Monday, September 12, 2011

Amelia's Birthday - Chapter Sixty Seven

Kristen was talking to Amelia in the study. "I see you are feeling better. I need to talk to you about a few things before I go back to Winchester." she told Amelia.

"I have a nun that has attended many of the royal family in sickness and other things, I have called her here to see if you are with child." she explained to Amelia. In shock Amelia kept her cool but now feared if she was indeed with child that she may face death.

"I'm sure it will turn out that I've come down with something. I might have gotten something from where we were on our honeymoon." she told Kristen with a shaky voice. "We will see." she told Amelia in a cold tone.

Kristen had a nun and Lady Molly present while the nun examined Amelia's belly. She began to ask her personal questions that made Amelia very uncomfortable to answer in front of Kristen. Then came the hard part part where the nun gave her a complete examine. The nun then had Amelia dressed after she was done. "Shes indeed with child. Shes very early." she told Kristen.

Kristen then demanded everyone but Amelia to leave the room. "I can't believe this. The one thing that I didn't want to happen, just did. You are useless. I just don't see what he sees in you. I will not have my bloodline left up to this curse." Kristen screamed at Amelia. Kristen then stomped out of the room, leaving Amelia crying.

Kristen found James in the banquet hall. She lit into him with fury. "I can't believe you two were so careless, you are now giving me cursed grand child." she screamed at him.

"She began to scream even louder at James. "I will not except this child if its born this way. I refuse! If you want a heir you will have to produce another child that is normal. I will not leave my kingdom to this curse." she screamed at him while trying to keep from hitting him.

James knew he made his mother once again mad. But was starting to lose his patience in making his mother happy. After she finished yelling at him she stormed out of the room.

James ran up to Amelia's room to find her. She was standing by herself crying in her room. He ran over and put his arms around her. "Please don't cry. I know that you are with child, and this makes me very happy. I will love it no matter what it is. I'm going to put a stop to this war my mother has against us." he told her still keeping in his loving embrace.

After several hours of trying to to calm Amelia down she was exhausted from all the crying. So James put her to bed and then crawled in bed with her. It was different feeling her cuddle up to him. She was cool to the touch and gave him a little bit of a chill. He never noticed it before but wished he was not human. He was missing being himself.

The next morning James awoke to see Amelia in a better mood. "My Love, you look beautiful. I hope your feeling better." he asked. "Yes I do feel a bit better, just a bit sick to my stomach still. It mainly happens in the mornings." she replied.

"Today is a very special day for you. I want you to have fun and let me deal with my mother. I have something special for you later. Meet me down in the banquet hall in about a hour." James told Amelia. He gave her a hug and kissed her gently.

"It was almost time for her to meet James in the banquet hall and she stepped out in the daylight to see the flowers for just a moment before it would have any effect on her.

She was shocked to see James standing there with a cake and all the guest he had put together. She walked over to James that was standing beside the table. "Happy birthday, my love." James told her. She was about ready to embark on a new chapter on her life. 

Everyone gathered and watched Amelia make a wish as they cheered. Kristen however wasn't thrilled now that she knew that Amelia was with child and this made her plan to cure her.

Amelia aged up and was now a beautiful fair young lady. Her eyes you could get lost in and her smile could melt anyone. James kissed her on her cheek and told her that he would see her in a little while, that he had to talk to his mother.

After everyone left and James sent Amelia with her lady's, James Wanted a word with his mother. "I'm really disappointed with you!" Kristen began but was cut off by James. "Stop! I have had enough, you have dictated my whole life, I'm a grown man now, you have done your job as a good mother and have raised me well. I will be a good king one day because of you, but it stops here. I made the decision to be with Amelia, and to be her husband, and to be the father of her children no matter what they are. I will love her no different and want her just like she is. I'm not allowing her to be changed, so stop trying. Shes going to live a happy life with me from this point on." he told his mom with a stern tone.

"You are actually going to talk to me like that. How dare you!" Kristen hissed. "Yes I will, Its my life now, you chose your path and did what you felt was right in your heart, now its my turn." he replied. "Then it is settled, if you choose to stay on this path that you are bound to, then It leaves me no choice but to disinherit you from the crown. I will have nothing to do with this. I'm going home." she yelled.

Kristen then had her carriage drawn and headed back to Winchester leaving heartbroken and upset. "Ive just lost my son again." she thought to herself.


  1. Oh my I cant believe it he did it but Kristen is a**hole about the situation she should be bless to have a family and a grandchild coming into the world. LOL yea I love your post keep it coming.

  2. D: KRISTEN! Nobody judged her when she was cursed. I hope William stands up for them.

  3. Wow! I have read all of the chapters and I have to say that I am utterly speachless and completely sad... I was truly looking forward to reading more... I was drawn in with this story I can tell you really took your time with this story...Great Job!! Awaiting the next chapter...

    Smooches :)
    Your friend Truly_Committed via Facebook...

  4. Great story gonna try to make my own when I get new computer, and I would love it if you could read some and give me your opinion some day. Anyways I was wondering where did you get the carriage from?

  5. I would love that. Im not sure about the carriage its been forever when I downloaded it.