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Life In the Balance - Chapter Eight Two

Amelia stood thinking that her son had just had a birthday that she missed. She thought about what he looked like now that he was a young man. She knew he looked a lot like his father before he aged up only to imagine that he was more like him now. How she longed to just see him if only for a brief moment. 

Annabell was a beautiful young women that made her think of herself when she was young. She got to experience things that she was not allowed to do at her age. The horrible things that she experienced she had tried to erase out of her mind, the dungeon and banishment.

Annabell walked into find her brother awake, giggling at her from his basket. Amelia named him Jamie, close to his fathers name. She could see a lot of her dad in his tiny little features on his face. He was a miracle baby in her moms eyes, not realizing that at the time she was pregnant. But even with his birth she still had the empty hole that remained from Arthur being ripped from her.
Annabell adored her little brother, she helped Amelia a lot with him. He was a really good baby only crying when hungry. Annabell felt close to her little brother knowing that he was just like her. Their skin the same, their eyes a golden brown like their mother. 

Amelia was enjoying the simple life away from being escorted by lady's to having nurses to care for her babies. She got to enjoy stuff she had never got to do with Arthur and Annabell. 

Amelia tucked Jamie into his basket seeing he was tired. She was getting ready to tell Annabell what she was needing her to gather when she went out.

At night when everyone was slumbering in their beds at night, Annabell would head to the woods to gather fruits and vegetables, she even did some hunting to help put food on the table. She came across a strange looking fruit or vegetable, not really knowing what it was. She had never seen it before and could resist not picking it. "I  will check it out later," she thought as she placed it in her bag.

She always enjoyed the night time, she had time to think. It was pleasant, the cool air with only the insects chirps to fill the air.

As Annabell had just finished picking the last apple she herd a noise behind her. She stood frozen knowing someone was looking right at her. She didn't want to turn around fearing that she had been discovered. She didn't fear for her life, knowing she could take down anybody that stood in threat against her, but she also knew she would never hurt anyone unless they were trying to harm her.

"What do you want?' she asked not even turning around to see who stood silently behind her. Then a voice broke the silence, "I have noticed that for many nights you have come here, I know what you are and you need not fear me," he told her.

Annabell turned to see a young handsome man standing before her. His eyes deep green and his smile could melt anyone. But she knew not to trust his looks, he still could be lying to her. She was not sure what his intentions were but she was willing to listen, as she kept her guard up.

He stared into her golden eyes as her skin glowed in the moonlight. Her beauty was breathtaking. He had only seen her from a distance, with curious eyes. He knew he could help her. He knew her past and what had happened to her family, truly a really sad story for anyone to hear.  

"We all have herd the stories and seen what you and your family have been through, I know you are really bitter from it all and that the queen, your grandmother is an evil person that I along with others would love to see fall to demise. "What dose that have to do with me?" Annabell asked now curious where he was going with this.

"I think with my help we can make that a reality, reuniting you with your family and restoring you to your rightful place. "I could never do harm to someone," she said. "If you just think on all the things that she has done to your mother, your father you and your brother, it should give you the strength to do what is necessary," he told her. "Meet me here tomorrow night if you want me to help you, I'll wait here for you," he told her.

The next night she went to the same spot they had meet and he lead her to his house hidden in the woods where no one would think to look. He wanted to show her a bit of what he had learned over the years. He kept this secret from everyone in fear that the higher courts would try to use him for his knowledge. He stood before a big pot made of metal, with a fire the burned from below. He added several things form his shelves and began to pore them into the pot. A pretty pink mist rose from the pot as he swirled it with his hands. Taking a deep breath in he scooped up the potion and placed it into a bottle. "This will give you energy next time you get tired," he told her as he handed the tiny bottle to her.

Next they sat down at a table that had a large glass globe that was situated in a metal stand. He picked it up and began to mutter a few words that she didn't understand. Annabell watched in amazement as the glass ball began to glow. "I can see some images of you in the future, "he added. "You will do great things," he started as Annabell let out a gasp of amazement.

He lead her back downstairs to a wooden stand that held a big book that looked old and tethered. He opened it and began to scroll through the pages.

Annabell walked over and peered over his shoulder to see what he was reading. "Its really simple, but you have to make sure you do them right or it could backfire on you. "I'll teach you some things that will help you, I can make you very powerful if you want to learn," he told her.

"I would love to learn," she said with excitement as he stood aside to let her look at the books words close up. "Just don't recite them out loud until I teach you what they mean," he made sure to instruct her.

She grabbed her bag and pulled out the strange fruit that she had found in the woods the night before. "Do you recognize this fruit." she asked as she handed him the red almost glowing fruit. "No I've not seen this type of fruit before but we could look through my spell book and see if it says anything about it. Lets also check to see if we can find a way to allow you to walk in the sunlight."

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Vampire Teeth Collection

Vampire Teeth Collection

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Arthur's New Found Freedom - Chapter Eighty One

Arthur was granted to take rides on his horse with a little more freedom to ride into the close town markets. He took this chance to try to find his family, knowing it was most likely a loss for them to be close by. If Kristen or anyone was to figure out what he was doing they would lock him away in the castle and never let him roam freely again.

He casually road through the towns streets realizing that no one was really paying him any mind. He scanned the people as he rode by, there was no sight of his mother or his sister.

After getting a feel for freedom he always wanted to take up hunting like his father use to do. Arthur armed with his bow roamed through the woods for a little practice.

A rabbit stood several yards away unaware of his presents. Arthur took aim and let the arrow fly. Cutting through some brush it missed the rabbit and stuck into the tree above the where the rabbit stood. "Better luck next time," he thought to himself.
It felt nice to get away from it all, "If only I could just keep on riding and never return, that would be so nice," he thought to himself as he put his horse into the wind to head back to the castle.

Arthur returned to the castle, and as he dismounted his horse he seen Willow standing there grinning at him. Arthur walked over to her and seen how she had grown into such a beautiful young lady. "I thought I would pay you a visit, my parents are here on some official business," she told him.

"So what have you been up to?" he asked as he casually leaned on the fence post. "Nothing much but lessons as usual," she replied.

"So any prospects of any marriage proposals from all those handsome princes?" he giggled. "Oh stop, I don't want to get married any time soon. I would like to keep my freedom as long as I can before some prince has my every move planned," she added. "Well I don't want to marry anytime soon either, I know my grandmother isn't going to waste much time before she starts making arraignments to marry me off," he said.

"Do you want to take a ride with me, I have a horse that I think you would like. I know this little spot that we can have lunch, just the two of us," he told her as he went in the castle and headed out with a sack. He placed it in the horses saddle bags and then brought the horses out. They both mounted and headed out.

Arthur dismounted his horse and helped Willow off hers. He held out his hand to help Willow across the bridge. "This is beautiful place," she said as she smiled at him.

Willow took his hand and made a slight curtsy. "Well aren't you the gentleman," she joked at him. "Well I do try my lady," he laughed.

He laid out a blanket and unpacked the stuff from the sack. It was a nice little lunch. Arthur caught Willow up on all the local gossip, and she filled him in on what had happened in hers.

"I can't tell you how much I have missed you," he told Willow. She smiled at Arthur, "Yes I have missed you too. I have hated that we are no longer at your old castle," she replied. The sun was starting to set over the mountain tops creating a beautiful pink and blue sky. "I better get you back before they send a search party out for both of us," he told her as he started to pack up the stuff.

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Prince Arthur's New Life - Chapter Eighty

Things were quiet around court since the death of Prince James and the banishment of Amelia and her daughter. Many were worried that Kristen's wrath would continue and didn't want to be in the wake of it.

Lady Molly couldn't get Arthur to come out of his room much, he didn't want to play or even eat. "You can't do this much longer Arthur, your going to make yourself sick," she told Arthur when she walked over to his bed to find him with his knees drawn up to his chest.

Arthur jumped up to run into Lady Molly's arms. "I miss them so much, why are they punishing me like this?" he asked.

Lady Molly put her arms around Arthur as he sobbed. "They are not punishing you, they are protecting you from harm, it will get better. I'll always be here for you," she reassured him.

Arthur decided to take Lady Molly's advice and took a walk out in the court yard. He noticed the royal graveyard and decided to go visit his fathers grave.

His body had been moved down into a crypt made of stone with big statues that surrounded his coffin. As he went down the cold steps he came into a dark room only lit with two torches.

He walked over to the wooden coffin that held his father. Trying to fight back the tears that wanted to pore from his eyes, he contained his emotions and covered his face with his hands.

"Why did you have to leave us, shes so mean to make my mommy and sister leave, keeping me here as a prisoner. I want to run away but I fear I would not get far. I want to be a good boy and make them proud of me, but fear I will just disappoint them. What should I do?" he asked the silent wooden box that had no answers for him.

William knew where to find Arthur. He walked down to find his grandson standing over by his fathers tomb. He placed his hands on his shoulders. "It's painful right now, but it will pass. We always loose people we love, it's part of life, its not fair, but it happens. We just have to accept it and move on," he tried to reassure him.

"I just want to be with my mommy and my sister again. Can I see them soon?" he asked. "I'm afraid that will be impossible. You know that they were sent away for treason that normally would be punished with death. I know they are innocent of the crimes that they are accused of. I know where ever they are, they are safe. They love you and one day you will see them again," he told Arthur.

Kristen found William and seemed really excited. "It's Arthur's birthday in a few days. Lets plan a party for him. I'm sure it will cheer him up a bit. Oh and invite Princess Willow and her family, I know that he will like that," she told William. "Oh that will be great, I think that's what he needs right now," he replied.

Kristen wanted to tell Arthur herself that she had planned a big celebration for him in honor of his birthday that was to be held next week. Arthur was not in the mood for a party but put a smile on his face to please his grandmother.

The next day he herd a familiar voice as he turned there stood Princess Willow, his best friend in the whole world. He ran over to her almost knocking her down. "I have missed you so much," he told her. "I have missed you too, your grandmother invited me and my family to attend your birthday party." she told him.

It was the day of the party and many of the guest were arriving. Willow and Arthur watched as each guest arrived. "It's just a birthday party, why so many people?" he asked in confusion to why he should be so special. "You are the Prince, they have big party's for Prince's and Princess's, silly," she giggled at him.

Everyone gathered in the banquet hall around Arthur who was the center of attention. He stared at the cake that was made for him. "Make a wish," Kristen said with excitement. 

He stared for a moment, and made a wish. It was a silent one but he hoped that one day it would come true.

After the party when all the guest had left, Arthur wanted to spend some time alone, with permission he was granted a ride alone. He walked over to the stables to find a old friend. It was his fathers personal and favorite horse. Kristen had kept it just for Arthur when he was old enough to ride him.

Arthur mounted the horse and took the rains into his hands. "Its good to see you again," Arthur told the horse. It stood waiting for his commands as if he had known Arthur like his father once did. "Now lets ride into the night," he commanded the horse.