Monday, September 5, 2011

Kristen Gets The Potions Ready - Chapter Sixty Five

Kristen and William arrive back at her castle to be greeted by her best friend, Lara. "How was your trip?" Lara asked. "It was really nice, the wedding was very beautiful. James and Amelia seemed really happy. There are off enjoying there honeymoon." she replied.

Kristen summoned her wizard to talk to him about getting started on the potion. "I have a request for you . I want you to get started on two potions. One will be for my son and the other will be for his wife. I will need these soon." she instructed her wizard. "That will be no problem, I will get started on getting everything prepared and will have them ready for you really soon." he replied and headed out to start his task.

"I have got the wizard started on the potions, I can't wait to see James and Amelia back to normal, and soon to have some grandchildren." she told William. "I know it means a lot of you to have normal grandchildren but I truly think they are happy the way they are." he replied. "I will hear nothing of this, they will be normal, I want them to be normal. I will hear nothing else of this." she said stern to William. Realizing he had struck a nerve with her he quickly changed the subject.

After a week of gathering the necessary ingredients for the potion he began to look around for his instructions he wrote out when he made the last potions for Amelia's family.

After some searching he found the book. He looked it over carefully and began putting them together.

He heated up his pot and began to add the stuff. Once it was all in, he stirred it till it was hot and mixed. The potion boiled and changed colors as it mixed.

 "I have done what you requested of me. I have finished the potion and its ready for both of them." he told Kristen.

"I'm pleased to hear this, I will get them when I head over to the castle when they get back from there honeymoon." she told him.

It took several days to get it just right. After the potion cooled off he took a red bottle off his shelf. He dipped the spoon into the pot and scooped the potion out into the bottle. When he was done he put a cork into the top and headed to find Kristen.

He handed Kristen the red bottle of potion. "Is this the potion?" Kristen asked him. "Yes just as you requested. It's ready for your son to drink. He should turn just like you. Don't forget what you experienced when he starts to transform." he reminded her. "When Amelia has her birthday I will need another potion made. She should be having a birthday shortly after she gets back." she told him.

Kristen looked down at the bottle and tried to think of what James would look like when he turned normal. This excited her, she had waited for this since he was born.

Kristen was so excited that she rushed off to find William. She found him in there chambers. "I have great news, the wizard has finished the potion. We must see James and Amelia as soon as they get back, there will be no time to waste." she told William.

William was pleased to see Kristen so happy, but didn't like that she was forcing something on them that they didn't want. They didn't know what it felt like to be human, they were living a normal life. "I'm happy for you. I know you have waited so long for this." he told her as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close and then kissed her gently on the lips.


  1. in love (like always) can't wait for the next chapter!

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  3. yayyyyyy cant wait for the next post

  4. I cant stand Kristen one bit. It's their lives. If they want their children to have the same curse as them, then they can. She can't rule her sons life forever. He is a grown man now.