Sunday, April 8, 2012

Prince Arthur's New Life - Chapter Eighty

Things were quiet around court since the death of Prince James and the banishment of Amelia and her daughter. Many were worried that Kristen's wrath would continue and didn't want to be in the wake of it.

Lady Molly couldn't get Arthur to come out of his room much, he didn't want to play or even eat. "You can't do this much longer Arthur, your going to make yourself sick," she told Arthur when she walked over to his bed to find him with his knees drawn up to his chest.

Arthur jumped up to run into Lady Molly's arms. "I miss them so much, why are they punishing me like this?" he asked.

Lady Molly put her arms around Arthur as he sobbed. "They are not punishing you, they are protecting you from harm, it will get better. I'll always be here for you," she reassured him.

Arthur decided to take Lady Molly's advice and took a walk out in the court yard. He noticed the royal graveyard and decided to go visit his fathers grave.

His body had been moved down into a crypt made of stone with big statues that surrounded his coffin. As he went down the cold steps he came into a dark room only lit with two torches.

He walked over to the wooden coffin that held his father. Trying to fight back the tears that wanted to pore from his eyes, he contained his emotions and covered his face with his hands.

"Why did you have to leave us, shes so mean to make my mommy and sister leave, keeping me here as a prisoner. I want to run away but I fear I would not get far. I want to be a good boy and make them proud of me, but fear I will just disappoint them. What should I do?" he asked the silent wooden box that had no answers for him.

William knew where to find Arthur. He walked down to find his grandson standing over by his fathers tomb. He placed his hands on his shoulders. "It's painful right now, but it will pass. We always loose people we love, it's part of life, its not fair, but it happens. We just have to accept it and move on," he tried to reassure him.

"I just want to be with my mommy and my sister again. Can I see them soon?" he asked. "I'm afraid that will be impossible. You know that they were sent away for treason that normally would be punished with death. I know they are innocent of the crimes that they are accused of. I know where ever they are, they are safe. They love you and one day you will see them again," he told Arthur.

Kristen found William and seemed really excited. "It's Arthur's birthday in a few days. Lets plan a party for him. I'm sure it will cheer him up a bit. Oh and invite Princess Willow and her family, I know that he will like that," she told William. "Oh that will be great, I think that's what he needs right now," he replied.

Kristen wanted to tell Arthur herself that she had planned a big celebration for him in honor of his birthday that was to be held next week. Arthur was not in the mood for a party but put a smile on his face to please his grandmother.

The next day he herd a familiar voice as he turned there stood Princess Willow, his best friend in the whole world. He ran over to her almost knocking her down. "I have missed you so much," he told her. "I have missed you too, your grandmother invited me and my family to attend your birthday party." she told him.

It was the day of the party and many of the guest were arriving. Willow and Arthur watched as each guest arrived. "It's just a birthday party, why so many people?" he asked in confusion to why he should be so special. "You are the Prince, they have big party's for Prince's and Princess's, silly," she giggled at him.

Everyone gathered in the banquet hall around Arthur who was the center of attention. He stared at the cake that was made for him. "Make a wish," Kristen said with excitement. 

He stared for a moment, and made a wish. It was a silent one but he hoped that one day it would come true.

After the party when all the guest had left, Arthur wanted to spend some time alone, with permission he was granted a ride alone. He walked over to the stables to find a old friend. It was his fathers personal and favorite horse. Kristen had kept it just for Arthur when he was old enough to ride him.

Arthur mounted the horse and took the rains into his hands. "Its good to see you again," Arthur told the horse. It stood waiting for his commands as if he had known Arthur like his father once did. "Now lets ride into the night," he commanded the horse.

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  1. My heart breaks for poor Arthur but I'm glad that Willow is there to make him happy.