Friday, October 21, 2011

The Twins Birthday - Chapter Seventy Three

Today was a special day for the twins, they were going to become children and embark on a new part of their lives. James and Amelia invited several people to attend the party, which were arriving. The cooks had their cakes finished and waiting in the banquet hall for them. Lady Carrie and Lady Molly got the twins dressed, when James and Amelia arrived to take them to their party.

Everyone cheered and sang while Annabell leaned over and blew out her candles.

Amelia placed Annabell down on the floor. She stood and watched as Annabell began to grow up.

Next was Arthur's turn, James handed Arthur to Amelia and everyone began to sing and cheer as he leaned in and blew his candles out.

Arthur was placed on the floor. Amelia stepped back to watch Arthur grow up.

After both the twins grew up and got dressed, they had them stand beside each other to get a good look at them. Annabell really looked like Amelia, she was almost a exact copy of her. And Arthur resembled James a lot. It was like looking at them when they were kids.

After the party they all posed for the artist to get a picture of them together.

After the family portrait was done, James and Amelia headed up to the twins room to give them their birthday presents. As they entered the room, Arthur began to squeal with delight. Amelia and James each had a little dog, one for him and one for his sister.

"This is your dog, Annabell. You need to take care of it and make sure you give her plenty of love." she told Annabell. "Oh, shes so cute. Can I name her Bell?" Annabell asked her mom. "Shes yours, you can name her what ever you like. I really do like the name Bell." she replied as she handed the little dog to Annabell.

Arthur looked at his little dog and was thinking of what to name him. "I will call you Spot." he told the little dog as he chased him playfully around the room.

After a long day the twins started looking really tired. Lady Molly took them up to their rooms and got them into their sleep clothes. Amelia came in to get them ready and into bed. "I want a story!" called Annabell. "Ok, a quick one, she began to tell them a ghost story. They watched her with act out parts of the story. "Ok, time for bed. Climb in to bed." she told them both. 

"Mommy, can you read me a book?" asked Arthur. "Ok, let me get one off the book shelf." she replied and headed over to pick one out.

"Me too!" called out Annabell. "I'll read to you my little princess." James replied. They both sat down on the bed with the kids and began to read to them quiet.

Annabell was the first to fall to sleep. James leaned over to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

Next was Arthur, he took a little longer to fall to sleep but drifted off no matter how he tried to stay awake to finish the story. Amelia tucked the covers around him and kissed him goodnight.

James and Amelia looked over to see the kids sound asleep. "Tomorrow we will start them with there leaning. They have to have a good education." James told Amelia. "I agree, I will get Lady Molly to prepare to tutor them in their studies." she replied.


  1. yay first and this is great!!!!!! cant wait for the next

  2. great chapter jamee and can't wait until the next chapter...I am so in love with this story it seems so real in your mind as you read through it and the funny part is i didn't even start from the very beginning but it all makes so much sense to me...I tried posting on here when you first uploaded this story but it wouldn't let i posted it on fb....