Friday, January 20, 2012

Dream Realm, Chapter Eight - The Pregnancy

She watched her favorite show on tv. Nick had been gone for what seemed like a eternity, even though it only had been a month. 

Jessica started to be more tired than usual, soon after work she would take naps and still felt tired when she would get up. Feeling like she was coming down with the flu she just shrugged it off.

Then it happened. Running to the bathroom she barely made it before she threw up everything she had ate for breakfast.

Standing up from being sick she was just hit with a idea. "No is it, wait, can it be?" she kept running thoughts through her head.

Just to make sure that her suspicions were right she headed to the drug store for a pregnancy test.

She stood there watching the pregnancy stick for the results. Slowly the line appeared. "I'm pregnant! This is wonderful." she thought rubbing her belly. Nick is going to be so happy when he comes back.

Jessica was so excited that she went out and bought stuff for the nursery. She was so excited to be expecting a baby.

She spent the whole day in the nursery getting it set up. She put the cradle together and the toy box.

"I can't believe this, there is going to be a little baby sleeping in this cradle." she squealed with joy.

Christmas was soon approaching and it was time to get set for the holidays. She put up the tree and got some of her presents wrapped. She turned on the lights and stepped back to look at the view.

"It's just perfect. I wonder if Nick celebrates Christmas like we do." she thought, now missing him dearly.

The cravings were hitting her fast and she found herself downing a hot dog faster than she normally would. "Whats got into me, I better slow down before I choke." she giggled at herself.

It had only been a month and Jessica noticed that she was showing a lot earlier than she had expected.

Nick came back to find Jessica really excited to see him. She ran over to embrace him.

"I've missed you. Why have you been gone so long?" she said. "I had to do some business back home on my planet. I tried to get back as soon as possible," he replied.

"I got some good news, I'm Pregnant!" she told Nick. Nick was so excited he bent down to rub her belly. "I can't believe its happening, I'm going to be a daddy," he told Jessica as he continued to rub her belly in amazement. "Should I be this big already? I just found out that I was expecting last month, and now I'm showing a lot." she asked Nick. "Yes our pregnancy's are fast. The baby's grow fast and you will only be pregnant for a little longer," he explained to her.

Nick put his ear to her belly. "The baby is happy, shes doing good." he told Jessica. "What... you know its a girl, how?" she was now really amazed. "I can read thoughts and dreams, remember?" he snickered at her. "Oh yeah that's right." she replied now feeling a case of pregnancy brain.

"I'll have to make plans for the delivery. I will only be gone a few days, I promise." he told her. 

Nick now back on his home planet found Lisa. "I need to talk to you. I have a mission for you," he told her.

"You and your missions, I have had enough of them, you have destroyed mine and Lars relationship and now your wanting me to help you?" she screamed at him. "No its not my mission, it your job, your specialty, you have to deliver these babies. And one is to be born soon." he explained. "I guess I have no choice do I?" she huffed back at Nick.

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