Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Funeral - Chapter Seventy Seven

The following night everyone gathered out in the royal graveyard to pay their last respects to James before they buried him. His mother placed several red roses on her sons coffin as she sobbed in Williams arms. Everyone was quiet except for the sobs and cries that could be herd from everyone.

William held himself together while Kristen was falling apart. She was so grief stricken he feared that she would not recover from the death of her only son.

It was a really sad site for all that came. Even the guards were there to pay their respects to him. The beloved prince was gone and the fate of the kingdom rested in a little boy now if anything should happen to Kristen.

Amelia sobbed in her Lady, and best friends arms, Molly. She wept silently so her kids wouldn't see or hear her cry. She knew she had to be strong for them.

Arthur cried silent, but Annabell was a mess. She cried and sobbed so loud it was so pitiful to hear. Everyone knew that Annabell was a daddy's girl and now she would not only feel like a part of her was gone, she would have to also face the world without him.

Willow looked up to her mom, "This is so sad, I feel terrible for Arthur and Annabell," she whispered to her mom. "I know, its a tragedy and he will be missed by everyone," she replied to Willow.

Before the priest could finish his words, Kristen was collapsing to her knees. William helped her into the castle to lay down for a bit to try to recover her strength.
After the service was done, everyone meet into the castle. "I know this is a difficult time for you, your family and staff. I will take Willow with me for now until this blows over. I'll keep in touch with you to discuss Willow at a later date," she told Amelia. "I think that would be best right now, I have to get all of James affairs out of the way and find out what is to become of mine and the kids future," she replied.

Arthur hugged Willow tight, "I don't want you to go. Your my best friend," he sobbed. "I think my mom will bring me to see you, and you know you will always be my best friend," she replied.

Arthur was escorted out with his grandparents to say goodbye Willow and her family as they left to go home to their country.

 He stood there with such sadness overwhelming him all over again. He was now loosing another piece of his heart.

Kristen assembled with one of her guards. "I want three of your best guards to meet me in the my personal throne room. Have one of your men to ask Amelia for an audience," she instructed one of them.

One of Kristen's Lady's brought Arthur to Kristen after she had requested to see him. "You look so tired. Why don't you rest for a bit in your fathers old bedroom. I think it will do you some good," Kristen told Arthur.

Arthur hadn't slept for days and was really tired. He flopped on the bed and was sound asleep in a matter of minutes.

One of the Queens Lady's took Amelia to another bedroom in the castle. "You have had a long day, get you some rest," she told Annabell. "But what about my family?" she asked. "Your brother and mother are in diffrent rooms resting. This was also one of your fathers rooms. He use to sleep in here sometimes. Please rest princess," she requested for Annabell to do.

She did as she was told. She climbed up and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was out. She didn't realize how exhausted she was and how the approaching sun was.

Kristen then headed down to the throne room to meet up with the guards. "Did you tell her to meet me here?" she asked. "Yes your Majesty, shes on her way," he replied.

Amelia entered the throne room, her heart racing, and all alone like Kristen had asked her to do.

"Your highness," Amelia bowed before Kristen in a curtsy. Amelia could see that Kristen really despised her and she feared that she was in deep trouble.

"Rise," Kristen ordered Amelia. When Amelia stood up she was knocked backwards with a hard smack to the face by Kristen.

Amelia grabbed her face as it began to sting.

"You don't have my son here to protect you anymore. Thanks to you, I no longer have a son. It's all your fault, you will suffer for the pain I feel," she screamed at Amelia.

"Please, your Majesty. Please spare my life, and the life of your grandchildren. If something happens to me, The kids will suffer with the loss of both parents," she begged on her knees. "Do you think for one minute that I care about you and your cursed daughter. She was not a grandchild to me, but a abomination. You and your daughter's fate will come soon enough, but for my grandson, Arthur he will be raised by me, you will never see him again," she scolded Amelia.

"You can't! You wouldn't do that to your own family. No, Please! Don't take my kids away from me," Amelia begged as she struggled to get loose from one of Kristen's guards that was now taking her hostage.

 "I can and will do what I want now, you pathetic girl. Take her to the dungeon," she ordered her guards. "No one can save you now," Kristen began to laugh as Amelia was dragged out screaming.


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