Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mixed Feelings - Chapter Three

The next day after school Mark came by the house. He found me standing in the dinning room. When he walked up behind me and I meet him when I turned around it startled me. I couldn't believe he came back after I rejected him so bad the other night. 

"I'm sorry for walking out on you the other night. I was just frustrated that's all. I don't want to push you into things you don't want to do."

"Can you forgive me?" he asked. I couldn't say no, he was looking at me so pitiful and I knew he truly meant it.

I'm not mad at you, I just don't want to rush into anything so fast," I told him. "Of course, we don't need to rush anything, lets just take it step by step," he replied.

Then he leaned over and kissed me. His lips were nice but it was a short kiss. Not what I was expecting at all. It took me off guard and it felt a little awkward. But I guess that's what first kisses are suppose to be like.

Later on that evening me and Mark were outside shooting some hoops. It was nice to just have some fun and not worry about anything. It was like the old times, when we were friends and not trying to make it all complicated.

I was winning in points when Dimitri showed up. "Its dark, you know how your mother doesn't want you out after its dark. "Yeah its late, I better be getting home too," Mark said. "OK I'll see you around sometime."

I went inside and got ready for bed. I must have drifted off to sleep pretty fast. It was in the middle of the night when I was awoke by a strange noise.

The sounds were coming from outside. I went to the window to see what was going on.

It was dark and all I could see was dark figures out by the garage fighting. I squinted and pressed closer to the window and then they came into view.

It was Dimitri and Chris sparing with each other. Oh wow it was like watching a dance. They both moved in a dangerous dance of vicious blows and kicks. They were both good and each move had me in a trance.

Who knew the two that guarded me were hotness in true form. They were both cute and both really well trained. I know I have a boyfriend but they had me intrigued.

And then something unexpected happened. They were deadlocked almost as they were fighting with speeds that I never seen before. They moved with such fierceness that they gave off a strange light that took me off guard. I had to look again and was shocked at what I was seeing.

The next day I went out to play some ball with Dimitri, and there he was in a black sleeveless tank top that showed off his lean muscles that was almost breath taking. He tossed the ball and it bounced off the rim  almost hitting him.

I started to giggle and that's when Dimitri looked over at me with a weird look. "What I thought you would be better with your kind of skills," I giggled again. "Hey I might be good at fighting but I'm not perfect," he replied.

It was time for them to work out and I would be hanging out with them today. I had nothing better to do anyway. I hated classes and really didn't want to hangout at the mall when my guys had to keep in shape. Chris burned up the treadmill and Dimitri was lifting weights while I was doing some stretches.

And that's when I actually seen Dimitri for his hotness. He was lifting weights not even paying attention that I was in the room. He had a tattoo on his upper arm that looked like a avenging angel or something.  I figured it had something to do with them protecting us. He did take his job very serious and I'm guessing that's why my parents hired him. I was next in line to the throne. But as I watched him, I was captivated by him. I looked away and went back to my own thing.

That didn't last long, my eyes wondered again when he moved to kicking at a wooden dummy. He was graceful and precise with each kick. I bet at this point I was staring with my mouth hanging to the floor. Then I caught myself and looked away.

Sandy broke my trance when she strolled in. She was talking to Dimitri about some training thing that I had no clue about. That's when I noticed Chris staring at Sandy. I knew that look from anywhere. He had a crush on Sandy.  I found myself a little jealous of the way her and Dimitri could talk about fighting with such intensity. If I was a betting girl I would have thought she would have had a crush on him. I looked over at Chris and he just looked crushed.  I couldn't blame him. I was getting a little jealous myself with the attention she was getting. Then I realized with a strange clarity  I had a crush on Dimitri. How could this be, he was hotness in a fine package. He was older than me. And I knew I was forbidden to date a guardian. He also wasn't a royal, but man I would break the rules for him any day.

Me and Chris relaxed while Dimitri and Sandy left to get ready for some more training. "I see how you look at Sandy, you like her don't you?" I asked. He looked at me like I just figured out a big secret. "Yes I have liked Sandy for a long time. I just can never get up the nerve to ask her out. Plus I think she likes Dimitri. I see how she looks at him.," he replied. "I don't see it, but I think you are just paranoid."
"Have you seen the guy, hes a walking hunk!!!" he said with amusement.

"You should just ask her. I think she would go out with you. You guys have a lot in common and well you could date. Then you wouldn't keep wondering what if," I told him.

"Yeah and what about you little miss. I have seen how you look at Dimitri as well. I can't blame you for it. Most girls do that around him," Chris huffed. "Well that's different. I can't be with Dimitri for so many reasons. Hes older than me, my guardian and he's not royal. Its forbidden for us to be together," I replied. "I guess we both know how each other feels then," Chris was telling me when Dimitri called for us to join him outside.

We all headed outside, it was a pretty day and I jumped up and took a seat on the picnic table to watch them do what they do the best. First up was Chris and Sandy. Dimitri stood by observing them to teach them better techniques and point out any flaws they had.

Sandy was deadly, she could jump at incredible heights and spinning like a dancer. She was really good at it. She was sleek and tall with a figure of a dancer. She was beautiful and I found myself wanting to be like her a lot.

Chris tried really hard to get a blow in on her but she was fast.

Then it was Dimitri and Sandy's turn. She was able to block a lot of  Dimitri's blows, but she wasn't as good as him. They didn't have the experience that he had. He grew up training to be a guardian and even had a fight with the Night Walkers. That's how and why he was so good. He could teach to defend and to protect against them. He had faced them before and knew what they were like. He almost didn't survive but with his speed and training he was able to escape before they killed him.

Sandy was taking a few blows and Dimitri slowed down to show her a few different moves. 

Dimitri was done and headed to get a shower. Chris walked over to Sandy. I could hear them talking. And Chris was crushing on her. She seemed interested in Chris as well which surprised me a little when I thought she was crushing on Dimitri like Chris had told me earlier. I could only hope she would be interested in him.

My best friend showed up taking my attention off  Chris and Sandy. She  started drilling me. "Ok tell me!" she started. "There's nothing to tell," I replied. She was looking at me like I was full of crap. And of course I knew I was. I just wasn't wanting to tell anyone about my crush on Dimitri just yet. I knew I could trust her, but man I had to try to sort out all the feelings that I was having.

"Ok I get it, you and Mark!" she started just as I cut her off. "No, not that," I replied.

Then she did it. She used her magic and it took me off guard. I was hit right in the face with a cloud of mist and well I was putty in her hands. "You!," is all I got out as the spell began to work.

"Tell me whats got you all worked up?" she asked.

"I've got a crush on Dimitri," I replied. She started to giggle. "I knew it. I can't blame you, hes very handsome. And the best part of it. You get to see him all the time. Now what about Mark?" she asked. "Mark who?" I replied as I laughed.  


  1. Her true feelings are out! I can see trouble ahead! I hope she won't get her heart broken. Dimitri seems to take his responsibilities very seriously.

  2. Something is going to happen soon that's going to ruin one part of her current life, I can feel it!

  3. I can feel that something bad is going to happen!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Love you Jamee <3