Monday, May 7, 2012

The Decision - Chapter Eighty Four

"My father said hes meeting with your grandmother in a bit. I'm so excited, just think I might not have to leave," she told Arthur. "That would be like old times when we were in my old home. To see you everyday would be so nice," he added.

"I wonder what its going to be like when we are married, if they allow it. Where would you like to live, in this kingdom or yours?" he asked.

"I don't know, I never gave it any thought, but any place that's with you I don't mind at all. My father said, that he was going to meet with your grandmother today, hopefully we will know soon if we can be together," she replied.

Kristen meets up with Willow's Father, King Louie. "I want to discuss what plans you have for your daughter concerning marriage?" she asked him. "I have made arrangement for her to wed Prince Edmund Of Wales," he replied.

"My grandson, Prince Arthur has known your daughter since she was small, I figured where she had been living with them that you had plans on them wedding in the future, but I realize due to the death of my son, it caused things to go different. I know Arthur has fallen for your daughter and has requested her hand in marriage," she explained to him.

"I must decline, the arraignment's have already been made, I will not make war over her hand. I realize this would have been a good arrangement, but shes already betrothed," he replied. "I hate to hear that, if you change your mind you will let us know?" she asked. "Of course, if anything changes I will let you know immediately," King Louie replied.

Willow saw her dad getting ready for the trip back home, she figured that he would have already talked to the queen, she couldn't stand to wait any longer. "Are we leaving so soon?" she asked her father. "Yes we must head back to home, I have more court matters to attend to," he replied. "Did the queen speak to you?" she paused. "Oh yes we spoke this morning, about Arthur wanting to marry you," he replied.

"I had to decline the offer of your hand, you are to be married to Prince Edmund, it had been arranged for some time now," he told her. Tears ran down Willows cheeks, "Why didn't you tell me, I don't want to marry Prince Edmund, I want to marry Prince Arthur," she cried out. "Its not up to you, you will do what your told, now go get ready to depart," he demanded.

Willow ran off crying before her father could stop her. "Willow, stop!" he shouted. She didn't care, she just wanted to run away from it all. She ran until she was out of his site, slowing her pace with the pain in her side from running and crying she seen the barn, running toward it she knew she would have a place to hide. 

She found herself in the stable sitting in a pile of hay crying. She felt like the world was crashing down around her. Another Prince, I don't want to marry him, I want to marry Prince Arthur, she thought to herself between the sobs. What had she done, she had given herself to Arthur, her heart and her body. She couldn't even imagine being with another, and it would be soon if her father had anything to say about it.

Arthur found Willow in the barn, hiding her face in her arms. He could hear her crying, and he knew why, he knew where to find her when his grandmother told him what the king had decided on. He wanted to join her and cry right along with her, he had to be strong for her. Arthur knew how bad she was hurting and knew he was helpless to do anything about it. "Willow, are you alright," he asked softly as he knelt down beside her placing his hand on her shoulder.

She turned pulling Arthur to her. "Please don't be sad, you know this was a possibility, I will always love you, you know you have my heart," he told her. Willow barried her face into Arthur's chest sobbing again. "My father told me that he has already betrothed me to Prince Edmund, I don't even know who that is, lets run away, we could leave, go somewhere where they will never find us," she suggested. "It would never work, they would find us. I will talk to my grandmother again and see if she can persuade him to reconsider," he told her.

Arthur found his grandmother and pleaded with her to try to persuade the king, "I love her, there has to be a way to change his mind," he pleaded. "I will talk to him one last time, I fear it will be at a loss, but I will do this for you," she replied.

Kristen requested one last visit from the kind before he left. "Will you reconsider, your daughter is distraught, so is my grandson, they truly want to be with each other," she asked him.

"I would love to, I feel terrible about it, but I must stick to my word. I must take her from here as soon as possible, so they can get over each other. I would suggest that you find Arthur a betroth soon, so he can move on," he added before he left. Kristen wanted to make King Louie do it, but being human now, she couldn't just have her way, not with another king. Even if it was for her grandson, she couldn't afford a war. So she let the king leave with no argument.

"I don't want to say goodbye," she told him. "I don't want to either, but we have no choice. One day we may get the chance to be together again, but until then, I will be right here," he told her pointing to her heart.

Arthur pulled Willow close holding her in his arms, knowing he couldn't even kiss her goodbye in fear that they would be seen. "Be strong, I will write as often as I can, if I can get permission, maybe my grandmother will allow me to come and visit you," he told her. "That would be the best, I will write you as well and let you know how I'm doing," she replied.

Arthur whispered into her ear, until we see each other again, I love you," Willow found herself almost in tears again, but she managed to choke out, "I love you too," she said. He helped her mount her horse and watched her ride off with her father.

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