Saturday, December 15, 2012

So It Begins - Chapter 100

After the party Kristen hadn't heard from her guard. She started to wonder if he succeeded in taking Annabell and Jamie's lives from this world. As she made her way down the corridor she ran into James.
"Oh how nice it is to see you my son. I was just on my way to meet up with your father. The wedding was a success and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I haven't seen Annabell or Jamie in a while. Have you seen them recently?" Kristen asked James.

"Oh they went with Nolan to see his family for a few days," he replied. "How nice, I'm sure they will enjoy that. I'm going to head now, tell Amelia goodnight for me," she replied as she walked down the corridor.

She made sure no one was looking when she made her way down to the dungeon. She had told him to hide their body's in the dungeon so she figured that would be the first place to look.

When she arrived she seen a pool of blood in the crumpled up hay. Someone had to be dead to have lost that much blood. Now all she had to do was find the bodies.

Following the blood trial she was lead to a cell.

She was expecting to see Annabell and Jamie's bodies in the hay but instead she found the guard dead. She found more blood but no more bodies. What could have happened to them she thought to herself. Panic started to build up inside her as she made her way back up to the main floor of the castle.

"I should have had you do this in the first place. I have a situation that's not to be talked about. In the dungeon I had a dead guard and blood on the floors. Cover the blood up and get rid of his body," she demanded.

"Then when I locate the two that I want killed, you will kill them and get rid of their body's. If you fail you will end up like the guard in the dungeon. Do I make myself clear," Kristen asked.

"Yes my queen, I'll get it all taken care of. As soon as I'm done you can tell me where they are," he replied.

Meanwhile Nolan and Annabell were coming up with a plan of their own for the queens fate.

"I think I know exactly what we need to do. We are going to need a few spells for this," he told Annabell as he opened his book and searched through it.

"First we will need a spell to hide your identity. You need to look like one of her trusted ladies. Then we will need this spell that will put her in a trance so she cant respond but she can hear you. This will make her appear like she's fallen ill from poison. Then your going to love this one. This one will make it to where you can go into her dreams. There you can control what she sees and feels. This is where you can make her suffer the most and no one will know what's going on. It will appear that she's asleep. Then after you have had your revenge, we will then poison her to death," he told Annabell. "Your brilliant, and that's why I love you so much," Annabell told him as he continued to work on the potions.

Kristen and William were eating their dinner alone with only a few servants serving them. It was a nice evening after the wedding of Arthur and Willow. Inside Kristen was brooding and trying to hide what was going on in her head. She was not sure if her plans were going to backfire on her or if she was going to get caught.

After dinner Kristen and William were talking when all the sudden Kristen became light headed as the room swirled around her. Week at her knees the room blacked out.

Kristen hit the floor with a thud laying lifeless for a few minutes as William tried to wake her.

After a few moments she stirs awake with her head still feeling fuzzy. William helps Kristen to her feet. "Are you alright?" William asks with concern. "Yes I guess Its been a long day, I'm going to lay down for a little while, I'll see you in a while," she replies as she heads to her room.

Kristen walked in and freezes when she sees Annabell sitting on her night table. She wasn't able to move in fear of what she would do. "I thought you were..." Kristen starts to ramble on. "Oh you thought so did you. I knew you were evil but I never thought you would hurt your own family. Your own grandchild. But what can you expect from a monster and that would be you and not me," Annabell hisses at Kristen.

Light surrounds Annabell making Kristen freeze with more fear.

Annabell's skin comes to color, and her eyes turn brown like amber.

"What's going on?" Kristen whispers almost inaudible. "Oh, well you were trying to kill me and my little brother, well you gave Nolan the opportunity to cure us, not that there was anything wrong with the way I was," she growled at Kristen.

"But that's ok, you will get what's coming to you. You will feel the pain of all your victims. You will feel what you have done to all of us," Annabell continued. "You cant do that," she replied.  

"Oh but I can. Pain!" she whispers as she throws a potion at Kristen as she crumbs to the ground in pain. Kristen screams as the pain wreaks havoc on her body.

After a few minutes she stills as the pain stops and she lays motionless with her eyes looking forward not moving.

Annabell kneels down peering over at Kristen as she checks her to make sure shes still alive. Moving her onto her back she closes her eyes. "Oh yes, I will be in your nightmares with you, and now it begins," she whispers.

A little later William enters to find Kristen unconscious on the floor. Running over to her he tries to shake her to wake her up. Shes not responding to anything he tries.

Picking up Kristen from the floor he walks over to bed to lay her down.

Placing her lifeless body down onto the bed he tries once again to wake her. She still doesn't respond to him.

William begins to scream for someone to help. "Help! Help! Someone has poisoned the queen," he screams.


  1. Kristen IS a monster, but Annabelle really much better, one could argue the reasons to why she is doing what she is, but lets not forget how Kristen go this way, oh so long ago.

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