Sunday, November 27, 2011

Medieval, The Change - Chapter Seventy Five

Warning has some adult content!
Amelia cuddled up to James to go to sleep. James feeling her cool skin against his made him shiver.

He laid there as long as he could until he felt so cold he decided to get up for a bit. Amelia was fast asleep and didn't even notice that he had got up out of bed.

James got dressed and headed to the kitchen for something to drink. James sat a long time alone in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do. He hated being what he was, and how it felt to be cursed. He wanted the curse more than being human.

So he decided to do some research from the journal of the wizard that had cured and cursed. He read page after page and finally came across how he turned them. A single bit with the transfer of venom, not as to drink but in defense. They had to drink from the neck not the wrist.

Later that day James found Amelia up and ready for the day. "Amelia, my love, I was doing some interesting reading today and wanted to try something?" he told her with excitement on his face.

"I want to be changed back." he began. "No! Your mom will kill me if I did that. I don't think its a wise idea to do it." she replied.

James took off leaving Amelia standing in the hall. She followed him back to the bedroom where she found him in the floor distraught.

"Please don't make me do this. She already hates me." she asked. "I want us like we were. I miss holding you and making love to you like we did before. I don't want to live like this. This is not who I am." he told her.

James pulled himself off the floor and began to tell her what he learned. "I found the wizards book. He tested it with your mom, dad and sister. I know how he did it. It worked. All you have to do is bite me on the neck and release the venom from your teeth." he explained.

"But what if it doesn't work, I cant live without you." she told him. "I'm willing to do what ever it takes?" he replied.

"Please let me think about it." she asked. James now excited with the hopes that she would turn him, pulled her close and embraced her with a kiss.

"I will change you back. Its the way you were born, like me. I think its only natural to be that way again." she told him. "You would do this for me?" he asked. "I would do anything for you." she replied. "Our love has been tested from the beginning, it seems like it will always be like this. I don't care what my mother thinks, I told you that I would take you and the kids and leave this place to be with you." he told her.

"If you want this, I will do this for you. I miss you like you were. Tell me what to do." Amelia said to James.  
"Ok bite me on the neck and release your venom." he instructed as he leaned over to Amelia preparing for the bite. Amelia tried to bite him with as little pain as possible. She could feel her teeth pierce his skin making him flinch a bit.

She pulled back to see James grabbed his stomach and look down at his hands. He felt his blood begin to boil with a sudden sharp pain that riped through his body. It didn't last very long.

James stood up and she could see her James like before. His skin was pale like hers and he was smiling at her. She looked at his eyes and they were different. "Your eyes, they are not blood red in color like before. You have a pretty blue eyes now." she told him.

James pulled her close, "Thank you for this. I know how hard of a decision this was for you." I have missed your touch like this." he told her.

James pulled Amelia onto the bed removing her clothes pulling her on top of him. "Is this to soon?" she asked. "Not soon enough, I have missed your touch. Your no longer cold to me." he replied kissing her.

He made passionate love to her. It was like how they were the very first time they were together on their wedding night.

The day was quickly approaching when James and Amelia fell asleep in each others arms. It was the best sleep he had with her since he was changed.

Hours had passed when James jumped off the bed falling to the floor. He put his hands up to his head and began to cry out in pain.

Amelia jumped off the bed and raced over to the side of the bed where James was now on the floor. "James! Whats wrong?" Amelia asked. She seen the agonizing pain all over his face. 

"My head is burning, I'm hurting all over." he replied trying to keep from screaming out in pain.

As Amelia got closer, "James?" she called out. James fell over toward Amelia. She managed to catch him into her arms before he hit the floor.

He wasn't moving or breathing. It was like the life drained out of him. Amelia pulled him up into her arms close to see his face. "James, please snap out of this. Don't leave me." she begged with desperation.

Amelia darted out of the room down the hall to find some help.

She ran into Sir Thomas in the hall that was already on his way to find out what all the screaming was about. "Go fetch the doctor, James has fallen ill. Hurry!" she told him.

Sir Thomas headed to find the doctor while Amelia headed back to the room. She managed to get him onto the bed, sitting by his side while waiting for the doctor to arrive to see what was wrong with him. "I made a terrible mistake." she thought to herself while she watched for any signs of life from James.


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  2. WOW! Like OMG!! What is really going on here, I hope he does not die they are such a loving couple...and what will his mother have to say and what will she do to Amelia... Oh goodness this one was good I didn't expect this for some reason I thought that she would end up taking the potion to be cured along with him...can't wait for the next chapter...Great One!

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