Sunday, October 30, 2011

Castaway Belies's Nightmare - Chapter Twenty One

This Chapter contains adult themes and nudity.
Belise embraced her love, Samual. She had been so busy with the kids and running a new household she missed having some time to be alone with him. The kids were off playing and exploring while Jordon was off fishing.

As Belise was ready to head back to the hut to do some chores. "Wait! Come, stay with me for a bit." he called after her.

Samual kissed Belise, stroking her soft skin. It wasn't long before he had her naked body against his. He began to make sweet love to her. He griped her hips and began to move her so that she moved in motion to his body. This made Belise moan out with pleasure.

Samual now excited flipped Belise on her back and began to make passionate love to her. It was intense, making Belise breath heavy, moaning with each thrust he made.

Samual then spun her around to have her as close to him as he could get her. There love making was so passionate by this point they didn't realize that Jordon had herd Belise and came to see what was going on. As he climbed the hill he started through the tall grass to where the sound was coming from. He stopped dead in his tracks when he seen Belise and Samual naked on the ground, in a tangled mess of love.

Jordon was shocked at the site of Belise's naked body and the intense expressions that she was making. He had never been with a girl in this way before and was taken by what he was witnessing. He knew he should walk away, but couldn't take his eyes off Belise.

Jordon only focused on her face. Every twitch she made, every heavy breath she took had him in a trance. She let out a loud moan, griping Samual tight. They stopped moving and just held each other. He knew he had to leave or he could get caught by them, fearing the embarrassment.

Later that day when Belise finished making super for everyone, she started cleaning up. He stared at her as she washed the dishes. Her skin looked soft to him, making him want to brush touch her. All he could do was imagine her naked body every time he looked at her.

She finished making breakfast, sitting with the kids eating, Jordon helped clean up. Anything to spend time with her. He couldn't stop thinking of her, and it started to make him mad.

It was getting late in the night and the kids headed in to clean up and get ready for bed. Belise walked over to Jordon and began joking with him. "Can I show you something? If you don't mind." he asked. "Why yes, I don't mind." she replied following him.

As they passed the bath house, he pushed her up against the wall pinning her with his body. "What are you doing?" Belise asked almost in a panic, putting her hand against his chest to push him farther away. It was useless for he was much stronger than her. He began to kiss her, causing Belise to try to push even harder, squirming to get free.

He finally released his grip on her. "Please be with me, Belise! I need you." he was almost begging her as he grabbed her arm to pull her close to him. "I don't know what you are doing! You know I'm married to Samuel, I love him and no other. I will not be with you in that way." she pleaded with him now becoming nervous.

She turned to walk away from him, hoping that he except what she had to say. Before Jordon realized what he was doing, grabbed Belise and put his hand over her mouth pinning her body against his with her arm behind her back. Belise tried to scream but found it useless with Jordon's hand over her mouth.

He spun her around ripping off her skirt and bottoms. He bent her over pinning her arm behind her back. He entered her with such force that hit sent a sharp pain over Belise that she couldn't even think of what to do. Tears began to fill her eyes and she was sobbing. He thrusted even harder making Belise almost pass out. She could hear him breath heavily as he defiled her.

He wanted her to be with him like she was with Samuel that day. He took her down to the ground pinning her tightly. He entered her again holding her legs apart, she could only lay there until he finished. His breathing got fast and heavy. He  then let out a moan coming to a stop. He looked down at Belise to see her sobbing, and tears running down her face. She couldn't even look at him, she just stared to the side.

Realizing what he had done, he jumped off her fell to the ground. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted to be with you like when you are with Samuel." he sobbed. "Please forgive me. I will never touch you like that again." he pleaded. Belise pulled herself up on her knees, staring down at the ground. She couldn't even speak to him. She picked up her clothes that was now laying on the ground and headed up the hill leaving Jordon sobbing on the ground.

Belise undressed and climbed into the pond to wash off what had happened to her. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She began to cry again as her body ached.

She scrubbed her skin so hard it began to hurt, she felt like she couldn't get clean enough.

When she got dressed she walked over to a palm tree falling down with her head in her lap. "What did I do? Why did he do this to me? Do I tell Samuel and what will he do to Jordon?" she thought to herself.

She dried her tears up to make her look like nothing was wrong, she sat down by the fire trying to calm herself.

Jordon saw Belise by the fire sitting alone. He walked up cautiously making her know it was him. Her face showed the fear that he made her feel. "Please forgive me, I was lost in a moment of lust. I had never been with anyone before, I saw how you and Samuel were together and longed for that." he begged. She jumped up now furious. "What so that gives you the right to force yourself on me, knowing that I didn't want it. I don't care what you think your reasoning is, I hate you for this." she said with lots of anger in her voice.

Jordon now desperate tried to plead more with her, he put his hand out to console her, causing her to pull back with fear that he would hurt her. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise!" he begged. "I don't care, get away from me." she hissed at him, backing away fast. She turned and ran into the hut where she knew Samuel was. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Castaway Puppy Love - Chapter Twenty

It was just like any other day, Belise prepared dinner for her family. Everyone had grown close as time had gone by. Samuel grabbed a plate of lobster, heading to sit with his lovely wife before everyone else had returned from playing outside.

Haley come in running up to Jordon, "Guess what I found?" she asked in such excitement that she was almost jumping up and down. "What did you find?" he asked waiting to hear. "I found a blue parrot, its almost like the red one we had that left. Hes so nice, "Can we keep him as a pet?" she begged. "I think that would be a neat idea only if he wants to be a pet." he replied.

Haley brought in the parrot that perched on her arm. "This will be your new home, if you want to live her with us! I think I'll name you Ben.

Jordon chopped a tree down and made a little perch up in Haley and Lennie's room. Haley took Ben over and placed him on the perch. He seemed to really like it playing with the little toy they made him to hang down.

Samuel went to catch some fish while Belise did things around the hut, Jordon would be gathering other supplies and the kids played.

After Samuel got back he relaxed with a friendly game while his son, Lennie played in the sand behind him while Haley was helping Belise in the kitchen.

Haley came out to play with Lennie after she finished helping. She loved building different things in the sand.

Lennie came over to join her in her little mound of dirt that started to resembled a fish. "After we build a bit, can we play hide and seek?" Lennie asked Haley.

Haley took off running to find Lennie. "Where are you?" She muttered as she ran across the beach.

Haley squealed when she spotted Lennie right past the banana trees. "There you are, I found you." Yes you did." he giggled.

Lennie walked over to Haley, leaning in and gave her a quick little kiss. "What was that for?" she asked blushing. "I really like you, I want you to be my girlfriend." he told her.

Haley hugged Lennie tight, "you are my best friend, I like you too. I would love to be your girlfriend." she replied.

Each day that passed, Lennie and Haley became inseparable, they played in the sand together for hours during the day.

When it was bad weather or to dark outside to play, they played with the old toys that she had from when her father was a young child when he come to the island.

At bedtime, Belise would read stories to Lennie and Haley to help them go to sleep as well as a little bit of learning.

Sometimes Samuel would take turns reading to them, they always liked how he acted out the details of the books with funny noises and face expressions, making it hard for them to fall asleep with amusement.

Belise and Samuel noticed how Haley and Lennie were becoming close. "I think they have a crush on each other. I think they will be a cute couple when they get older." Belise whispered to Samuel with a smile now on her face. Haley and Lennie had no idea that they were watching them as they played in the sand giggling and laughing the whole time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Twins Birthday - Chapter Seventy Three

Today was a special day for the twins, they were going to become children and embark on a new part of their lives. James and Amelia invited several people to attend the party, which were arriving. The cooks had their cakes finished and waiting in the banquet hall for them. Lady Carrie and Lady Molly got the twins dressed, when James and Amelia arrived to take them to their party.

Everyone cheered and sang while Annabell leaned over and blew out her candles.

Amelia placed Annabell down on the floor. She stood and watched as Annabell began to grow up.

Next was Arthur's turn, James handed Arthur to Amelia and everyone began to sing and cheer as he leaned in and blew his candles out.

Arthur was placed on the floor. Amelia stepped back to watch Arthur grow up.

After both the twins grew up and got dressed, they had them stand beside each other to get a good look at them. Annabell really looked like Amelia, she was almost a exact copy of her. And Arthur resembled James a lot. It was like looking at them when they were kids.

After the party they all posed for the artist to get a picture of them together.

After the family portrait was done, James and Amelia headed up to the twins room to give them their birthday presents. As they entered the room, Arthur began to squeal with delight. Amelia and James each had a little dog, one for him and one for his sister.

"This is your dog, Annabell. You need to take care of it and make sure you give her plenty of love." she told Annabell. "Oh, shes so cute. Can I name her Bell?" Annabell asked her mom. "Shes yours, you can name her what ever you like. I really do like the name Bell." she replied as she handed the little dog to Annabell.

Arthur looked at his little dog and was thinking of what to name him. "I will call you Spot." he told the little dog as he chased him playfully around the room.

After a long day the twins started looking really tired. Lady Molly took them up to their rooms and got them into their sleep clothes. Amelia came in to get them ready and into bed. "I want a story!" called Annabell. "Ok, a quick one, she began to tell them a ghost story. They watched her with act out parts of the story. "Ok, time for bed. Climb in to bed." she told them both. 

"Mommy, can you read me a book?" asked Arthur. "Ok, let me get one off the book shelf." she replied and headed over to pick one out.

"Me too!" called out Annabell. "I'll read to you my little princess." James replied. They both sat down on the bed with the kids and began to read to them quiet.

Annabell was the first to fall to sleep. James leaned over to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

Next was Arthur, he took a little longer to fall to sleep but drifted off no matter how he tried to stay awake to finish the story. Amelia tucked the covers around him and kissed him goodnight.

James and Amelia looked over to see the kids sound asleep. "Tomorrow we will start them with there leaning. They have to have a good education." James told Amelia. "I agree, I will get Lady Molly to prepare to tutor them in their studies." she replied.