Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chapter Six - Big Mistakes

"What's wrong with you lately," Mark asks. I wish I could tell him but of course I wouldn't expect him to understand. He seems like all he wants to do is make out with me.

I look down to the ground to try to find the courage to tell him that its over. I have to break it off with him but don't know what to say. "I can't see you anymore," I stumble over my words as they leave my lips. He glares at me not with shock but with anger.

"What, are you kidding me. What! Are you interested in someone else?" he shouts. "No its not like that. I just don't think we are good together," I reply.

"Not good for me. You wouldn't know since you wont do anything with me. Your nothing but a tease," he yells at me as he fists his hands to his side. "Exactly, I don't want all this right now," I reply. Its not something I want to do right now and that's something I know you want. I can't give it to you," I reply in a soft tone. I turn and head into the house to leave Mr. Angry outside.

Mark follows me into the house. I just want to get away from him. "Why are you so stubborn? You know you and me are destined to be together. We can rule this kingdom with the two most powerful family's in the realm," he huffs as he comes to stand in front of me.

I go to pull away but he grabs my wrist really hard to stop me. He is squeezing really hard as he pulls me to him. "Your not going anywhere. Your going to be my girlfriend in all ways," he says with a darkness to his voice. My breath hitches and I think I have stopped breathing all together. The way he stares at me makes me tremble in fear of what hes going to do next. I was all alone with Mark. Mad Mark, that's determined to make me his. Dimitri had left to do something since we were home now and now I could really use him.

"Mark, no. Please stop. Your hurting me," I begged in a whisper. "You are mine and I will not share you with anyone else," he tells me as he gets this horrible grin on his face.

"Please," I beg again and that's when I hear an angry Dimitri behind me. "Get your hands off her," Dimitri growls.

Mark lets go and steps back peering back at Dimitri. My mouth falls open as I look at how angry Dimitri looks. "Get out and never come back. If you step one foot close to her ever again I will rip you apart with my bare hands," he tells Mark through gritted teeth.

"What are you going to do about it? Your nobody!" Mark hissed at Dimitri.

Dimitri lunged forward connecting his fist with Mark's jaw, knocking Mark off his feet. Mark fell in a awkward motion hitting the floor hard. I think at that moment I stopped breathing. Frozen where I stood, I gaped at them. 

Dimitri backed up from Mark that was now getting up from being on the floor with a look of pure hate written all over him. He looked at Dimitri who was fuming, and then to me. "You tease!" Mark yells at me, making me flinch. "GO!" Dimitri hisses.

Dimitri jumped towards Mark. Marks face goes pale as blood drains from his face. Mark then starts to step back toward the door. I could tell Dimitri was ready to rip him apart. "GO!" Dimitri growls at Mark once more. It took Mark only a second to run out the front door.

I'm left standing in the main entrance all alone. Mark left as soon as Dimitri kicked his butt, and now Dimitri has disappeared. I go from room to room and finally find him in the living room sitting in a chair sulking it appears. Or is it that he's so mad that he can't contain it. Oh I hope he's not mad at me.

I walk slowly over to him stopping a few feet from him. As I approach I figured he would look up but he doesn't. He's got his eyes that are now clouded staring straight ahead. "Please don't be mad at me," I beg softly, keeping my voice low.

Without looking at me he starts to relax. I can see it drain from him. His look stays the same as he stairs ahead. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at myself. I wanted to tear him apart when I seen him hurting you. I almost lost control," he hisses through his clinched teeth.

After a few moments I can see Dimitri relax a little. He leaps up taking me into his arms with a burning in his eyes. I gasp as he takes me by surprise while falling backwards. He grabs me by my waste and pulls me to him. I can't tell what his eyes are telling me, hurt, pain, frustration. Its all to much.

Dimitri's face softens but still has a sad look to it. "I'm really sorry if I scared you. He had no right to put his hands on you or to talk to you that way. I wish I could have been there sooner. He won't get ten feet from you from now on. I'll make sure to that," he tells me softly. My heart is constricting. I think I have completely stopped breathing and I'm frozen in his arms. I can't even focus on anything he's saying. I'm just lost in his eyes.

He pulls away from me and strides over to the chair. He sits and stares ahead leaving me wanting more but confused. I can't shake the feelings he gives me. I have never felt this way around anyone and it unnerves me.

Then my mother comes busting through the living room startling me and Dimitri. He jumps up to meet my mother as I stand there still not moving. "Oh there you are, I got a call from Marks parents. They say you hit Mark. What did he do?" she asks. "Sorry, I lost it, the boy was being rough with Emily, and well disrespectful. I punched him," Dimitri replies. "Well, good for you. I knew we made a good decision on hiring you. Thank you once again," she tells Dimitri. "I'll tell them." she grumbles to herself as she's leaving.


  1. This was a good chapter. I think that Dimitri might actually have some self-conflict because he likes her. Only possibly though.

  2. okay now that's the way to rumble! i totally admire Dmitri i wander if he dies trying to protect Emily, which ever episode that is? keep up the good work Jamee :)

  3. Yes he punched the little jerk!

  4. I'm so glad that Dimitri didn't get into trouble for punching Mark. I wanted to punch him myself. Emily is just so sweet. She was trying to be kind when she broke things off with Mark. He was so wrong to call her tease. His behavior is all his own desires, not the result of any of Emily's actions.

    I just love how you describe their emotions!

  5. I think Dmitri likes herrrrrrrr