Thursday, September 8, 2011

James Is Faced With A Hard Decision - Chapter Sixty Six

James and Amelia returned from there honeymoon. "I'm the luckiest man alive. I hope to have a lot of children with you some day." James told Amelia. "I hope so too, they will be the cutest kids ever." she gushed.

After a long night they headed to what use to be Amelia's room to sleep for the day. "I got a message that my mother will be coming for a visit tomorrow." he told Amelia breaking the silence. "I wonder what she wants?" Amelia asked. "I have an idea, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong." he replied.

When the night came, Kristen showed up to see them. "I hope your trip went well. I have some business to discuss with you both." she explained to them. This worried Amelia, she knew why she had come so soon after they got back.

"I have come to bring you the potion." she told James. "Amelia you will have to wait till next week after her birthday." she told Amelia. Amelia grabbed her stomach and put her hand over her mouth trying not to throw up. It was no use, she was going to throw up and had to act quick.

Right out of the blue, Amelia ran off to find the nearest bathroom to throw up in. Kristen stood there in shock as she watched her run out of the room.

James found Amelia laying on the bed very sick looking. "Whats wrong?" James asked as he sat down on the bed pulling her into his lap. "It must have been something I ate or drank, I'm ok, I just need to rest a bit." she reassured him. "I will tell my mom that you are not feeling well and that you will come down in a bit." he told her.

After some time, Amelia came down to find Kristen. "I see that your feeling a bit better, are you alright?" she asked. "I do feel better, I must have ate something that didn't agree with me." she replied.

"I don't think so, I think your with child!" Kristen told Amelia. Amelia stood there shocked by what Kristen had just told her. "That can't be, we were careful." she told Kristen. "Well knowing from experience, the only time I ever got sick was from being pregnant with James and after I took the potion." she told her. "I think its something else, I don't feel pregnant and we were really careful." she told her. "Lets hope so, for you will have went back on your word." Kristen reminded her.

Later that night when it was almost daylight, Amelia laid beside James. "What's wrong, you look like your worried about something." he asked her.

Amelia sat up and looked at James with tears now in her eyes. "Your mom thinks I'm with child. I thought we were careful, now if I am shes going to be so mad, its hard to tell what she will do to me." she cried out. "If you are, we will deal with it, but if your not then its something you come down with. Either way, it will be ok, just don't cry my love." he told her as he cuddled her close into his arms.

He wanted to get his meeting over with his mom so she could go back home. He knew what laid before him and didn't want Amelia to see him in such pain. So he left her sleeping soundly, while he got dressed. He turned back to look at Amelia sleeping soundly. "I hope I'm doing the right thing" he thought to himself.

He made sure he was quiet when he left and headed down the courtyard for one last run. The moon was out with all the stars. It was a very beautiful night that many didn't even bother to see.

Amelia slept in and when she awoke she found James had already got up and was probably entertaining his mom. She got dressed and was almost ready to meet up with James and his mother when she got hit with a stomach cramp. She grabbed her stomach and groaned out with pain.

Then she was hit with the overwhelming urge to throw up again. "Whats wrong with me?" she thought to herself.

Meanwhile downstairs Kristen meet up with James in the study. She took out a red bottle and handed it to James. He looked at his mom and was not ready for what she was about ready to say. "As part of your word, you are to take the potion." she requested. James looked down at the bottle and didn't want anything to do with it. But if he didn't drink it he would have to face the wrath of his mother and she could end his happiness.

He took a deep breath and try to prepared for the transformation.

James drank it down as fast as he could. The taste was awful and almost gaged him. He felt it burning through his veins. His whole body began to shake. The bottle shattered on the floor as he dropped it with the next violent shake that ripped through his body.

After some time of him groaning with pain and shaking, he finally stood up. Kristen looked at him for the first time as a human. He had color in his face and had pretty blue eyes, just like hers.

"I know you didn't want this, but you will see that it was the right decision. When you have children and they are normal and not with this curse you will thank me later. You will be able to go out in the light and not depend on blood to survive. Once Amelia turns to a adult she will be just like you and you will be happy. You will get use to it." she told James. James just stood there silent. He didn't like how he felt. He was warm feeling and could feel his heart beating. He knew it was to late for him, it was done and there was no turning back. He only hoped that Amelia would except him like this.

James found Amelia in the ballroom. She took one look at him and noticed he had changed. She covered her face and began to cry. James ran over to her and fell to his knees. "Please don't cry. I didn't want to do it but she insisted. I can't lose you. I would die for you." he pleaded.

Amelia bent down and joined him on the floor. He pulled her into his arms and held her tight. "I love you no matter how you are,I just hoped that she wouldn't make you do it. She will defiantly make me do the same." she replied. "It will be ok, as long as I have you." he told her.


  1. Oh my I cant believe this i loved the post but have so many questions. Is Amelia with child or just sick? Will there love last the test of Kristen? How are they goin to deal with Kristen and ways of controlling there lives? I love James the is so handsome love his blue eyes. I just cant wait for the next post. LOVE IT

  2. Cant wait for the next, keep them coming!!!! love it

  3. Amelia looks like she has a baby bump there at the end... O.O Is it, a baby bump?

    That aside, I love that James is a human, yet I hate how Kristen almost controls their lives.

  4. @MizDyamond: lol you have a lot of questions and for all of them you jus must wait to see what will happen lol xD :D ^^ anyway James is hot! and chapetr si great! :D