Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full Of Secrets - Chapter Four

Sitting playing the piano as usual. It was second nature to me now. I was forced to take lessons as a little girl, and well as I have become older I actually enjoy it. Playing is so soothing and calming to me. As I let my fingers glide along the keys the memody takes me on a wonderful journey.

I was almost through the song when I heard something, well someone behind me.

I turned to see Dimitri watching me play. "Don't stop playing. That's beautiful." he told me. I felt my breath catch in my throat. I turned and made myself breath once more as I continued playing until the song was ended.

"I never knew you could play the piano that good. Its kinda mezmorizing," he said. "I've been playing for a long time. I just never really played around others. I guess that's why you never heard me play before," I said. There was his eyes again deep and dark. I stoped breathing as he held my gaze for a short time. I looked away to hide my feelings that were growing for him. "Lets go outside for a bit," he told me as he lead me by my hand.

I sat down beside Dimitri on the bench outside. It was a pretty day but something was bothering me. I just had to know something. "Ok I get that you are able to wield magic and do spells and such. But out of all the time I have known you I know that your not telling me everything. Your hiding something and I can see it," I told him hoping that he would give me some answers as to what I seen the other night when he was sparing outside with Chris.

"There's nothing to tell," he replied but I could hear it in his voice that he was not telling me the truth. I was now becoming very frustrated. "Dimitri! Why hide things from me? You know everything about me but I don't know that much about you. Your like my best friend and well your going to be with me for as long as you want to. Which could mean the rest of my life," I yelled not realizing it.

He stood up and looked at me. "Ok, you want to know then follow me.

He lead me into one of our small library's in the house. It was plain and when I thought he was going to pull a book off the shelf and teach me some history lesson, the whole bookshelf moved to the side revealing a doorway.

 My mouth was on the floor with shock. I had lived here my whole life and never knew about this secret room.

I followed Dimitri into a room that had rock walls with shelves of books and some weird stuff I had no clue about. "This is where I learn new spells. I make potions for various things. "I didn't know this existed," I gaped. "Well no it didn't until I came here. It was built for my stuff. Its been hidden from others. They all know we do magic, Its what we all do. I'm the same as you but........I don't have the light. I also do more magic than the others do," he added.

He walked over to a book that was on a big wooden stand. He opened it and flipped through its pages.

"Ok here it is, I belong to a special group of wizards, guardians or sorcers, as you would call us. I'm not your typical guardian and your parents know this. That's why I was assigned to you. Going back decades, my ancestors were wizards, the kind that served kings and queens to do their bidding. We cured them from illnesses and we did many things for them" he told me.

As he shut the book I elbowed him in the ribs. "See now how hard was that." I giggled as he grunted.

He pulled me to him and kissed my forehead. I lost my breath and froze with shock. I was in his arms and his lips were on me. Oh how warm his lips were. I wish they were on my lips. I finally relaxed and wrapped my arms around him. He only held me a brief moment. "I'll always be here to protect you," he told me as he released me.

As he stepped back I was lost without his touch. He locked his eyes on mine and I could only hope that I wasn't revealing how I felt for him in my eyes. I wanted him to kiss me. I yearned for it. He broke the trance that we were in, "we must go," he told me.

Later that afternoon, it was hot so Chris and I hit the pool. Except I couldn't get him to get in. He insisted that he was content sitting by the pool. Which I could only guess was him saying he was on duty.

I swam for a bit but got bored quick. I got out and decided to join Chris.

Taking in the sunshine felt welcoming. While I was basking for a bit, Chris and I talked.

In the kitchen finally alone as I would hope that I was while getting a snack my sister came in. "I know a secret, and your not going to like it. Mark, well he's only going out with you because your the kings daughter. He's hoping to make himself more popular and well he wants to score with you." she said.

I was shocked, hurt and well I didn't even know what to say to what she was telling me. "Why would you tell me this," I asked. "Because your my sister, I love you and well I know you don't like him in that way. I just don't think he deserves you. Just be careful around him," she told me.

"You don't have anything to worry about sis, I can take care of myself," I told her. She gave me a funny look. "Yeah like how your crushing on Dimitri, yeah I know about that too. I can see how you look at him. I'm not sure about him, but you know that you can't be with him. It doesn't mean you can't fool around with him. Just don't get caught. Your secret is safe with me," she added with a smile.


  1. I suspected as much about the boyfriend, I don't know what to think about her sisters advice.... who am I kidding I would say the same thing, they should be together, even if they have to keep it hidden, forbidden love stories are always so great to read and its obvious he does feel for her too but he's fighting it, he knows (thinks) it's wrong.

  2. Jeez! Looks like her sister did some fooling around herself...hopefully not with Dimitri though. Boy would that be quite the show stopper!

    I don't think Dimitri would ever love Emily the way she is beginning to love him. He seems like a man that isn't going to break promises and it seems like a broken promise if he would get romantically involved with Emily.

    But, I could always be wrong!

  3. Please could you update the May Compilation set so that there is a link? Thank you so much, and your story is great!

  4. So Mark doesn't really care about her! He's just trying to use her.

    I don't think that Dimitri realizes the feelings that she has for him. I wonder how he will react when he sees it.

    I love your story, Jamee! I'm going to get caught up on the chapters that I've missed.

  5. I swear if Emily doesn't get with Dmitri I will CRY
    Love the series<3

  6. And I KNEW that Mark didn't love her I KNEW IT