Friday, October 26, 2012

Introducing Fairytales

Fairytales is a new series that I have started on after working on my epic journey with the Medieval Series. I love writing and creating works of art so I am now ready to take you on another ride through twists and turns as you see Emily's life through her eyes.

     My name is Emily, I come from a line of royalty. We are more traditional than those who lived in the Medieval times.  My family has ruled for more than 100 years dating back to the Medieval era. I have a twin sister, named Hanna that I have enjoyed growing up with. My life was a simple life until we turned seventeen. That's when my life turned upside down a little over a year ago. 

      I ended up on the run with my Best Friend Chris as we were being hunted. Someone was out to kill us and he was keeping me safe. I can only start from the beginning for anyone to understand the predicament that we now face.

     This is where my story begins. A few years ago when my family lived at the royal court together. We were known as the Lightlings, a race that was kept secret from the human world. I think at one time we were like humans until something or someone changed something in our past to make us who we are today. My parents that ruled our kingdom that was hidden far from the human world would leave me and my sister the heir to the throne.
     Hanna, was more suited to be the one to take the throne over me. I really didn't want anything to do with ruling. I wanted a simple life that proved to be out of my reach. I was the eldest of the two and that made me the one that would carry on the tradition.

     We lived at the palace that was surrounded by many guards that protected us from danger, so I thought. And that's where my story all begins. But before I tell you how I ended up here, I must go back to the beginning where it all started.

Chris carried me as I screamed and cried. Tears ran down my face and I was covered in blood, not my blood, but the blood of Innocent people that I knew for sure were dead.

Hearing footsteps closing in, Chris put me down and started dragging me by the hand. He was fast and keeping up was almost impossible. We had to get away or they would kill us.

We ran for the woods for cover, hoping to loose them we could only pray that we could outrun them.


  1. loving the new series Fairy tales and i see u have supernatural ep. i really need to get that soon. anyways i cant wait for more on the fairy princess and when is chapter 100 of medieval coming. i really want to find out what happens next. keep up the great work :)

  2. Yet another amazing story, i adore you handmenship and i look forward to reading this series, but dont forget about the medvial one i still want to know what happens!

  3. Well, I have decided to read this new series while I have the chance to not get behind! I am not one for Fairytales, but this does look intriguing to me.

    She was born into a life she wishes she hadn't been born in, which I am sure she'll one day not regret.

    Going to the 1st Chapter now.