Thursday, November 3, 2011

Castaway Belies Clings To Samual For Safty - Chapter Twenty Two

Belise's heart was racing with fear, after facing Jordon. All she could do was run and find Samuel to feel safe. She ran into the hut to find that no one was in the kitchen, so she ran up the steps.

She found Samuel upstairs in their bedroom. She fell into his loving embrace, wrapping her arms around him trying not to alarm him of her ordeal. He pulled her close and kissed her. "Hold me." she whispered to him. "Everything ok?" he asked. "Yes, just missed you." she whispered.

Jordon sat down by the fire trying to figure out what to do. He knew he had made a big mistake that he couldn't take back. He wished he had never seen them that day when they were in the field together. "Life is so unfair, I'm here all alone without someone to love me and now I have ruined a good friend with my horrible actions. I don't know how to fix this. What have I done?" he thought to himself as he put his hands up to his face to conceal his tears.

Late that night, things were just as they were every night. Belise cuddled up to Samuel to sleep, but just a little bit tighter. He didn't even notice she wasn't even asleep. She laid there wondering what to do. If she told Samuel what Jordon had done, she knew Samuel would hurt Jordon. She hated Jordon for what he did, but Belise didn't want any harm to come to him.

The next morning, Samuel was about ready to kiss Belise goodbye before he headed out to catch some fish, when she proposed that she go with him for fun. "I can help, I would really like to spend the day with you." she told him. "I would really like that, but what about the kids?" he asked. "They will be fine, they are playing and they already have their studies for the day." she replied.  

Jordon tried to avoid both Belise and Samuel that morning. He stood in the kitchen staring out watching Belise and Samuel talking. He couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about. His heart began to pound waiting for Samuel to get angry. He wasn't sure if Belise was telling him of his betrayal. After a few moments, he realized that Belise hadn't told him yet. He watched them head off walking together.

Belise was a little more at ease knowing she was away from Jordon and was safe with Samuel. She began to relax a little and tried to enjoy the day.

Samuel sat down to take a break when Belise took him by surprise wrapping her arms around him, almost choking him. "I love you, your my world." she told him. "You are my everything too, lighten your grip." he replied with a smile on his face. "Sorry." she giggled.

When they came back, Haley was sitting on the beach making another sand sculpture. She seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Lennie was playing with his pet turtle in the hut. He had just finished with his studies, and decided to play with his little friend.

Belise was the last to finish her dinner, forcing herself to eat. She was so sick to her stomach, that it was taking everything in her not to throw up. Her hands were clammy and trembling. The kids finished in a hurry and headed outside to play. Samuel got up to start to help Belise clean up. Jordon meet Belise's eyes, and he could see the hurt in them. 

He left the hut in a hurry and poured him a bath to try to relax. All he could do was sit and ponder on how to make it right.

Belise headed out to spend some time with the kids. They really enjoyed playing games with them. She paused for a moment, knowing that Jordon was behind her. She could almost feel his eyes on her. She knew she had to keep calm, she walked over to where the kids were playing.

Lennie and Haley were playing with a sand castle that they built earlier.

Jordon finally walked over to Belise away from where the kids could hear him. "Please forgive me. I know I was in the wrong, I wish it never happened. I know I have lost a friend and that you will never trust me again. I will never hurt you again." he pleaded.

Belise was now angry. "Yes you have lost a friend! I will never trust you! I want you to stay away from me other than when Samuel is around. I will pretend everything is ok, for your sake. If he ever finds out about what you did, he will kill you." she told him. 

Samuel was standing watching the kids playing, noticed that Belise seemed upset with Jordon.

When Samuel walked up to them, they didn't seem to be fighting after all. He figured it just looked strange from a distance. "They must have been playing around." he thought. "What are you too up too?" he joked to Jordon. "The usual." Jordon joked back. 

They all got together and played some hopscotch. Belise got beat by Lennie, making his day. It seemed like a perfect end to the day.

They sent the kids to get ready for bed. "I really enjoyed you coming with me today." Samuel told Belise.

They sat on the beach for a long time talking. "Life couldn't get any better." Samuel said. Belise said nothing, if only he knew how her life was turned upside down and shredded into pieces. She wanted to tell him everything, but she feared he would look at her with disgust for betrayal to him, and Jordon could meet a worse fate. So she pretended to agree with him.

They stared at the stars sitting on the beach, with Samuel whispering sweet nothings into her ear, making her giggle.

Belise grabbed Samuel, kissing him. "What was that all about?" Samuel asked a little shocked by how Belise was acting a little strange. "I just wanted to kiss you to let you know how much I really enjoyed you letting me come with you today." she replied.

He swept her off her feet and carry her to bed with him.

Samuel looked at Belise sensing something was wrong. "Are you sure you are alright? Samuel asked now getting concerned. "I feel like you are stressed out." he told her. "I'm fine, I guess I have been working to hard and the heat may be getting to me." she replied.