Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kristen And William Come To See Their Grandchildren - Chapter Seventy

Lady Molly placed the twins in the crib for a nap, while James and Amelia spent some time together.

Arthur and Annabell were good babies, they hardly ever cried. They would coo and smile.

James and Amelia arrived back and headed to see Arthur and Annabell. "I have missed you my sweet baby." Amelia told Arthur as he wrapped his tiny fingers around hers. James went over to see Annabell while Amelia was with Arthur.

"There just perfect. I think we are blessed to have these babies. I just hope your mom thinks so when she comes later to see them." she told James. "I'm sure she will fall in love with them the first time she sees them. How could you not love them!" he replied.

Kristen meet James in the nursery. "So I have two grandchildren, I just hope they're not cursed like I feared." she huffed at James. "Please stop! They're of your blood no matter if they are or not." he replied with sadness in his voice.

She reached down and picked up the tiny little girl. She held her up and gave her a long look. She wasn't quite sure if she could see the curse in her or not. She had her suspicions with the small golden color to her eyes. She laid her back in her crib and headed to see Arthur.

She picked up Arthur and looked into his little blue eyes. They were the same color as James. She smiled at him and could only hope that he was normal. But the chances of it seemed hopeless with James and Amelia being cursed when they conceived them.

He smiled at her and it melted her heart. It was like holding James as a baby again. She cuddled him to her and rocked him while humming a lullaby.

William made his way to the nursery. Kristen handed him Arthur. The moment he seen him he was in love. He cuddled him to his chest while smelling his sweet baby smell. He then placed him in his crib to see Annabell.

He walked over and cuddled up Annabell. "I think shes cursed like Amelia. I will have nothing to do with them if they are. I don't think Arthur is but that could all change as he gets older, but Annabell she has a hint of golden brown to her eyes." she told William. "That doesn't mean anything, Amelia's family has brown eyes and if she was normal she to would have brown eyes." he told Kristen in hopes to ease her fears.

He looked into the baby's tiny golden brown eyes. "That doesn't mean anything, Amelia's family has brown eyes and if she was normal she to would have brown eyes. I think its to early to tell, when they get closer to their first birthday we will be able to see for sure." he told her." he told Kristen in hopes to ease her fears." Kristen left the room and headed down stairs to wait on William to head back home.

William walked over to James. "I think your mother has a wall built up in her heart. With all that she has been through, I do understand why she hates the idea of the curse. Even though she has been cured it still haunts her by seeing it in her family. Maybe one day she will see that every things not as bad as she sees it to be. I have to go for now but hope to spend more time with them." he told James.


  1. I truly expected this chapter to be longer but hey what I read was good I am just anxious to see what things will be like once the kids get older...
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