Friday, July 27, 2012

Kristen Learns That James Is Alive - Chapter Nintey Three

James, Amelia, with Jamie in front rode along side with Nolan and Annabell. They slowly approached the castle. Keeping watch he knew the guards would soon spot them. He had to be prepared for anything.

Two guards stepped out to greet them. As the group approached they were a little shocked with what they saw.

James dismounted the horse helping Amelia and Jamie down. "Who are you and what is your business here?" one guard chocked out. "I think you know who I am, I need to see my mother at once," he demanded. "Wait here, I'll go let the queen know you're here," the guard spoke as one of them headed into the castle while the other watched them cautiously.

The guard found Kristen with William in the throne room doing court duties. "Sorry to intrude, but there are some people here to see you," the guard explained as he bowed. "Then show them in." she spoke.

"You might want to come and see this for yourself," he added.

Kristen looked at him with a puzzled look."I go to no one, what is this all about?" she asked as she started to get angry. "I can't really say for sure, but you are going to have to see this with your own eyes," he pleaded. "Very well then, stay here with your grandfather, I'll be right back she told Arthur.

Kristen now confused headed down the corridor with a few guards following her. 

As soon as she saw him, Kristen ran right up to him. "James!, she shouted. Before he could get a word out she started in with more questions. "What, you were............No this is a trick, your a ghost..........I saw you dead, we buried you, its been years. Where have you been and whats going on?" she asked now breathless.

"I think it was when I changed back, I guess I fell into a deep sleep that appeared like I was dead. When I awoke, I had no memory of who I was or where I had been. I was scared that someone had tried to kill me, with what I am, I didn't understand it. So I fled into the woods staying there until Annabell and Nolan found me. They took me to Amelia where I regained a lot of my memory back," he explained to Kristen who stood there in shock. "Now my next question is, why would you do that to my family if you really loved me?" James asked with a grim look on his face.

"I thought she killed you, I was in shock and thought that if I protected Arthur that there would be someone that would be able to carry on the family name. Every time I looked at Arthur all I could see was you. It was the only piece of you I still had. And  I knew she would try to take that away from me too. I didn't know what she was capable of," she told James. "I know how cruel you can be at times, mother! But to even banish my daughter, what did she ever do to you?" he asked now with a angry look on his face.

"I didn't know what to do at the time, she looked so much like Amelia with the curse. I wanted nothing to remind me of what she did to you. Please don't be mad at me, I love you! I would never do anything to hurt you, you have to believe it," she begged. "Well no matter, I'm sure you will never do that again, they are my family, as you are. It will take time me a long time to get over what you did do, no matter how you felt. It was still wrong," he added. "You and your family and guest make yourself at home, I'm going to go tell your father, and let Arthur know, so they can be reunited with you," she told James. He watched as she headed back into the castle. James looked over at Amelia that now was a little bit more content than what she was when they first left to come here.

Kristen meet up with William that was curious about what all the fuss was about. "I know why they wanted me to see for myself,"  she began to tell William.

"James, hes alive..............." she told him. William almost went into shock, tears streamed out of his eyes. He tried to cover his face to hide the tears. "Are you sure?" he asked between his sobs. "Yes, I'm sure. You can check the grave if you want," she replied. "I want to do that before I even look at him. I don't want this to be someone that just looks like him." he told Kristen.

William with a guard headed down into the tomb where James and a few royals had been entombed. Arthur with curiosity followed behind them. Arthur wasn't sure why there were down in to tombs but his curiosity was intrigued.

Kristen followed them only moments as they descended the stairs leading to the tomb. 

Here it is, James tomb," the guard said. The guard went to start to open the tomb. "No, I want to do this myself," called out William. The guard stepped aside to let William by.

William bent down to push the stone top aside to be able to peer inside. It took several tires and the stone finally gave way. Dust flew as it fell aside. The guards opened the coffin to reveal that there was nothing inside. There was claw marks on the lid. Arthur and William stood there with there mouths hitting the floor. "Told you," Kristen spoke from behind them.

Placing the lid back on the tomb. "I want to see my dad," Arthur spoke. "Then what are we waiting for," Kristen said as she headed up the steps, its time to celebrate," she told them. William and Arthur with the guards followed still in shock with disbelief.

As soon as they reached the top of the stairs, William and Arthur took off running toward the castle. They raced across the bridge, wasting no time to find James. 

William ran down the corridor, many darted out of the way as he payed them no mind as he passed them.

Standing in the doorway gasping for air from the running, William looked at Amelia holding a small child with James standing beside her.

"I can't believe my eyes. I never got over your death and now you stand right here before me. Your mother filled me in on what all had happened. I hope you can forgive us," he told James. "I know, and I appreciate what you did for Amelia and Annabell. You truly saved their lives. I will never forget what you have done. I will someday forgive my mother for her insanity and cruelty to many including my family. I'm just glad to have my family back and to be where I belong," James told his father.

As soon as Arthur saw James he ran up to him, hugged him as he began to cry. "Well look at you, a young man that has grown up," James told Arthur as he smiled with such pride.

"I still can't believe it, I visited your tomb many,many times, I never noticed that you weren't there," I wish I would have known that you were out there somewhere, I would have found you myself," he told James. "I know you would have, I didn't know either until your sister found me, I didn't even believe it until I saw your mother, she brought me back from the blackness that I was living in," he replied.

Amelia stood there holding Jamie listening to their conversation with tears running down her cheeks. It was like looking at James when he was that age.

Pulling him into her arms she began to cry with happiness. "I love you so much, we have a lot to catch up on." Amelia had missed out on so much of his life. Seeing him all grown up now warmed her heart. She hated missing out on so much. She resented Kristen for what she did, but with her love by her side she would be able to have her family reunited, a dream that she thought would never happen. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rekindled Love - Chapter Nintey Two

The day that James awoke to find that most of his memories were coming back to him, some still vague and uncertain he was happy to have his family back. He wasted no time spending time with Amelia to make up for lost time. Annabell and Nolan took Jamie with them to let James and Amelia spend some alone time together.

James ran a few roses down Amelia's chest while looking deep into her eyes. "I can't believe my eyes when I look at you. I wish I would have snapped out of it or been brave enough to come out of hiding. I would have been here for you and the kids. I'm going to make up for all those years that we have missed. I'll try not to wear you out," James told Amelia as he played a mischievous grin on his face. Amelia said nothing but smiled up at James.

James pulled Amelia up to him to embrace her lips. Kissing for a long time. His kiss was sweet and gentle the became eager with passion. Pulling her up he slowly lead her to the bedroom.
"Time to make up for lost time," he whispered to Amelia. Amelia smiled at James and pulled him closer to her. Kissing his lips they embraced each other.

James wasted no time uniting the laces of Amelia's dress to let it fall down to the floor. Pulling Amelia's naked body into his arms he took her to the bed.

Amelia was taken by surprise, she had forgot what it was like to be with James when he hungered for her. The night before took her to another world of pleasure, but this was a lot different, like it had been when they were together before their worlds had been ripped apart. Pleasure segued between them both, and James found it hard not to completely loose control with her. He was ravaging her body and with his emotion taking control he was unaware of  how his emotions was taking control. Realizing that he was getting a little rough he slowed down and peered down into Amelia's eyes. "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked her with a small frown. Amelia was hungry for him as well and didn't seem to mind it at all. "Don't stop," she told him as she pulled his lips to hers.

Annabell and Nolan brought Jamie home later that day. With James and Amelia's new found freedom of  sun, they sat outside with Jamie as he played with toys.

James scooped up little Jamie and took him over to the horse, handing Jamie to Amelia he mounted the horse and then reached down to get Jamie. Placing him in front to hold onto him, they started riding off., "See you in a bit," James called to Amelia. Jamie was enjoying it, he was pointing to everything in amazement as they rode through the woods.

When James arrived back he meet up with Amelia at the cottage. Nolan and Annabell was talking to her outside. James handed Jamie to Annabell so he could talk to Amelia.

"Ok, here is my plan. We are going to ride and head to the castle, I want my whole family reunited and the wrong made right," James told Amelia.

Amelia's mouth almost hit the ground. She got a grim look on her face that turned to fear. "Shes a monster, she will never let us near Arthur, she will split us up, your mother's evil like that," she told James.

Trust me, I'm not going to let that happen, she will never tear us apart again. She thinks I'm dead, and if she sees that I'm alive she will not stand up to me. She tried in the past but I still got my way. I got you, and my wonderful kids. I will die a thousand deaths before I let anything bad happen to you or my kids," he explained to Amelia. Even though Amelia could tell that James would die for her and the kids, she was still scared of Kristen. Kristen had been so cruel to her from the time she could walk till now. She wasn't sure what all she was capable of. She only hoped that James was right and could do as he wanted.

James packed a few things for the journey to the castle. He mounted the horse, placing Jamie in front of him. Then pulling Amelia up behind him. Annabell and Nolan joined them on another horse. When they began to head off, Amelia couldn't shake the fear that was building up inside her, the longer they rode the more sick she was becoming.