Thursday, October 27, 2011

Castaway Puppy Love - Chapter Twenty

It was just like any other day, Belise prepared dinner for her family. Everyone had grown close as time had gone by. Samuel grabbed a plate of lobster, heading to sit with his lovely wife before everyone else had returned from playing outside.

Haley come in running up to Jordon, "Guess what I found?" she asked in such excitement that she was almost jumping up and down. "What did you find?" he asked waiting to hear. "I found a blue parrot, its almost like the red one we had that left. Hes so nice, "Can we keep him as a pet?" she begged. "I think that would be a neat idea only if he wants to be a pet." he replied.

Haley brought in the parrot that perched on her arm. "This will be your new home, if you want to live her with us! I think I'll name you Ben.

Jordon chopped a tree down and made a little perch up in Haley and Lennie's room. Haley took Ben over and placed him on the perch. He seemed to really like it playing with the little toy they made him to hang down.

Samuel went to catch some fish while Belise did things around the hut, Jordon would be gathering other supplies and the kids played.

After Samuel got back he relaxed with a friendly game while his son, Lennie played in the sand behind him while Haley was helping Belise in the kitchen.

Haley came out to play with Lennie after she finished helping. She loved building different things in the sand.

Lennie came over to join her in her little mound of dirt that started to resembled a fish. "After we build a bit, can we play hide and seek?" Lennie asked Haley.

Haley took off running to find Lennie. "Where are you?" She muttered as she ran across the beach.

Haley squealed when she spotted Lennie right past the banana trees. "There you are, I found you." Yes you did." he giggled.

Lennie walked over to Haley, leaning in and gave her a quick little kiss. "What was that for?" she asked blushing. "I really like you, I want you to be my girlfriend." he told her.

Haley hugged Lennie tight, "you are my best friend, I like you too. I would love to be your girlfriend." she replied.

Each day that passed, Lennie and Haley became inseparable, they played in the sand together for hours during the day.

When it was bad weather or to dark outside to play, they played with the old toys that she had from when her father was a young child when he come to the island.

At bedtime, Belise would read stories to Lennie and Haley to help them go to sleep as well as a little bit of learning.

Sometimes Samuel would take turns reading to them, they always liked how he acted out the details of the books with funny noises and face expressions, making it hard for them to fall asleep with amusement.

Belise and Samuel noticed how Haley and Lennie were becoming close. "I think they have a crush on each other. I think they will be a cute couple when they get older." Belise whispered to Samuel with a smile now on her face. Haley and Lennie had no idea that they were watching them as they played in the sand giggling and laughing the whole time.