Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nolan And Annabell's Surprise - Chapter Eighty Eight

Sitting with his back resting against a rock under a shade tree, Nolan sat with Annabell napping on his lap. Annabell had been enjoying the sun but with her sleep habits she got tired and decided instead of going home she would take a nap. Nolan was amazed how lucky they were to find a simple solution to allow her to live a semi normal life. As she slept, Nolan watched her, memorized by her porcelain skin, he moved a curl from around her face as the other brown curls fell down her back. Drawn to her in a way he had never felt with anyone else, he found that he longed to be with her every moment of the day. His feelings were growing for her every time he was around her, that he wondered how she must feel about him.

Annabell awoke from her nap to find Nolan by her side. "I didn't mean to fall asleep, I'm so use to being asleep during the day and awake at night," she told Nolan with a sad look. "I don't mind at all, do not apologize, you will get use to it. I don't mind watching you sleep," he replied.

Annabell was taken by Nolan's smile, causing butterflies to rise in her stomach. She tried to look away but was drawn into his green eyes that captivated her, drawing her in like a trans. For the first time Annabell found herself wanting Nolan, like she had never dreamed of. Her golden eyes meet his with the intensity that almost knocked him down. He looked away to regain his thoughts, "I will be doing some more searching today, as you gather some of the supplies that your family needs, I will meet you back here in a few hours," he told her trying to not to look into her eyes.

When he left, he followed a stream, heading deeper into the forest. Thinking of where he would hide if he was not wanting to be found. He followed his instincts that lead him further into the depths of the forest.

Walking for what seemed like an eternity, he came upon a small stone house. It had only two windows and a wooden door. Stared at the exterior of the house he noticed it wasn't that old. It had been constructed within the past few years. Carefully he walked up to the house peering into the window to see if he could see anything. To his surprise he spotted something that took him off guard. He stepped away from the window very careful not to make any noises.

Hurrying back, he found Annabell waiting for him at their usual spot. "I found a small house in the woods west of here, its only a hour journey, we can get there before it gets dark. I have to show you something," he told Annabell. "What is it?" she asked with concern as she stared at Nolan. "You will have to see for yourself," he replied pulling her with him as he entered the woods again.

When they arrived back at the house, he had Annabell wait on the side of the house. He slid along the side of  the house as he peered into the window.

Annabell came along the front almost startling Nolan as she came up behind him with curiosity. "What are you doing?" he whispered to her. "I can't wait, I'm strong, I can handle myself," she replied.

Stopping at the door he noticed that it was unlocked as he slowly began to open the door. "What are we doing here?" she asked in a whisper. "You will see," he replied as he pushed the door open.

As they made their way through the tiny house they eased open a door so they didn't make any noise. Annabell stood there in the doorway shocked at what she was looking at. Quietly she made her way over to a bed that had a man with soft glowing skin that was just like hers. He was cuddled up resting peacefully. Annabell knelled by the bed staring at him almost in a daze, that her father was alive and laying right in front of her.

Nolan stood there scratching his head on what to really do. He kept thinking that if James was to awake seeing someone in his home that he could attack them, killing them both before he could realize who they were. Slowly taking a step back he stepped on a board that made a creaking sound.

Froze with fear, Nolan watched James react to the noise. He didn't jump up in attack mode as he was fearing, but slowly opened his blue eyes to look around to see what made the noise.

Sitting up fast he looked at the girl that was kneeling by his bed, and a man that stood across the room with pure fear on his face. "Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?" James demanded. "I'm your daughter, we have been looking for you ever since I saw you that one day," she replied. "I'm your father?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face. "I don't have any children, I'm not even married," he replied. "Yes you are, you are married to my mother, Amelia. You have three children, me and my twin brother Arthur, and our younger brother, Jamie," she went on to tell him.

James said nothing, with curiosity he listened to everything she was telling him. "We thought you were dead, we buried you," she said with tears filling her eyes. "You died when you took a potion to make you like my mother. You were buried in the royal cemetery," she continued. "I remember nothing, I know I have been living here for many years, alone and away from the world. I feared that if anyone was to see what I was they would hunt me down and kill me. I always wondered who I was and why I couldn't remember anything," he paused to regain his thoughts. "I woke up one day in a strange place, I didn't know who I was or where I had come from, I figured someone had tried to kill me, so I fled and hid here," he told Annabell.

"I think hes got amnesia, he has no idea who he really is, I think we should take him to your mother so she can help him regain his memories," Nolan said as he looked over at Annabell.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Walker - Chapter Eighty Seven

"Ready?" he asked Annabell. "Yep, lets make some magic," she giggled. Nolan pulled Annabell by her hand gently bringing her closer to him.

"How someone couldn't love a sweet face like that," he told Annabell as he looked at her. "Stop it, your terrible," she replied. Nolan just giggled and handed her the fruit she showed him the other day.

"Eat this, I think this may help you with your thirst, I ate one earlier, it didn't kill me," he laughed. Annabell shoved his shoulder. "I know, I'm terrible, but I think you will like the taste," he added putting it into her hand. Annabell looked at it carefully, she found her mouth watering for the fruit.

Letting her fangs pierce the fruits skin, she found that it filled her mouth with a delightful taste. "Blood! what!" she pulled it away from her mouth. "This can't possibly taste like blood and be so good." She took another bite filling her thirst being satisfied with a fruit. Energy ran through her veins as she finished eating it.

"Lets get started, today I put together a potion that will allow you to teleaport through the air so you will not be detected by any of the guards. This will allow you to get into the castle without being scene," he told Annebell as he handed her variouse things to put into the pot. Annabell stired each ingredient into the pot as it began to boil.

After a few minutes a pink cloud of smoke rose from the pot.

Nolan diped out a tiny vial of it and handed it to annabell. Say this spell and throw the vial at your feet. This will teleport you ten feet from the spot you stand," he told Annabell as he ran outside to see if she could get it right.

As Nolan stood outside he watched a bright light with blue lightning apear before him, with the faint image of Annabell in the middle of the storm.

Only took a moment and the light disspeared leaving Annabell standing there outside Nolans house.

Annabell got weak at her knees almost falling to the ground when Nolan grabed hold of her. "I feel a little funny," she told Nolan. "It's normal, you will get use to it as you do it more," he replied.

As Annabell regained her strength she noticed the sun wasn't burning her skin, and she didn't have to squint in the sunlight to see. "This is strange," she said as she examined her arms. "Your right, I think its that fruit you ate, I bet it has some kind of benifits to help you against the sunlight and for your thirst. Whe need to plant more of these," he told Annabell.

That night Annabell was busy planting and harvesting from a small garden she made in the middle of the woods.

A strange noise came from behind her, knowing it wasn't Nolan she turned around to see something that shook her to her inner core. All the air left her lungs, she couldn't get any words out before she darted towards the woods.

She ran and within seconds he was out of her site, she knew she was faster than the usual person, so who ever it was, was like her, "Cursed".

Realizing that she couldn't catch them she stood there in shock trying to regain her thoughts. "It can't be, no this is impossible," she thought.

When Nolan showed up, Annabell ran to him almost knocking him off his feet.

"What's wrong, you look like you have seen a ghost?" he asked at the frantic Annabell that stood before him. "It's so strange," she paused..........

"I thought I saw my father, James. I know hes dead, but he would be the only one to run that fast. I remember what he looked like when I was young, it was him, I know it was, I couldn't have imagined this," she told Nolan. "If its him, we will find him," Nolan replied.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arthur Grows Close To Lillian - Chapter Eighty Six

Lillian started to get a little more settled in her new home. Standing by the fire she warmed herself. After received many letters from home which made the homesick feeling not to feel so bad. Everyone at court was really nice to Lillian, which made her feel more at home.

She continued her studies with tutors and on her own, she studied many different languages and the customs of her soon to be husbands culture. It wasn't much different from her own, which made it a lot easier for her to learn. She would continue her studies until she reached her later teen years.

Lillian was doing her studies alone in her room when Arthur entered her chambers.
She placed her book down as soon as she noticed Arthur standing in front of her. "I wanted to know if you would like to join me for dinner, just the two of us, I think you would really like it if you could spend more time with each. I would really like to get to know you a little better," he asked Lillian.

Lillian meet Arthur in his chambers when it was dinner time. She seen that it was a quiet dinner without all the drama of everyone staring at her. 
She sat down with her eyes looking down on the table. She was nervous to look at Arthur directly. Arthur could clearly see that she felt uncomfortable around him.

Arthur sat their not sure on where to start the conversation. The only thing he could think of was to ask her about her home.

Arthur started the conversation to lighten the mood. "So how are you liking your stay here so far?" he asked. Lillian hesitated for a moment, "It's really nice, I think your castle is beautiful, and the people here are so nice. I think it will be much better as I get to know everyone. I have never been this far away from home before," she replied.

After dinner Arthur walked Lillian up to her room. He didn't want to end the evening just yet. "Would you like to take a walk with me, its really beautiful here at night. I think you will really enjoy it, only if you want? he asked. "I think that would be nice, I wasn't tired yet," she replied.

Lillian followed Arthur up to the top of the castle to get the view of  the whole court yard, it was breath taking for Lillian to see that far. "I can't believe the view from here, and the stars, their are so many," she told Arthur.

"If you think you can see the stars really well from here, I can take you to a spot that will take your breath away," he told Lillian as he lead her to a spot in the garden that was clear of all the trees and buildings, nothing but the open sky with all the bright stars.

"Here is the spot, if you set down and look up at a angle you can see designs in the stars, he told her" Lillian smiled at Arthur realizing he was not spoiled like most princes.

Lillian looked up as Arthur pointed out different stars, not realizing that he was now sitting closer to her. This made her feel a little bit of a nervous feeling in her stomach. She had never been this close to a boy before and she really liked how it made her feel.

They spent hours looking at the stars and telling stories of their families, both humiliating and funny.

A month had passed, Kristen had prepared them a feast able to celebrate their betrothal to each other. There were many guest that arrived. Kristen stood by watching Lillian and Arthur dance together on the floor. Arthur looked really pleased with Lillian and she could see that they were really enjoying each other.

Kristen had thought back to when King Louie suggested for her to betroth him to another to ease the memory of Willow. Kristen realized that he was smart in suggesting it. It was clear that their was a strong possibility that he was falling for Lillian, this pleased her greatly as she continued to watch them dance and laugh together.

After the dancing ceased, Kristen asked Arthur and Lillian to join her. She turned then around to face everyone. "I want to thank everyone for coming to celebrate their engagement. The wedding is already being prepared and they will be wed within this year, I will send invites when the date is set," Kristen announced. Arthur looked over and Lillian to see she was happy, standing there with a beauty that was breathtaking. He knew that she would make a wonderful wife for him.