Friday, July 13, 2012

Rekindled Love - Chapter Nintey Two

The day that James awoke to find that most of his memories were coming back to him, some still vague and uncertain he was happy to have his family back. He wasted no time spending time with Amelia to make up for lost time. Annabell and Nolan took Jamie with them to let James and Amelia spend some alone time together.

James ran a few roses down Amelia's chest while looking deep into her eyes. "I can't believe my eyes when I look at you. I wish I would have snapped out of it or been brave enough to come out of hiding. I would have been here for you and the kids. I'm going to make up for all those years that we have missed. I'll try not to wear you out," James told Amelia as he played a mischievous grin on his face. Amelia said nothing but smiled up at James.

James pulled Amelia up to him to embrace her lips. Kissing for a long time. His kiss was sweet and gentle the became eager with passion. Pulling her up he slowly lead her to the bedroom.
"Time to make up for lost time," he whispered to Amelia. Amelia smiled at James and pulled him closer to her. Kissing his lips they embraced each other.

James wasted no time uniting the laces of Amelia's dress to let it fall down to the floor. Pulling Amelia's naked body into his arms he took her to the bed.

Amelia was taken by surprise, she had forgot what it was like to be with James when he hungered for her. The night before took her to another world of pleasure, but this was a lot different, like it had been when they were together before their worlds had been ripped apart. Pleasure segued between them both, and James found it hard not to completely loose control with her. He was ravaging her body and with his emotion taking control he was unaware of  how his emotions was taking control. Realizing that he was getting a little rough he slowed down and peered down into Amelia's eyes. "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked her with a small frown. Amelia was hungry for him as well and didn't seem to mind it at all. "Don't stop," she told him as she pulled his lips to hers.

Annabell and Nolan brought Jamie home later that day. With James and Amelia's new found freedom of  sun, they sat outside with Jamie as he played with toys.

James scooped up little Jamie and took him over to the horse, handing Jamie to Amelia he mounted the horse and then reached down to get Jamie. Placing him in front to hold onto him, they started riding off., "See you in a bit," James called to Amelia. Jamie was enjoying it, he was pointing to everything in amazement as they rode through the woods.

When James arrived back he meet up with Amelia at the cottage. Nolan and Annabell was talking to her outside. James handed Jamie to Annabell so he could talk to Amelia.

"Ok, here is my plan. We are going to ride and head to the castle, I want my whole family reunited and the wrong made right," James told Amelia.

Amelia's mouth almost hit the ground. She got a grim look on her face that turned to fear. "Shes a monster, she will never let us near Arthur, she will split us up, your mother's evil like that," she told James.

Trust me, I'm not going to let that happen, she will never tear us apart again. She thinks I'm dead, and if she sees that I'm alive she will not stand up to me. She tried in the past but I still got my way. I got you, and my wonderful kids. I will die a thousand deaths before I let anything bad happen to you or my kids," he explained to Amelia. Even though Amelia could tell that James would die for her and the kids, she was still scared of Kristen. Kristen had been so cruel to her from the time she could walk till now. She wasn't sure what all she was capable of. She only hoped that James was right and could do as he wanted.

James packed a few things for the journey to the castle. He mounted the horse, placing Jamie in front of him. Then pulling Amelia up behind him. Annabell and Nolan joined them on another horse. When they began to head off, Amelia couldn't shake the fear that was building up inside her, the longer they rode the more sick she was becoming.


  1. first comment :) thats was wonderful and i cant wait for more keep up the good stories and hope more is on the way soon :)

  2. Is she pregnant again - " more sick she was becoming" or maybe she has butterflys of what kristen may do

  3. cant wait for more great post as usual and im thrilled james is back to normal and jamie is so cute :)