Monday, October 3, 2011

Arthur And Annabell's First Birthday - Chapter Seventy One

James gently kissed Amelia. "Our babies are turning one today. It seems like yesterday that they were born." James told Amelia.

"My lady's are bringing them down to celebrate their birthday with everyone else. I think they will like their cake that the cooks have prepared for them." she told James.

Lady Molly and Lady Carrie came in with Arthur and Annabell in arm. They walked over and handed over Arthur and Annabell. James and Amelia walked over to the table for them to blow out their candles. Everyone stood there cheering as each of them blew them out.  First it was Annabell, after her candles were blown out she aged up. She looked a lot like Amelia with her golden eyes and her pale skin. She had the curse like Amelia. Next Arthur blew out his candles and then he aged up. His skin was pink in color and his eyes as blue as James. He had no signs of the curse at all. Everyone stood looking at him in shock that he was normal.

Kristen grabbed up Arthur and hugged him. It was like holding James all over again. She looked him over and smiled at him. He was normal, just as she had hoped. It didn't seem possible but there he was with his rosy cheeks and his blue eyes. 

James handed William Annabell. She giggled as he tickled her. She looked just like Amelia when she was a baby. She had her golden eyes and her soft pale skin.  

Kristen walked over to William. "I'm so happy, he looks just like James and hes not cursed. I truly have a heir that it didn't touch." she told William with excitement in her voice. "Yes we are blessed, but we also have a granddaughter that is just as sweet and special as Arthur." he reminded her.

"I don't really care about her and never will. I told them that I would have nothing to do with the curse, they knew my wishes. But Arthur will be my pride and joy." she told him. A shocked William looked at her with displeasure. "You don't mean it, please tell me you don't. Shes of your blood even though she has the curse, she still is James daughter. Please don't make a difference between them!" he begged. "I will try not to, but I make no promises." she replied.

Kristen kissed Arthur on the forehead before handing him over to Amelia. William handed Annabell over to James and waved bye bye to her. James and Amelia headed up to the nursery with them.

Amelia tickled Arthur 'til he giggled with delight.

As James played with Annabell he couldn't get over how much she looked like Amelia when she was a baby. He adored her laugh and how she held onto him.

Arthur was handed his birthday presents but sat there giggling and looking around.

James sat Annabell down and handed her, her birthday presents. She began to go through the toys with excitement.

Annabell was given a doll for her birthday and seemed to really like it. She sat in the floor of her nursery playing content with it. But out of the blue she bent down and bit into its neck, showing the curse was definitely in her blood.

"Annabell, stop that!" shouted Amelia. Annabell looked up with shock, she didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. "You can't do that, your not allowed to bite anything." she scolded her.

Arthur wasn't interested in any of the toys, he took off out the nursery door and down the hall, with his head nurse on his heals.

Lady Molly now in charge of the twins, picked upArthur and brought him back to the nursery. "We need to stay in here, you might get hurt out in the hall." she told him.

"It's time for a nap, you guys have had a long day. Tomorrow we will learn all kinds of new things." Lady Molly told them as she put them each into their cribs.


  1. Wonderful start to their 1st birthday. I really enjoyed it and can't wait until they begin to grow as teenagers and how their future will turn out... I would love to do a legacy story but have no idea how to even start it off...

    Love It!!
    ~Ms. Therapy~

  2. same ms therapy, trying one soon and jamee i looooooovvvvee! them, hopefully kristen treats them fairly

  3. and happy 100th post jameee!!!

  4. I so happy how the post came out but hope the are treated fairly in the future. Love it