Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Castaway Chapter Twenty Five - Belise And Samual Welcome A New Baby

A few months had passed since Jordon's death and things seemed to calm down. Haley was back to being her old self playing with Lennie and doing things she really loved. Belise enjoyed telling them stories of the tribes past and if their tales. They sat there always amused at the stories she would tell.

Samuel watched them on the beach enjoying themselves. He was happy that Haley seemed ok and most of all that his Belise was safe and happy. He decided he would head out to go get dinner. "I'll be by the fishing hole if you need me." he called out as he headed down the beach.

The kids were playing on the beach making sand castles while Belise was doing some of the chores around the hut.

She was preparing to lit the fire when a pain shot down her back radiating to her stomach. "Is it time, she thought as she clinched to the log to steady herself. She tried to shrug off the pain but found that she could barely stand up.

She cried out in pain as another pain shot through her, she knew the baby was coming. She had already been through this twice and knew it wouldn't be long before they would see the new baby that she hoped would be Samuel's.

Haley and Lennie ran up to see why Belise was crying out. She stood there clinching her stomach, when all the sudden her water broke. "Run! Go get Samuel, tell him to hurry that the baby is coming." she told them.

Haley was the first to find Samuel. "Hurry! Hurry! The baby's coming she told Samuel.

Samuel took off running to get back to Belise to help her with having the baby. Haley ran ahead of him, much faster than Samuel.

When Haley got back, poor Lennie was now panicking. Belise was in more pain than before and was huffing between each pain that was now coming faster by the minute.

Samuel ran up to Belise, "I'm here! he told her as he helped her into the hut.

Samuel helped Belise up to the bedroom to help her get comfortable and to help her with the delivery of the baby. He had helped her with Lennie when he was born so he was confident with delivering this baby.

Haley and Lennie sat in their rooms playing quiet on the bed while Samuel and Belise was in the next room trying to deliver the baby. Haley was getting a little nervous with all the pain Belise seemed to be in.

A tiny cry came from the next room. After a few minutes, Samuel wrapped the baby up and handed it to Belise. "Shes beautiful!" Samuel told her as he looked at the baby. "It's to early to tell, but I think she looks like you a bit." she told Samuel.

"No matter, shes mine and yours. I will love her unconditional." he told Belise. "I'm one lucky women to have a wonderful husband like you." she told him with tears of joy in her eyes. "I want to name her Lola." he told Belise. Belise looked down at the tiny little girl. "You will be known as Lola, my sweet baby." she cooed.

Belise placed the Lola into a little cradle that Samuel had made her and called for the kids to come see the baby.

Haley and Lennie came running to see the little baby. "Oh shes so cute." cried Haley with excitement.

Lola started to drift off to sleep with everyone peering down at her. "I can't believe I got a little sister. "I will protect her, I can't loose her like I did with my little brother." Lennie told Haley. "We will protect her together." she replied.


  1. I can't wait to see whose child Lola is.

  2. It's definitely Samuel's baby. I just know it. ^_^

    ~Dawn Turner aka Hailey

  3. Love it,Cant wait to see who's the daddy.

  4. can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!

  5. :) Love it! Please check out my blog.