Friday, December 9, 2011

Dream Realm, Chapter Three - Jessica's Dreams

That night after the meeting was held, Lars was given a photo of the female that he was to seek out. She was beautiful, but so different than him. He already felt sorry for what he had to do to her and Lisa.

Trying to ease his mind, he climbed into bed to try to get some rest. They had to find the females and work their way into their homes without being caught.

After landing, Lars teleported to a part of the forest that was near her home. He had to stay out of sight. No one could know that he existed.

He looked around to get familiar with his surroundings. "This is not so much different than our world," he thought.

Using a tracking device he made his way carefully through the woods until he came out close to a house.

Lars waited till he could make sure that this was her house. He hid outside waiting to see her.

It wasn't long before he saw her through the window. She was washing her hands and appeared to be alone.

He waited till she got sleepy. He made his way carefully through the house checking each room to make sure no one else was around.

When he came to her room, she was laying on the bed sound asleep. He climbed on the bed to get closer to her. He had to make sure she didn't know that he was hovering over her. He concentrated digging into her thoughts and dreams. He put her into a deeper sleep.

He sat beside her watching her sleep, he was getting visions of her past and her present life. He had to get comfortable with her that way he could make sure the dreams that he planted would work.

As she slept, she started seeing visions of a strange man she had never meet before. He was handsome, but strange.

When she woke up, she went over her dream that seemed to be so real to her. She wondered who or where she had seen the man in her dreams. Her dreams had her puzzled, she didn't know what to make of them, or what they even meant.

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