Friday, November 11, 2011

Castaway Chapter Twenty Four - Belise tells Samual About Jordon

"I'm heading out, do you need anything before I go?" he asked. "I need to talk to you about something." she replied.

Belise broke down and began to sob, Samuel had no clue why Belise was so upset. "Whats wrong?" he asked. She tried to calm herself enough to tell him, knowing that it would destroy him, and in fear of how he would react. "I have something horrible to tell you. I don't know even where to start, but I ask that you don't hate me." she told him. Samuel became not only confused but worried, he tried to reassure her of her worries. "Tell me." he commanded.

"Remember the day that we were in the field, she paused. We were so wrapped up in each other that we didn't realize that we were not alone." she told him. "How do you know this?" he asked. She looked down trying to find the right words. "It wasn't long after that day, that I realized it was Jordon that saw us, his emotions overcome him and well........." she paused. Samuel's eyes grew wide when his imagination started getting the better of him, but he stayed silent waiting for her to finish.

"When you were getting the kids ready for bed and I was cleaning up, Jordon called for me, he wanted to show me something, I had nothing to fear, so I thought..." she began to sob again, but held strong to her story. "As I went around the building he tried to kiss me, when I refused and got mad, he lost it. He.............. "Stop! I don't want to hear anymore. I......will kill him." he shouted now full of rage. "No there is more, she began. I'm pregnant and its around the time that I was with you and when he did that." she told him. Samuel now realizing what was going on and why she was so upset, felt his world crushing down around him. "So this baby could be his? No it can't be, I'ts my child." he shouted now scaring Belise.

"You hate me?" she cried. Samuel looked at Belise, "No my love, I could never hate you. I hate him for what he did to you. He took something that was mine. I would never share you, I would kill for you." he told her. "Please don't hurt him for Haley's sake, hes her only family, and he has realized what he has done the moment it was over, hes not going to ever hurt me again." she begged.

"Please tell me that you won't do anything to him?" she asked. He wouldn't say anything. He looked at the ground then at Belise. "He can't get away with this, if we were still in our tribe, it would be death." he told her. Belise realized what he was saying was true, how could she argue with there ways. But she knew that she had to convince him that he should not follow their was this time, but to try to move on. "I promise nothing, I don't even know how to feel about it. Its.....just to much for me right now." he told her. "I have to be alone for a little while, go down with the children and I'll see you at bedtime." he commanded.

When she left his emotions got the better of him. He pictured everything that he had done to her. How he had hurt her and he wasn't there to protect her. How his joy of having another baby could possible belong to another man. He couldn't take it any more, he had to confront Jordon.

"HOW DARE YOU!!" screamed Samuel at Jordon. Before Jordon had time to react, Samuel kicked him down to the ground. Jordon landed so hard that blood came out of his nose and mouth. He laid on the ground stunned and confused.

As Jordon was coming to, he found Samuel now holding him down on the ground with a knife in his hand. "Stop! Please! No!" Jordon begged as he struggled to get away from Samuel's grasp. "I never meant to hurt her, I'll never touch her again." he screamed out.

Samuel felt no mercy as he pictured Jordon defiling his Belise. He began to stab Jordon without any thought. He sunk the blade of his knife into Jordon's side several times before he quit. Jordon grabbed his side now pouring the blood, while Samuel stood, emotionless over him.

Samuel didn't care if Jordon lived or died, he most preferred dead. It was their law and he wasn't going to change it. He was going to protect his wife from that moment on, he would never let someone hurt her again.

When Samuel hadn't come to bed, Belise went to look for him. She started to get worried about him after telling him the horrible news. She seen him sitting on a log, as she approached to talk to him, she saw Jordon laying on the ground not moving and blood everywhere. "What have you done?" she cried out. Samuel sat there just looking at Jordon's lifeless body. "He deserved it, he will never hurt you again." he told her. She knew she couldn't argue with him. It was over and done with. "What are we going to tell the kids?" she asked. "I will think of something, I will take care of all of this, I will make it out as a accident, don't worry about it. I will handle it." he told her.

"Go back to the hut, I will meet you there when I'm done." he told her. "Jordon didn't deserve to die, it was a accident. If I wouldn't have said anything, Jordon would still be alive, but if it was Jordon's baby, it would be me." she kept telling herself over and over.

As she walked away, she could hear Samuel dragging Jordon across the sand.

Samuel began to drag Jordon's lifeless body up the hillside. He had to move him so that the kids didn't see him.

He dug a hole beside the graves on the hillside of Haley's parents and grandparents. When he finished he placed Jordon in the hole. He began to shovel dirt over his body.

Belise couldn't take it, she had to talk to Samuel. When she topped the hill, Samuel was finishing up on burying him. She walked over with tears in her eyes. "He didn't need to die, I could have lived with it." she told him. He walked over to her, pulling her close to comfort her.

"Belise, my love. Please do not worry about this, we will get through this together. Please stop crying." he softly whispered into her ear.

It was now nearly daylight when they reached the hut. "I cant take this, I don't know how to do this." she told him. Samuel pulled her close. "We can do this, just explain to her that it was a accident." he told her.

Belise went to the kids room when they were getting up. After they were dressed, Belise told Haley she needed to talk to her. Belise bent down and pulled Haley over to her. "I have terrible news, Jordon last night fell and hit his head on the boat, when he did, he hurt his head really bad. We tried to get the bleeding to stop but failed. He passed last night. Haley began to cry while Belise tried to comfort her. She hated herself for lieing to Haley, but knew she had to.

She tried to comfort her, but Haley continued to cry uncontrollably. "Where is he?" she said in a real low voice. "We figured it would only be right to bury him with your family." she replied.

Haley took off running. She had to see for herself. She just couldn't believe he was actually gone. "Wait up, Haley." Lennie called out to her as he tried to catch up with her.

Lennie finally reached the top of the hill to find Haley standing at the freshly buried grave. "NO! NO! You were suppose to protect me." she screamed at the grave as if she was waiting for him to replied.

She slumped down on the ground. "What do I do now?" she asked Lennie. Lennie sat down in front of Haley placing her hand in his. "We are you new family. I will always be with you." he replied to her.

After a long time sitting by Jordon's grave, Haley decided to go back to the hut. She was feeling so alone even though she knew she had Lennie and his parents. It still didn't feel the same.

She went to her room where she skipped dinner and sobbed for hours. Lennie knew he had to leave her alone so she could grieve.

Before bedtime, Belise went to find Haley. "Please don't be so sad, hes with your family now. I know it hurts now, but you will find a way to cope. When we lost our little boy, it felt like our world was empty, I promise it will get better." she told her. Haley ran into Belise's arms holding her tight.

"I finally managed to calm her down, shes taking a nap." Belise told Samuel. He swooped her up, "It will be alright, we all have some adjusting to do, but in the end it will all work out." he told her.

"But what about this baby?" she asked. "I will love it no matter what. I'm the father of this child and nothing will ever change that. I love you to much, Belise. You are my world and this baby will share it with us." he told her.


  1. Great Post as always ♥
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  2. I really enjoyed it, Jamee but I did not expect Jordan to die!

  3. Nooo! I didn't want to see Jorden die. :0 What if it's his baby, then it'll grow up without knowing his/her real father. :'(

    ~Dawn Turner aka Hailey

  4. I just got caught up with this story and I love it!!!