Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dream Realm, Chapter Six - Stranger In My House

Jessica was sound asleep when she herd a strange noise in her room. As her eyes shot open she saw that her bedroom light was on and someone was standing by her bed. She screamed out in shock while jumping to her feet.

Nick was in shock, he forgot to put her into a deep sleep. His cover was blown and now he was faced with not only her seeing him but what to do about the whole situation with her awake and screaming. "Who or what are you?" she screamed. 

Nick didn't know what to do but to run. He would have to figure it out later. He ran out the door leaving Jessica standing there in shock.

She had to find out if what she had seen wasn't just in her mind. She herd the door open and knew that it wasn't a dream this time and that someone was in her house. She ran as fast as she could through her kitchen to get outside.

Jessica made it out onto the porch just in time to catch Nick before he disappeared. "Stop! Wait!" she shouted after him. Nick stopped right before he leaped off the porch. He couldn't resist but to stop. His curiosity was getting the best of him on why she would chase him down instead of running in fear.

Nick went down to his knees and hung his head down trying to shield his face. Jessica dropped to her knees and crawled over not to get to close to him but close enough to get a good look at him. She knew he had a greenish color to his skin, "Could this be a alien?" she kept asking herself.

"Its alright, I won't hurt you," Nick finally managed to get out. Jessica rose to her feet and backed up propping herself against the table on the porch. "Wait, I have seen you before, but in my dreams, how is this possible?" she asked. Nick sat up and decided he was going to try to fix the situation that he created. To his surprise she was intrigued by him, he noticed how pretty she was now that she was awake.

Nick rose to his feet and began to try to explain without scaring her. But to his surprise she didn't seem scared at all. "My name is Nick, I guess you already know that I'm not from here," he began to explain. "Are you a alien and why were you in my bedroom while I was sleeping? Jessica asked Nick. "Yes I am, but I can't tell you just yet why I'm here. I mean you no harm" he replied. 

 "My planet is dying, our race will end if we do not do something about it. There are a select few that were selected to come here in a attempt to try to find a solution." he explained. "So what do you have to do exactly and what dose that have to do with me?" she asked. "That's all I can tell you right now. You were never suppose to know I even existed." he replied.

That wasn't a good enough answer for Jessica as she followed him down the steps. He sat down and thought about how he could explain to her without seeming like a monster."Well that still doesn't explain why you were in my house in my bedroom." she now was a bit more frustrated standing there with her arms crossed waiting for a answer. "Lets go in and you can tell me all about it over something to eat," she demanded Nick. He knew she wasn't going to take no for a answer so he followed her into the house.

"Have a seat while I make us something to eat, I have been studying to be a chief," she told Nick. He sat down at the table and watched as she gathered things from the fridge and the cabinets. She was chopping away like nothing strange had even happened.

She brought over two plates of steaming food. "I think you will like this, at least I hope you will. I'm not quite sure what you eat on your planet," she told him. "I guess its about normal like here. I think we actually have something similar to this, but this, I got to admit is amazing. You can really cook," Nick told Jessica.

"I must go for now, can I come back tonight after you have had some sleep?" he asked Jessica. "Yes as long as you don't break in again, I would love to hear more about your planet and a explanation to why you are here," she said with a grin on her face. "I will explain it all to you when I come back," he replied.