Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memories Of The Past - Chapter Ninty One


"Can you believe it, we actually did it, we found my father and reunited him with my mom. It all seems like a dream," Annabell told Nolan as she laid against his chest outside her house. "Now all we need to make this happy reunion better is to get your brother and your fathers memory back," he told Annabell.

Pulling Annabell down to the ground, Nolan stared in Annabell's golden eyes with intensity, taking Annabell's breath away. "I'm in love with you," he whispered while having his dark green eyes locked on hers. Annabell almost in a trans was speechless.
Setting up, Annabell pushed Nolan back, placing her lips to his in a gentle motion, he wrapped his arms around her as they kissed passionately. His lips were gently, searching every inch of hers with intensity. After he was able to pull away, Annabell meet his green eyes again, "I love you to, she replied. He pulled her to him once again, kissing her, sending butterfly's to her stomach.

James decided he would start with getting to know his son, Jamie. Jamie took to James like he knew he was his father. He giggled and laughed at everything James did. James was a bit sad that he had missed out on Jamie's birth and his first years. He was almost ready to become a young child and all his tender years was a loss to him. It kinda saddened him, but he was glad that to know that he was not alone in the world, and had a family that loved him.

That night, James slept in a spare room, after many hours of tossing and turning, Amelia had to see him again to make sure he wasn't just a wonderful dream. She slid out of her bed and walked quietly to his room in hopes not to wake anyone. There he was alive and breathing in bed. His features soft and gentle with intensity, that shook her to her core.

Without warning, James sat up looking at her with a bit of shock. "She bent down looking up at him, I'm so sorry for startling you. I guess I'm just still in shock that you are really here," she whispered to him.

I know you don't remember me, but my memories are so vivid, its killing me. I just want you like we were before," she told him as she reached out to touch his bare chest.

"You mean to world to me, to have you here standing before me, brings my heart back to life," she told him as she stroked his face. James didn't pull her hand away, instead he leaned into her touch and brought his hand up to her hand.
James pulled Amelia closer to him to look into her golden eyes that were locked on his. Just when she was sure that he was going to kiss her, he spun her around.

Pushing her against the wall, James took her face into his hand and pulled her to his lips. Kissing her with such intensity that she became weak at her knees causing her to almost collapse to the ground.

James scooped her up, taking her to her room down that hall.

James sat Amelia down once they reaced her room. He kept her body close to his, as she ran her fingers through his hair. Pulling her close his lips meet hers, kissing her with a hunger of passion.

James began to remove Amelias Clothing, unlacing her dress to drop to the ground. Amelia melted in James arms as ran his hand up her stomach to meet her breast. Amelia moaned out with pleasure which made James smile. Picking her up, he placed her on the bed.
Slowly running his fingers along her cool porcelain skin, making Amelia loose her breath. His cool lips kissed her neck as his fingers played in her hair.  

"Are you sure you want to do this even though I have no memories of us back?" he asked. "Yes," pulling him closer to her naked body. "This could bring back some of your memories, if not then we are going to make some new memories," she whispered. Pulling him down to her lips,  searched his lips with intensity. James wrapped his hand around her lower back pulling her close to him, steadying himself he entered her with gentleness that made Amelia moan out in pleasure. Realizing that someone could hear her, she muffled her moans as she pressed her face into his bare chest.

Pleasure were theirs at that one moment. It was just them, in their own world. Their body's became one and through the night they made passionate love to each other.

After James had ravashed Amelia's body, she slipped into her nightgown while James pulled on his bottoms. Pulling her into his arms, they both fell asleep.

As James drifted off to sleep, he imagined he was at a fancy ball, The room was filled with many people that he had no idea who they were, he seemed to be the center of attention while dancing with a beautiful women. Wearing a mask she danced so graceful across the floor with him. With a strange feeling he could feel that he knew her and must have been deeply in love with her. 

Standing in a beautiful garden in front of a fountain with magnificent statues, he stood there looking at a a much younger, Amelia. Then it hit him, that was the day he asked her to marry him.. Wanting to marry her for the longest time, he could finally ask her without fear of his mother interfering.

On a beautiful night, a small wedding was held under the moonlight, with a few guest to attend. Watching as Amelia's father walked her down the isle in her beautiful white dress, with a small veil and and flower that pinned her hair back.

On there wedding night, they were able to be together for the first time. Remembering how beautiful she looked under the stars on the beach.

Then a flash to another memory of when he was watching her sleep, with his hand resting on her growing belly.

With a complicated birth she delivered twins, Arthur and Annabell. Two beautiful babies, one like Amelia and one like him.

Spending many hours in their nursery as they learned, it was all that James had hoped to have. The love of his life and two beautiful children.

As they got older, Annabell looked just like Amelia. Arthur looked just like him when he was a child. But with the blue eyes that he had now that he had become human after the potion his mother made him take to cure him of the curse, as she would call it.

After the potion he was now reunited with his love, feeling complete they couldn't be more in love with each other. It was a perfect fairytale.

He then remembered he was sad to be human and wanting more than anything to be with Amelia like he once was, he asked her to change him back. Everything was perfect, he was like he was back to the way he wanted. His head burning with fire, that would be his last memory of his life. He remembered he had just spent the most beautiful night with Amelia, waking in the horror of his life slipping away. He remembered as he stumbled to get out of bed, he fell to the floor with his hands to his head. Amelia's voice was a blur and then all of it went dark. That was the last of his memory of  life. He wasn't certain what had really happened, but it seemed like a miracle that he was still alive, only falling into a sleep.

Stirring out of his sleep he jumped out of bed. Startling Amelia she meet him at the end of the bed. "What is it?" she asked. He looked at Amelia, "I remember! I remember you, my love," he told her.


  1. Omg, yay, I feel like a dork saying this but I just reread this over like 3 times before commenting, just that awesome, I am NOT kidding.

  2. Yay, James got his memory back. This is such a happy occasion. Now to just get Arthur back. :)
    Awe! Annabell and Nolan make such an adorable couple. I hope they stay together forever.
    I love this chapter and can't wait to read more soon. :)

    ~Dawn Turner