Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Willow And Arthur - Chapter Eighty Three (Adult Version)

Warning, Adult Version

"You want to get out of here?" Arthur asked Willow. "Yes, please. These court things are so boring at the moment and I would like something better to do," she replied. "I got a perfect idea, lets go riding," he replied pulling Willow along.

Arthur walked Willow out, making sure there was no one to follow them. Most of the time if they were on the castle grounds they didn't have to have servants or guards. The grounds were guarded enough for the castles protection.

Willow and Arthur entered the stable where the horses were kept. Willow walked over to pet the horses. "They are so beautiful, so where are we going to go riding?" Willow asked.

Arthur didn't say a word, he spun Willow around, backing her up against the gate.

Willow looked up at Arthur to see he was right there looking deep into her eyes. "What are you doing?" asked Willow. "I must confess something to you, he paused for a second, I have loved you ever since we were kids. I can't stand to be away from you for another second," he expressed to her.

Willow was speechless, Arthur pulled Willow close, leaned over taking Willow's face into his hands pulling her lips to his.

Arthur walked over to a bail of hay sitting down with a concerned look on his face. Willow followed him over sitting in the straw in front of him. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" she asked. "I don't know, I guess I didn't know what love was until I grew up a little, then they separated us. You have been all I have thought about every since. I know my grandmother is going to set me up with in an arraigned marriage that I will probably hate. I want to experience love like my mother and father had. They were so in love that they would have died for each other. I want you to be my wife when it comes time," he told her.

"I have always loved you, from the first time I came to the castle. You would show me how to do things, we were inseparable. I was heart broken when I had to go back to my parents and leave you," she replied. Arthur went down into the floor, pulling Willow onto his lap. Willow wrapped her arms around Arthur neck only to realizing that they really were in love with each other.

Arthur pulled Willow down into they hay, pulling her close to him.
She could see it in his eyes as he peered down at her. She was at the mercy of his touch, she wanted him in ways that she never had wanted any other man. She was ready to surrender her will and body to him.

"Are you sure about this, Willow?" Arthur asked her. "Yes I'm sure, I want you to be my first and only love," she told him. "I have never done this before, I don't want to hurt you," he told her. 

"Lean back, let me start first. Arthur closed his eyes as she laid him back into the hay. He could feel her hands on his shoulders and her warm legs and butt sitting on him. Both of them were nervous trembling with fear, But that didn't stop them, By this point Arthur was so worked up to the point he wanted to lay her over and make love to her. Instead he would let her have her way. She started off gentle, which was nice. Then got more into it. "Dose it hurt anymore?" he asked. "Only a little, its going away," she replied.

Arthur then flipped Willow over and climbed on top of her. "I will be gentle, I won't hurt you," he whispered to her. He moved slow and gentle. He watched her face to make sure she was not in any pain, but it made it hard with all the other faces and sounds she made that had his head in a whirl wind.

After they were done, Willow pulled herself up from the hay to hold Arthur. "You are my soul mate, my one true love. There will be no love like ours," she told him. "I agree, I just hope that we can talk our parents into thinking the same thing, so we can truly live like we want to.

I just fear that they will force us apart like before, even punish us for what we have done, if they ever find out," she said hanging her head down. "I will do my best to protect you. No one has been following us. They think we have been going on many horse rides since we go into the stables. I lock the doors every time just in case," he tried to reassure her.
"Please don't worry, they haven't made up their decisions on who is going to marry who. I don't see a better match, and one that would love you like I do." he told her.

"I must go for now, I want to go and talk to my grandmother to see if it is possible for me to ask for your hand in marriage. Since your father is in town, this could be the right moment. I shouldn't be to long." he told her, as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently.

"As soon as I know something I will let you know. We must keep this a secret just in case. We can meet in here like we usually do," he told her.

Arthur found his Grandmother and Grandfather in the throne room. I want to talk to you about something, I need your blessing but also your support," he told them. "What is it,? Kristen asked. "I have found someone that I would like to marry if you could arrange it." he told her. "And Which girl is this special lady in your life?" "Her name is Princess Willow, she's royalty, comes from a grand home, her dad a king which could prove allies for the future. Plus I've loved her since we were kids," he added.

"So you love this girl, I will have to get her fathers permission to do this. It shouldn't be that hard with you being a prince, next in line to the throne. And would be a good ally too. You speak like a true king," she said.

Willow was waiting in the barn just as Arthur had told her to do. He embraced her with a kiss. "My mother is all for it. It seems like a good match," she told me. "Do you think your father will approve?" he asked.

"I think he will, he moved me into the castle to stay with your family to get to know all of you," she replied.

"Oh I have something for you. I picked these earlier. The most beautiful white roses from our garden. "They are beautiful," she replied smelling the flowers. "I think your father is going to meet with my grandmother this evening," he told Willow. We need to get back so its not oviouse," he giggled.


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