Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Of The Century - Chapter Ninty Eight

Finally after what seemed like forever, their family was reunited as one again.

Arthur stood with Willow in his arms. "Did you know its been a few months since I got you back," he told her. "Yes time flies, and my father wasn't in a rush for the wedding anyways," she replied.

"Yes and that's why I have been waiting for the perfect time for this," he told her as he bent down on his knee pulling something from  his back pocket. Willow stood there in curiosity at what Arthur was up to and soon found out when he turned back around.

As he turned he held out a little box that held a beautiful gold ring with a diamond centered in the middle. "Willow, my love of my life, will you marry me," he asked.

Willow stood there with a shocked expression on her face. "I thought you already asked me. I thought we were betrothed already," she giggled. "Yes we are but I wanted to make it official and for you to have a token of my love and everlasting promise," he added. "Yes of course I'll marry you," she told him as she held out her hand for him to slide the delicate ring on.

"You are to good to me," Willow told Arthur as he pulled her into his arms hugging her tight.

"You are my world,Willow," he replied. "Just think we will be married soon. You and me forever," he told her.

Only a few more weeks went by and Arthur found himself at the front of a church with nerves shooting through him. He felt excited but scared all at the same time. "Relax," whispered James.

The music began, everyone was to their feet staring at the back of the church. The doors opened and Willow and her father entered. Willow was in a beautiful silk dress with flowers pinned in her hair.

As she walked down the aisle many were stunned with her beauty.

After Willow's father gave her away, she stood facing Arthur in front of everyone. The Priest began the ceremony.

As the ceremony began, Willow almost teared up, in fear of ruining her makeup she held them back. 

"I will love you, be your loving wife till death do we part," she told Arthur.

"I will love, protect, and cherish everyday that you want me as your husband," he told Willow.

"With this ring I will take you as my wife, this will symbolized our union," Arthur told her as he took out a gold ring, sliding it on her finger.

Everyone watched as they exchanged vows and rings.

Willow then took out a gold ring sliding it on Arthur's finger as she repeated what the priest told her. "With this ring, I will take you as my husband, this will symbolized our union.

After they exchanged vows and rings, the Priest blessed their union as husband and wife.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest told them.

Arthur pulled Willow into his arms and kissed her with a sweet kiss.

Then as the Priest pronounced them as husband and wife, Arthur spun Willow around to pose for everyone. Everyone broke out in cheers and began to toss rice into the air.

Willow was then swept off her feet by Arthur as he carried her out of the church with everyone following behind them.

Outside which was now dark, Arthur waited for Willow to join him to head to the party.

Scooping her up in his arms he hugged her tight as he helped her into the carriage.

At the wedding party, they had a special area set up outside so everyone could dance and enjoy the beautiful night. Everyone joined Willow and Arthur on the dance floor as the musicians played music.

Even little Jamie was having fun goofing off on the floor as the adults danced around him.

Kristen slipped away from the party unnoticed. She found one of  her special guards while everyone was still celebrating at the wedding ceremony. "I need you to act fast, while no one is paying attention. The young girl and boy that are cursed, I need you to kill them and then we can place there body's to make it look like a accident," she explained to him.

"That will be no problem at all my queen. I will take them down to the dungeon until everyone is asleep and then I can arrange for their body's to be moved. I don't like killing little kids but I will do what you wish,"he replied.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dreams Do Come True - Chapter Ninty Seven

Arthur was caught off guard when someone slammed right into him as he rounded the corner.

Arthur was knocked to the ground a little stunned. "Oh my, are you alright?" a familiar voice called out to him. He hadn't really noticed who had knocked him down until he looked up to see Willow standing there with a worried look on her face.

"I'm so sorry," she apologized as she reach down and grabbed Arthur's hand to help him up.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. "I guess you haven't herd. This is very odd." she replied. "Really what are you doing here?" he asked again. "Your father came to see my father. He has proposed an alliance and marriage proposal between me and you," she began.

"What, I can't believe it, he really did do something. I didn't think it was possible to do anything even though he said he would take care of it. But what about you and your betrothed?" he asked. "It's not official yet, but my dad had to meet with your grandmother. It's still possible you know, that is if you will still have me," she whispered.

"I..........don't know what to say, I'm ...........of course I'll have you. I never stopped wanting you," he told her as he wrapped her in his arms.

"What about Lilly?" she asked. "I already talked to her, she's not happy with me. I broke her heart, Willow," he replied. "So you broke it off with her." Not exactly, take a walk with me and I'll explain it all," he told her as he led her toward a small garden.

"It was when I got back. I felt guilty, I had to tell her. She didn't take it to well. But better than I thought she would. She told me that I needed to decide between you and her," he explained.

"So, have you decided?" Willow asked as if she didn't already know the answer.

Arthur just turned to Willow as he let out a small laugh. "I don't even need to answer that. It just depends on if your father will let me marry you or not," he replied. "I have to go to wait on my father. That's where I was heading when I ran you over," she told him. "I'll meet up with you there in a bit," he told her. They parted ways and she headed into the castle, while Arthur headed to find his father.

Meanwhile in the throne room James was having a meeting with Willows father. "I have asked you here to propose that alliance and for the hand of your daughter to marry my son, Arthur," he told King Louie.

"Yes, we have," he replied as Kristen and William joined them in the throne room. She sat down and motioned for them to continue. "Yes, I think that would be a wise choice. I love my daughter and in light of what you have told me and what she told me, he is the right choice for her. I would be honored if they get married," he told James. "Very well, let's summon Arthur and see if he agrees to this and will let his current betrothed free of the obligation.

Arthur meets up with his father and his grandmother. "There you are my grandson," she called out to him.

"I and your father just finished talking to King Louie, and he has agreed to let you marry Princess Willow. I will release you from your contract with Princess Lilly if you so wish it," she asked.

"Is this for real, they are going to let me marry her?" he asked with a stunned look. "Yes he is, and it's now all up to you," she replied. "Of course I'll marry her, that was my wish to begin with," he told her. "Very well then, we will tell Lillian and I will make arrangements to make it right with her and her family," she replied. "Now go and find Willow. I'm sure she will want to hear the good news from you," she told him.

Willow was waiting in one of the meeting halls. When the door opened a unexpected person entered the room that took her off guard. She was expecting her father or Arthur but who stepped in was not someone she wanted to see.

"You little tramp," he screamed at her as he slapped her so hard that it knocked her several feet back. "You thought I wouldn't find out," he scolded her. Fear ran through her as he stepped closer to hit her again.

Arthur entered the room to see Willow holding her red cheek. With her betrothed standing before her. "Get your hands off her," Arthur shouted at the guy. "Oh you thought you were going to steal her away from me. She's mine and I can do what ever I want to do with her.

"She is now my betrothed, they have done away with you, you are cruel and King Louie would not have anyone laying their hands on her. And if you think that you can stop me, well think again. I'll have my father bite you," he told him with anger in his voice. "We will see, if your father comes near me, I'll have him killed and for good this time," he smirked back.

Arthur snapped, kicking the prince in the chest knocking him knocking him backwards. 

Willow gasped as Arthur kicked him again. The Prince fell onto the floor with a hard thud.

Falling to the ground smacking his head on the floor, the prince cussed at Arthur. "You will pay for this," he yelled at Arthur as he started to pull himself up. Before he could get up, Arthur was on him, peering down at him.

"Go ahead, I would love to see that happen, and I will attend your funeral after," he mocked the prince. "Get off me," he shouted at Arthur. "Not until you agree to leave her alone," he replied. "Fine," he huffed after realizing that he was defeated.

"If  I was you, I would leave and move on with your pitiful life. Find another that would be your pathetic punching bad, but I can tell you this, it won't be her," he pointed out to the now frightened prince that was cowering on the floor.

After getting up out of the floor with humiliation running all through him, he stood several feet away from Willow. Willow wouldn't move, she stood there afraid to say or do anything.

"Apologize to Willow for slapping her," Arthur told him as he came closer. "Why should I apologize to her, she's.............," before he could finish, he got a look of pure hate, the look of I can and will kill you from Arthur. "Fine I will never speak or see you again, it's over with me and you. Hope you are happy with your new boyfriend. I will not say nothing more to her," he grumbled. When he was done he stormed out of the room.

"You will never have to worry about anyone hitting you again, I vow to protect you as long as I live," Arthur told Willow as he stroked her swollen cheek. "I need to talk to Lilly and tell her what I have decided and that she is free from marrying me. My grandmother has set aside for her to have her own estate with her own servants. I will be back in a bit," he told her as he pulled her to his lips, kissing her gently.

Arthur knew where to find Lilly. He headed up to the library and she was there. "Hi there," Arthur called out to her. She turned smiling at him.

"I know why you are here," Lilly spoke. "I know you have met with the father of Willow and that they decided to let you be with her. So now I need to know is it her or me?" Lilly asked. Arthur didn't speek as first. He looked away giving her the answer she knew deep down in her heart. "It's her, I'm so sorry Lilly," he replied.

"Arthur, you know you are such a kind man, and she's one lucky girl to have your love for her like you do. I just wish that we could have loved each other like that. But deep down inside I knew we were not meant to be together. I knew this before I even came here. I was a scared girl that was thrown into a life that I wasn't prepared for. You will always hold a special place in my heart, but I know I need to go and find my true love and be happy like you and Willow will be. If you don't mind............can I come to your wedding?" she asked. "Of course you can. And you are always welcomed here. We will make sure you are set up with your own estate here. Don't be surprised when other princes start beating down your door for your hand in marriage. You are way too sweet," Arthur told Lilly.

That evening Lilly was all set and ready to head to her own estate. Arthur gave Lilly one last hug before she left. "Keep in touch," Arthur told Lilly. "Yes I will let you know when I get settled in," she replied.