Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Castaway, Chapter Twenty Six - Lola's first birthday

Lola was a very happy baby, she hardly ever cried and was always smiling. "Oh how I hope your Samuals." she whispered to Lola.

Samual would help get up in the middle of the night and help with feeding Lola.

He loved being a father again, he loved how Lola filled his heart with such joy. He loved Lola and would do anything for her.

Samual helped Belise with doing things around the hut. He would tote little Lola around every where he went.

Belise was so happy, she felt like her family was complete again. Everything seemed to be falling back into place.

Lennie and Haley went down to the kitchen to wait for Samual and Belise to bring down Lola for her first birthday.

Belise prepared a little cake for Lola while Samula held her down to the cake to get a little taste.

 When Lola aged up, Samual took one look at Lola and seen she had his eyes. "Shes really mine! he shouted with delight. "She looks a lot like you, Belise but shes mine." he told Belise as he cuddled Lola.

Samual tickled Lola till she laughed. He adored her since the time she was born but knowing she was his made the world to him.

Belise snuggled Lola with a big releaf that had been weighing on her from the time she found out she was pregnant.

"Belise, she looks just like you, just beautiful as the sun ever was." he told her.

"She took the best things about you, Samual. She got your eyes." Belise told Samual.

Lola crawled over to Lennie that was building a castle. She sat on her butt and began to play in the sand with him. "You can help me build." he told her.

Haley came and sat down close to Lennie and Lola that was building a castle.

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