Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Walker - Chapter Eighty Seven

"Ready?" he asked Annabell. "Yep, lets make some magic," she giggled. Nolan pulled Annabell by her hand gently bringing her closer to him.

"How someone couldn't love a sweet face like that," he told Annabell as he looked at her. "Stop it, your terrible," she replied. Nolan just giggled and handed her the fruit she showed him the other day.

"Eat this, I think this may help you with your thirst, I ate one earlier, it didn't kill me," he laughed. Annabell shoved his shoulder. "I know, I'm terrible, but I think you will like the taste," he added putting it into her hand. Annabell looked at it carefully, she found her mouth watering for the fruit.

Letting her fangs pierce the fruits skin, she found that it filled her mouth with a delightful taste. "Blood! what!" she pulled it away from her mouth. "This can't possibly taste like blood and be so good." She took another bite filling her thirst being satisfied with a fruit. Energy ran through her veins as she finished eating it.

"Lets get started, today I put together a potion that will allow you to teleaport through the air so you will not be detected by any of the guards. This will allow you to get into the castle without being scene," he told Annebell as he handed her variouse things to put into the pot. Annabell stired each ingredient into the pot as it began to boil.

After a few minutes a pink cloud of smoke rose from the pot.

Nolan diped out a tiny vial of it and handed it to annabell. Say this spell and throw the vial at your feet. This will teleport you ten feet from the spot you stand," he told Annabell as he ran outside to see if she could get it right.

As Nolan stood outside he watched a bright light with blue lightning apear before him, with the faint image of Annabell in the middle of the storm.

Only took a moment and the light disspeared leaving Annabell standing there outside Nolans house.

Annabell got weak at her knees almost falling to the ground when Nolan grabed hold of her. "I feel a little funny," she told Nolan. "It's normal, you will get use to it as you do it more," he replied.

As Annabell regained her strength she noticed the sun wasn't burning her skin, and she didn't have to squint in the sunlight to see. "This is strange," she said as she examined her arms. "Your right, I think its that fruit you ate, I bet it has some kind of benifits to help you against the sunlight and for your thirst. Whe need to plant more of these," he told Annabell.

That night Annabell was busy planting and harvesting from a small garden she made in the middle of the woods.

A strange noise came from behind her, knowing it wasn't Nolan she turned around to see something that shook her to her inner core. All the air left her lungs, she couldn't get any words out before she darted towards the woods.

She ran and within seconds he was out of her site, she knew she was faster than the usual person, so who ever it was, was like her, "Cursed".

Realizing that she couldn't catch them she stood there in shock trying to regain her thoughts. "It can't be, no this is impossible," she thought.

When Nolan showed up, Annabell ran to him almost knocking him off his feet.

"What's wrong, you look like you have seen a ghost?" he asked at the frantic Annabell that stood before him. "It's so strange," she paused..........

"I thought I saw my father, James. I know hes dead, but he would be the only one to run that fast. I remember what he looked like when I was young, it was him, I know it was, I couldn't have imagined this," she told Nolan. "If its him, we will find him," Nolan replied.


  1. JAMES!!!! Oh, I got goosebumps all over. This is so exciting!!! XD
    Write more soon, REAL SOON!! :D

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. I KNEW JAMES WASN'T DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh please be james, please, i miss that character!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa PLIIIIZZZ OH PLIIZZZZ LET IT BE JAMES :$$$$ I hoped all this time that he is alive but when I started loosing hope this happend sooo pliiiizzz!!! HE can't be dead!!! :'OOO

  5. I knew you were going to bring him back in some way, shape, or form...


  7. Nolan?! I was sure he'd be Daniel. Oh yes, and it's surprising about James too, I suppose.