Monday, October 29, 2012

The Beginning - Chapter One

Hi my name is Emily, just a regular seventeen year old girl in high school in the last year. I wish I was a regular teenager but hey a girl can dream. I'm a fairy princess with a destiny that I don't want.

This is me and Hanna my twin sister. She loves all the politics and if I was to guess she would love to be in line for the throne. With rules that's impossible due to me being older. Why didn't she just push me out of the way and come out first.

These are my parents, Queen Sophie and King Tallis. They are so kind and rule the court with fair judgment.

This is me and my boyfriend Mark. We have been dating for a little while but I wouldn't call it serious. We are kinda like best friends more that anything. And the other girls just hate me for it. They want him because hes not only royal but handsome at that.

That's my sister Hanna and her older boyfriend that's in college now. My parents were hesitant in letting them date at first, but of course they love each other and seemed relentless to stay away from each other. So my parents let them be together. They have been dating for several years now and well they are just good for each other.

And the three amigos, our guardians. My sister has Sandy the girl in the middle. Shes wicked fast and skilled in magic and fighting. The blond is Chris, yes hes hot as fire, straight out of guardian school a few years older than me. He had such good grades and good skills he became my first guard way before Dimitri was assigned to me as well. I guess they figured I needed more protection than my sister who was with her boyfriend all the time with his guards. Dimitri came from the academy where he taught martial arts and classes to other new guardians that wanted to make a career out of being guards. He held the status of royal guard when he actually had to face the Night Walkers himself to save the one he was protecting. He succeeded but not without injury. From then on he was determined to teach others how to fight them and survive.

As little kids me and Hanna didn't need personal guards like we do now. We went to school together and were always playing together. We were royal but not that close to the throne at the time. My parents were not king and queen yet. My mother's father was still alive and was ruling.

As me and Hanna grew up we developed magic of our own and could do extraordinary things. It was fun and yes we got into a lot of trouble for it. What can I say? Fairy's will be fairy's.

One night when my mother read me and Hanna to sleep she told me the story of how it all began. I can still remember that night I asked her. "I'll be right back she told me as I watched her leave my room.. She quickly returned with a old leather bound book. Walking over she sat down on my bed opening the book she scanned through many pages until she found what she was looking for.

I was so excited to hear how we became who we were. I settled into bed as my mother sat down on the edge of the bed. “It started about a hundred years ago," she began.

 "One day a little girl was born with a rare disease that no one knew of. Many of the local doctors came to find they had no answers or clues on how to heal the baby. Out of desperation her mother sought out a wizard that was known to deal with magic. So frail the little baby laid, never crying or moving. The wizard agreed to heal the baby in return for her to marry one of his family when she become of age. They agreed as they watched the Wizard take out a pouch of silver dust. He walked over to the tiny little baby that laid in its little cradle. Reaching into the dust he sprinkled it over her little body while saying some strange words that made no sense to any of them. Once he was done he reached down and laid his hands on the baby's chest. What happened next was amazing. A light radiated from his hand and moved into her body. The baby then let out a little cry. The mother of the baby ran over scooping her up into her arms, as she wept with joy. The wizard turned to her, “She will need to be protected, she can not be seen by mortals for they will take her. They do not know that she is special, blessed with the gift of light,” he told her. “We will keep her safe,” she replied to the wizard that left as fast as he come. The mother watched her little baby that was now full of life. She also began to notice that the baby had a slight glow to her. One day it appeared she had wings that fluttered, though they were not physical.  Beautiful light radiated from her. As she grew up she developed extraordinary powers. She could hover and transform into a small ball of light. They protected her from the world, hiding her existence. As she turned into a adult she fell in love with a mortal. Their children were mixed. Some were like her and others were half like her and half like their father. That’s where the breed of guardians came from. We are the same in so many ways, but they are not as delicate as we are. They have many of our magical powers but can not fly or transform like we can. They don’t have the gift of light. We must be protected from evil that would do us harm."
“Who would want to harm us mom,” I asked with curiosity.
"Are you sure you want to hear about them, I don't want to scare you." 
"I'm sure, I want to know," I replied trying to sound confident.
“They are called Night Walkers,”
Mystical creatures as we were. We referred to them as nightwalkers. They were considered the undead walking the earth with pure evil flowing through their veins. They didn’t care about anyone but their own selves. You could spot them by their looks alone. They had pale skin that had a glow to it, as well as eyes that glowed in certain lighting. They had fangs that they used to bite their victims to drain their blood. Yep, they drank blood! That was so disgusting. And if they didn’t kill you, they would turn you into the undead as well by drinking all your blood and then making you drink theirs. They were immortal as well, they never aged. Some chose to be immortal and some were turned against their will. 

They got their name Night Walkers from being only out at night. They stayed out of site in the daylight, not sure if it was that they couldn’t stand the sun or that they would be too easy to spot during the day. We had to be protected against them for they loved fairy blood, they say that our blood was magical and that it gave them super strength as well as the taste of our blood just drove them wild. There were stories told that if a fairy was turned then we would loose our wings and our magic that made us special would disappear and we would become like them with their fangs that would rip thought a innocent girls neck, taking her life by drinking all her blood, and just right at the time that she would be almost dead, they would offer their blood or force them to drink the blood of the undead and it would turn them into night walkers. As well as other species, they too could be turned into the undead.

I personally had never seen one, but many said that in battles years ago they were super strong, fast and deadly. Many that encountered them never got the chance to tell about it. There were a few that managed to survive, to help teach the others how to defend there themselves from the night walkers.
I sat there trying to imagine it all. It was a story that would be told for years to come. I tried to think of what it would be like to see one of them in person only to shudder at the thought of it. I could only hope that with me being royalty that they would protect us from that evil and I would never have to see them.
“Mom, do you think that they could ever hurt us?” I asked with curiosity.
“Of course not, we have the best guards, and they will protect us from them,” she told me.

Without any further questions my mother tucked me and my sister in and left us to sleep. I fought as long as I could to stay awake to only find that I drifted off to sleep only a short time after mom had left. This was the first memory that I had of them and visited this story many times.



  1. just stunning, i can tell this story is going to be interesting, i wander if your going to have any auditions for this fairy-tale i would love to introduce some of my characters to you

  2. Wow, that is really nice. I don't know what to say but felt I had to say something, nice foreshadowing, I guess lol

  3. This is really good, Jamee! I really like the characters, and the history of the different species was very interesting.

  4. Poor ignorant girl, one day she is really going to find out what a nightwalker is, and it's going to be traumatic.

    Great job on this! :)

  5. Dimitri, eh?
    With long hair and all?
    I smell vampire academy ;)

    Awesome so far.

    1. Yes I used the name Dimitri from one of my favorite stories. But this story has a much different story line. I think my readers will like it.

  6. where on earth do you find all the medieval clothing??? i have been looking for them since you have inspired me to start doing my own stories. cant wait to see what happens in chapter 24. love this story. keep up the good work :)