Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Amelia Is Reunited With James - Chapter Ninety

"Do you remember anything, now that you have seen my mom?" Annabell asked James with hopes that he would remember. "Nothing has come to memory yet, I think it will take some time. I just hope that we haven't scared your mother to bad," James replied.

Amelia sat up on the bed rubbing her eyes. Still groggy, she could hear voices coming from the other room. Slowly sitting up with a fog of what had happened she made her way into the other room.

Sitting at the table was Annabell and James talking, not realizing she had even entered the room.

Amelia wasted no time before running over to James, wrapping her arms around him. With tears running down her cheeks she was so thrilled to have him back. Almost to good to be true, she wondered when she would awake to reality only find out that she lost him all over again.

After almost squeezing the life out of him, she stepped back looking into his eyes. He had not changed a bit from the last time she had seen him. He was beautiful in every way. "Where have you been all this time if you were alive?" she asked. "I don't remember much, well honestly I don't remember anything, other than waking up in a strange place, then hiding in the woods. I have only been there for a few years," he told her.
 "What only a few years?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face. "It's only been three years that I have been aware of," he replied. "Why do you look at me that way, you act like you have never seen me before?" she asked. "I don't remember you, or anything before I woke up," he replied.

Tears streamed down Amelia's face as she collapsed to the floor. "You don't remember our life together, our kids, or even what all we have been through!" she said sobbing. James met her eyes, "I wish I could remember you and all that we shared together. I just need time, I'm sure with your help you can bring my memories back to me," he replied. "What if you never remember?" she asked looking into his eyes. "Then I guess we will have to start over, If our love was as strong as I think it was, then it shouldn't take us long to fall madly in love again," he told her wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Until you can remember we must keep you hidden," she told him. "Why is that, if you and my children do exists, then why hide? Surly my whole family would be happy to know that I'm alive," he asked. "There is much that you will learn about your history. There is plenty of time to tell you about it.

"I want to introduce you to your youngest son, Jamie. He was born after you died. I must have gotten pregnant the last time we were together," she told James. "He's a cutie for sure, I see a lot of  you in him," he told her. 

"Ok so I have a son, Jamie. I have a daughter Annabell, but she mentioned she had a twin brother. Where is he?" he asked. Amelia sat down on the bench putting her hands in her face. "I didn't want to tell you all this, but you should know. "Your mother, the queen. She is a ruthless women. She never liked the fact that you were born the way you were, cursed as many would call it. I was born the same way. When we fell in love and wanted to get married, she hated it. She tried on many occasions to separate us. Our love proved to be strong, allowing us to be together. With this wizard she had, he created me, he managed to also create a cure that would cure people of the curse. She cured herself and then forced you to do the same, but not before I got pregnant with the twins. One of them was a girl, Annabell, she was cursed. Our son was normal like all the others. After the kids were around ten, you wanted to be like you were before the cure," she explained to James 

"So one day you asked me to bite you on your neck and release a venom that would turn you back. It worked for a bit, but shortly after you became ill, with headaches that crippled you. You were on the ground holding your head screaming. When I got to you, you went lifeless in my arms. You never woke up from that point on. They called the doctors and they pronounced you dead," she continued.

"Your mother hated me and blamed me for your death. After the funeral, she locked me and Annabell up in the dungeon, calling us a curse to the world. I think she might have killed us if it hadn't been for your father. He was a very kind man, that loved us. He set me and Annabell free, so we fled here to hide in case the queen decided to find a way to kill us. Arthur is still at the castle with her, I think she looks at him as if he was you. He looks a lot like you and well hes normal, so to hurt me and have a heir to the throne she kept him. I haven't seen him in five years," she told James.

Standing, shocked with all that he had just found out, he was mortified. Even if he had no memory of them, the story was just cruel. He sat down with a sick feeling in his stomach with the thoughts of his everything that he had missed out on and how the world fell apart around him while he was hiding away from it all. "I will get him back, if its the last thing I do!" he told Amelia.


  1. I bet he was shocked! To find out his mother was a total and utter B***h! That was a lot to unload on him all at once! This was very well done Jamee.