Friday, October 7, 2011

Arthur And Annabell Learn New Things - Chapter Seventy Two

Annabell laid sleeping peacefully in her crib.

Arthur slept in his crib not far from Annabell.

Amelia walked in the nursery to find the twins up and dressed. She walked over to pick up Annabell. She tossed her up in the air causing Annabell to giggle with delight. "Mommy is going to teach you how to walk today." she told Annabell.

Amelia stood Annabell up and lead her by her hands across the floor. "This is how you do it." she told her.

"Now its your turn to do it all by yourself. Try to walk to me on your own." she told Annabell as she stood her up and walked several steps back. She bent down and held her hands out motioning Annabell to come to her. Annabell paused for a second then took several steps to reach her mommy.

As Amelia was trying to get Annabell to walk, Lady Molly helped James with his walking. "Theres my little prince, time to learn how to walk." she cooed at Arthur.

Lady Molly stood Arthur up and helped him walk across the floor. He seemed to catch on pretty fast. He was able to keep up with her pretty good. "Your doing so good, now lets try it all by yourself." she told Arthur.

James came in to see Arthur take his first steps all by himself. He took several steps until he got to Lady Molly. "That's so great!" shouted James with excitement.

After spending lots of time learning how to walk, Arthur managed to walk around the nursery by himself. He was getting really use to it, a bit unsteady but was getting better at it.

Arthur, after spending so much time learning how to walk and talk, spent some time playing with his toys. He giggled and sang to his little friend.

Amelia enjoyed watching them play and learn, Arthur sat playing with his toys and Annabell exploring the nursery. 

Arthur began to squirm a bit, so Lady Molly decided to try to get him to use the potty. "Come on, you can do it." she told him, trying to sound excited at the fact he was using a little wooden toilet. He sat there for a bit, then with success he managed to figure it out.

Lady Molly tried to get Annabell to use the potty, but Annabell choose not to have anything to do with it. She kicked and cried when she tried to put her on it.

"Let me see if I can get her to do it." Amelia asked Lady Molly. "Ok sweetie, its really easy, give it a try for mommy." Amelia asked Annabell. It took a few minutes but Annabell decided to let her set her on it. She had already soiled her pants, but managed to use it again.

Amelia had left the nursery to have dinner with James. Kristen came into the nursery to see her grandchildren. "Oh I see they are progressing very well. You may take a break and I will take care of them, I want to spend some time with them." she told Lady Molly. "I'm not supposed to do that, Amelia would not be pleased with me." she replied. "These are my grandchildren, I can handle them on my own. I demand you leave at once." she scolded at Lady Molly. Fearing that she might anger Kristen even more, she left and headed to find Amelia.

Lady Molly left leaving Kristen alone with her grandchildren. Kristen walked over and took Arthur out of his crib. She held him up to kiss him on his cheek.

"You are so handsome my little prince. One day this will be your kingdom to rule." she told him.

Arthur fascinated by Kristen, chatted with her a bit. He could only say a few words, but was well on his way of progressing to full conversations. 

Kristen sat Arthur down and walked over and picked up Annabell. She looked at her and all she could see was Amelia in the little girls face. This angered her, she already felt like Amelia had stole James away from her and turned him against her. "I wish you were never born, you and your mother. I should have killed her when I had the chance." she scolded the Annabell while pointing her finger in her face.

Annabell didn't quite understand exactly what Kristen meant, but realized by her tone and her face expression she didn't like her. Annabell jerked backwards, trying to squirm away from Kristen.

Kristen sat Annabell down immediately on the floor and watched her cry.

"Your tears do not fool me. I was fooled long time ago, and I will not fall for it again." she scolded Annabell, making her cry even harder.

Lady Molly managed to find Amelia and let her know that Kristen was in the nursery with the twins. Amelia sent her back to tell her that she was on her way and that she needed to dress the twins for the day. "What's going on?" Lady Molly asked as she opened the door to hear Annabell screaming on the floor. "She's just upset! A little temper tantrum I suspect. She has a lot of her mother in her." she replied in a cold tone.

Amelia arrived to find the twins now dressed playing in the floor. Kristen stood watching them. "So I see you have come to see your grandchildren?" she asked Kristen with suspicions to her intent on her visit. "They are my flesh and blood, I wanted to spend time with them, but now I must go. Lots to do at the castle." she replied and headed out without another word.

Amelia was laying on the floor with the twins playing when James came in. He came over and sat down beside Annabell. "Hows my little ones?" he asked. "Fun!" Arthur said. Annabell said nothing as she played with her doll.

James had a painter to come in and paint there family portrait. It was hard to get the twins to hold still long enough get them posed. The painter did his best and James seemed pleased with his work.


  1. Awe I love the family portrait! :D Poor Annabell, her grandmother doesn't like her. I hope Kristen will learn to love Annabell in the future. :)

    ~Dawn Turner aka Hailey

  2. Just perfect, my mind is still stuck on their teenage years...I hope that James mother doesn't try to do anything to Annabell I don't think that would be a good thing for her to do...

  3. I love the post but grandma Kristen is getting me mad and I'm not like her right now. I hope she comes around soon.

  4. Yay!!!!! amazing, Kristen really needs to get over herself and cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Looooove everything about it! :D

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  7. I love this story. Where did you get all the outfits?

  8. I got a lot of the outfits from tsr and another blog that had converted a lot of the outfits from the game medieval.

  9. awesome how did u do the family portrait?

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