietly read and spend time in the study. He didn't realize that it would effect her so greatly.

Once she was able to hold some things down she began to crave watermelons. She couldn't get enough of them. James made sure she always had them when she wanted them.

Amelia decided to sleep on top of the covers for a bit until James could get use to her cool skin. He never would say anything but she could feel him shiver with a chill.

James placed his hand on Amelia's belly. "Your belly is growing pretty fast. I can feel the baby kick." Amelia giggled at James as he talked to the baby. "I wonder what its going to be?" James asked. "I'm not sure. I don't get any feeling of it being a boy or girl. I just hope its healthy." she replied.

"You look so beautiful today. I can't wait till I see our child. I hope it is as beautiful as you are." he told her.

"My love how are you feeling today?" James asked Amelia as he pulled her close to him. "I'm doing better today but still get sick each day." she replied.

Kara found out that she was going to be a grandma and rushed to see Amelia. "Oh you look so pretty, your little belly is so adorable. I can't wait to spoil this baby rotten." she told Amelia with a giggle. Her sister came as well. They haven't had any children of there own so they were excited to have a baby around.

"Oh little sweet one, this is your grandma, I can't wait to meet you." she whispered to Amelia's belly.

Amelia's belly was growing big and fast. This started to concern the others.

James laid down beside Amelia while she was sleeping and rubbed her belly. She sleep soundly as the baby kicked his hand.

Amelia was enjoying a walk with one of her lady's. As they turned the corner Amelia felt a rush of liquid run down her legs. She looked down to see that she was standing in a puddle of what looked like water.

Then within a minute she was hit with a sharp pain in her belly. This scared her lady when Amelia screamed out. She thought for sure she was loosing the baby. It was to soon.

James herd her screams and ran as fast as he could to help her. "Whats wrong?" he asked with fear in his voice. "I don't know, something isn't right." she cried out. She doubled over in pain again. The pain was getting worse and she could barely stand up to walk. "Go get the midwife and have her meet us in her room." he instructed Amelia's lady. As she ran off to find her, James helped Amelia to her room.

James left Amelia to her lady's and the midwife, he was led out of the room. As much as he wanted to be with her to comfort her, it wasn't allowed for them to be present during the birth. Amelia tried to breath through each pain, but found it very difficult to keep her sanity.

"Ok, lets take a look and see whats going on. You shouldn't be delivering just yet. Amelia laid down on the bed, she raised her dress to take a look. She looked up at Amelia to confirm that she was indeed having the baby. I don't think its a miscarriage due to the amount of blood but its to early to tell. Lay down and try to get comfortable while we get things ready for the delivery." she told Amelia.

Hours began to pass and it was now within the night hours. She laid there in such pain no one could find a way to ease her. They tried to keep her focused and help her get through each pain that was now coming at a fast pace.

When she got a break from the pain she would drift into a deep sleep, only to be awaken by the next sharp pain to rip through her body. This began to take a tole on her. She became so exhausted that she just wanted to give up.

James waited patiently for the birth of his child. It was now a full day and no word to what was happening. He could hear her Amelia's screams echo through the halls.

Finally one of Amelia's lady's came to give him some news of her progress. "Shes early and the baby is coming. We still don't know if the baby is ok. The midwife is worried that she hasn't delivered yet and Amelia is growing weaker. Shes losing a lot of blood, if she keeps at this rate she and the baby might not make it. We are trying everything to make her comfortable and deliver the baby safe and help her through this. If anything changes I will send someone to notify you." she told James.
"So I may loose them both?" he asked. "I'm afraid it is possible, it looks very bad at the moment, all we can do is hope for the best." she replied. James broke down and began to cry. "I can't loose her now, shes my world. I cant live without her." he cried out. She was at a loss for words. She bowed her head and left the room where James was still sobbing.