Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dream Realm - Chapter One

 Lars is finally on his own, he had moved out to start a new life as a young adult. With a small house that was plenty big enough for just him.

It was all he needed, his parents helped him get what he needed to start out. Being the only child they did all they could to support his needs.

With no idea on how to really cook, Lars headed to see what was quick and easy to make.

"Ah, food in a bottle, how easy is this," he thought as he drank it.

Lars headed to the bathroom to get ready for work, he's currently serving on the elite force.

Lars decided to tidy up before his girlfriend arrived.

Dressed and all cleaned up, he decided to tidy up so she didn't think he was a total slob. He was just finishing up with feeding the fish when he heard the door bell ding.

Lars opened the door to find Lisa waiting for him. "Hey love, glad to see you," he told Lisa giving her a big hug.

She sat down on the couch beside him. He pulled her close, "So how was your day?" she asked. "Its going great, I got everything unpacked. I have to admit its kinda weird not having my mom and dad around," he replied. Lisa just giggled at Lars.

Watching the news it caught their attention when the saw a report about the epidemic that was sweeping through their race. Many were falling ill by the day and they still had no answers on the reason or cause.

"It's getting worse, they are calling all the females in to be checked. I have to go tomorrow to see if I'm effected," Lisa told Lars. "It will be ok, even if you can't have children we can still have a life together," he told her. "I know, but if this continues, it will be the end of our kind," she replied sadly.

"I have to go for now, work calls. I'll talk to you later," he told her giving her a kiss.

"Love you, see you tomorrow!" Lisa told him with a goodbye kiss.

After she left, he pondered on what it all meant, her getting tested and the news. "Was it really that bad?" he asked himself.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Medieval Chapter Seventy Six - Heart Ache

Amelia held James hoping to feel him breath at any moment. "You can't leave me here alone." she sobbed.

All she could do is hope that he would pull out of it. "It's just temporary, he will come around," she kept telling herself.

It didn't take long before the nun arrived to see James. She wasn't sure what she was going to see, but was worried with how sudden she was summoned to come.

She looked him over and over. She checked every inch of him for any signs of life. With a grim look she turned to Amelia. "No don't tell me, please don't say its so." she began to sob before the words even left the nuns lips. "I don't know what to say, but he's no longer with us, I figure it was when he drank the potion that turned him into a human, it might have had a bad effect on him. Most would have turned them like you, and it would have been fine, but where he took the potion it devastated his body, he probably still had some in his body," she explained to Amelia.

Amelia slumped over, laying on his chest. She cried for what seemed like hours. Her love and life was over. She couldn't face the truth. "Please come back to me," she whispered to him as a tear slipped down her cheek.

"What have I done?" she kept asking herself trying not to fall apart. I killed him, I should have not listened to him," she mumbled to herself.

Kristen and William showed up after being notified by a messenger when James fell ill. She spoke to the nun to find out what was going on. "What's happened to my son, why is he laying there like that, and why is he pale?" she asked hardly giving the nun time to answer. "Your son chose to become like he was before, and with the potion in his system... he has died," she explained. "What, hes..........dead." Kristen shocked with disbelief. "He tried to become cursed again?" she shouted.

Kristen and William stood by the bed looking at their lifeless son. Kristen broke down into tears, sobbing almost uncontrollably. William covered his face to hid his tears.

When Kristen managed to pull herself together for a brief moment, her grief turned into hatred. She looked over at Amelia with pure hate. She wanted to kill her right on the spot.

Kristen walked over to Amelia. "What have you done, you stupid girl?" she shouted. "He begged, he did the research, he said it was ok, that's what he wanted," Amelia tried to explain.

Kristen cut Amelia off. "You took my world away from me. You have offended me for the last time. James is no longer here to protect you. You will pay for this," Kristen shouted at Amelia. Kristen and William set orders for James to be taken to be prepared for burial.

One of James servants came and picked up James carrying him downstairs. Amelia watched in horror as his limp body swung as he carried him through the door.

Downstairs he was laid on a table. His clothes were changed and he was cleaned up. "Prepare him for travel, he will be buried in the royal cemetery." Kristen ordered Sir Thomas. 

While Kristen and William was downstairs where James was, Amelia went to break the news to the twins. "I have some terrible news children," she began as she bent down to pull them close. "Your father became very ill.........and he passed away this morning," she explained. Arthur and Annabell began to cry not saying a word. 

Annabell began to cry. Arthur heartbroken went over to comfort her. "It will be ok, we will get through this together, please don't cry." Arthur told Annabell giving her a big hug.

After many hours of crying, Arthur and Annabell finally fell asleep.

The next day Arthur found Willow. "My father has died and we have to go to my grandmothers castle to bury him," he explained to her.

"I'm so sorry about your father," Willow replied. "When will we be leaving?" she asked. "When the night comes, so my sister and mother can travel without the sun burning them," he explained to her.

Amelia got dressed and headed downstairs to see James for the last time before they headed out.

He was laid in a wooden box that was lined with silk. He looked like he was sleeping, it was hard to even tell that he was dead.

Arthur and Annabell came down to see their father. It was almost dark and they would be heading out soon. They all stood there sobbing as they closed the box and nailed it shut.

James servants along with William and the King of Spain helped carry him out. Kristen watched as they walked passed her. She stood quiet with tears streaming down her face.

Willows parents came to attend the funeral and help escort them back to the castle.

The men got James loaded into the wagon and secured the coffin from shifting while they traveled.

The rest stared at the box for a while then got into their carriages to follow the wagon back to Kristen's castle for the burial.

Castaway, Chapter Twenty Six - Lola's first birthday

Lola was a very happy baby, she hardly ever cried and was always smiling. "Oh how I hope your Samuals." she whispered to Lola.

Samual would help get up in the middle of the night and help with feeding Lola.

He loved being a father again, he loved how Lola filled his heart with such joy. He loved Lola and would do anything for her.

Samual helped Belise with doing things around the hut. He would tote little Lola around every where he went.

Belise was so happy, she felt like her family was complete again. Everything seemed to be falling back into place.

Lennie and Haley went down to the kitchen to wait for Samual and Belise to bring down Lola for her first birthday.

Belise prepared a little cake for Lola while Samula held her down to the cake to get a little taste.

 When Lola aged up, Samual took one look at Lola and seen she had his eyes. "Shes really mine! he shouted with delight. "She looks a lot like you, Belise but shes mine." he told Belise as he cuddled Lola.

Samual tickled Lola till she laughed. He adored her since the time she was born but knowing she was his made the world to him.

Belise snuggled Lola with a big releaf that had been weighing on her from the time she found out she was pregnant.

"Belise, she looks just like you, just beautiful as the sun ever was." he told her.

"She took the best things about you, Samual. She got your eyes." Belise told Samual.

Lola crawled over to Lennie that was building a castle. She sat on her butt and began to play in the sand with him. "You can help me build." he told her.

Haley came and sat down close to Lennie and Lola that was building a castle.