Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amelia's World Is Rocked - Chapter Eighty Nine

Still dark outside James, Annabell and Nolan headed back through the woods toward Annabell's house. They finally managed to talk James into coming back with them to meet Amelia. They were hopeful that she would be able to help him get his memory back.

"Wait!" James called out to Annabell. Turning around to face James, "What?" she replied. "I'm only doing this because your story sounds believable, as well in the fact that you are clearly like me. I'm just not sure how shes going to react to seeing me," he explained.

"I will break it as easy to her as I can before we let her see you. She has suffered her whole life, you meant everything to her. She only survived after she thought you were dead because of me and Arthur," she explained. "So how do you think Arthur and Jamie will react to seeing me again?" he asked. "Well Jamie has never seen you, he was born after you were pronounced dead. Arthur well............she paused. I think he will be happy to see you too," she replied.

"Ok I will stay with Nolan until you can break the news to your mother. We will wait outside until you come to get us," he told Annabell.

"Do you think this is going to work, you mother is going to have a heart attack, as well as Kristen," he told Annabell. "Oh no, we have to keep him secret until he knows everything and can remember all of his memories," he whispered in hopes James wouldn't hear him.

Jamie played with the bubbles in the tub while Amelia gave him a bath. "Mom, I'm home. Where are you?" Annabell called out to her mom. "I'm in here giving your brother a bath, I'll be there in a moment," she replied.

"There you are, I just got finished with Jamie's bath. So what was it that you needed?" Amelia asked as she placed Jamie down to play.

"UM...........Well I have some really good news, but you might want to sit down for this one," Annabell told her mom. "What is it? Just tell me," Amelia huffed. "Me and my friend, Nolan have been hunting together for a long time now, one night when I was gathering some of the vegetables out of my garden I spotted someone. I couldn't get a good look at them, I even tried to catch who it was, but with no luck. They were faster than me," Annabell was telling her mom. "What? Wait, faster than you, that's impossible, Amelia managed to get out. "That's what I thought too, so me and Nolan tracked him down, what we found was my father, James," Annabell was telling her mom when Amelia cut her off.

"That is impossible, you know that! Your father died, I was there! I know this for a fact, I saw his lifeless body, I saw them put him in the coffin. I have lived with it for a long time, knowing I killed him with my selfishness. It's been years, and no one has seen him or even spoke that he was alive. I think you are mistaken, you were so young when he died. It has to be someone else," Amelia told her daughter with tears building up in her eyes.

"I'll prove it, I brought him with me," Annabell told Amelia as she opened the door. James came in and stood by Annabell. Amelia stood unable to speak or move. She felt really sick to her stomach and before she knew it, everything went black.

Running over to her mother now unconscious on the floor, Annabell shook her to try to wake her. With no response she looked over to James, "What do I do?" she asked.

"Get your brother, I will deal with your mother," James instructed Annabell. Walking over he pulled Amelia into his arms to rest her head on his arm. Annabell and Nolan stood with Jamie watching James deal with Amelia.

Staring at Amelia James wondered how he could forget such a beautiful women that was his wife and his children. "I think she will be ok, shes got a knot on her head from the fall, but I think its mainly shock. It may have been to much for her to deal with. I will take her to her room to rest," he told Annabell.

James followed Annabell to Amelia's room. He laid her gently on the bed. "Shes really beautiful, you look a lot like her," James told Annabell. "I get that a lot," she replied with a laugh.

Checking on her many times through the night, Annabell noticed that her mother had not even moved. As the hours passed, Annabell started to worry that something was wrong with her mother.


  1. No not Amelia now! O_O Gosh I hope she's okay, and I hope James remembers soon.
    This was a fabulous chapter Jamee and I can't wait to read more. :)

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. OMG! Annabell worried? I'M worried!! LOL! The pictures are awesome! I guess Amelia was some shocked! It will be interesting to see her reaction when she comes to..if she comes to,...without amnesia! LOL!

  3. how do you wash a toddler??? and good post!!!

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  5. Awesome thank you Jamee you are very gifted, you make great stories and great poses aswell :) cant wait for chapter nighty three :)